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Someone had to say it. Unfortunately, I missed it when it went up a few days ago. Vanity Fair's Kurt Eichenwald tore conservatives to shreds in a piece about them making fun of the @BringBackOurGirls campaign. It is loaded with links about the reasons these types of campaigns work, the reasons for it, and the effect it has had.

BUT..the part that had to be addressed is what it has to say about the conservatives, starting with the headline: "How Obama Derangement Led Conservatives to Laugh about Child Slavery." See more below...

The first one Eichenwald goes after is George Will, talking about his comment that the tweet campaign is about "self-esteem" and that people would understand this if they knew how the world really works. Eichenwald writes:


I don’t know, maybe Will is just tired from waving his buggy whip around and struggling with his thousands of computer punch cards, but his words are so 20th century. Let me tell you, George, about this “real world” you claim to understand with your self-induced, Pecksniffian air of superiority: you actually know nothing about it. I can accept that you’ve apparently done no research on the impact of social media. I can accept that you are unaware of the number of times governments have responded to international campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Hell, I can even accept your arrogance born of ignorance that’s reflected in your sneering, self-righteous blathering—after all, knowing stuff is hard, while “just saying things” is easy, and you’ve got lots of time to fill on television so know-nothingness probably goes with the territory.
    But here’s what I don’t accept—the unconscionable magnitude of your obliviousness. I mean, do you honestly believe that Michelle Obama is going to hear your words and say, “Uh-oh. George Will is very cross at me. I better change my behavior.” See how stupid that sounds, George? Because, as you and I both know, you are an inconsequence whose words flutter around the White House with the same import as the final flappings of a crushed moth. No, you weren’t speaking to the First Lady, but to the vast legions of Fox News watchers whose world view has been transformed into fantasy by the half-truths and outright deceptions spewed by folks like you.
Eichenwald then goes on to shred every point Will makes.

He does similar takedowns of:

1. Coulter ("Coulter thought it would be a stitch to use her fame—as fading as it is—to join in belittling international efforts begun by Nigerians to push their government to take action to save hundreds of little girls. Hahaha. Did I mention that Coulter also professes to be a follower of Christianity? I always wonder what these folks think Jesus was talking about.")

2. Limbaugh: (after tearing apart Limbaugh comments, he writes "Look at that—hop, skip, jump, OBAMA IS WEAK! This is like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, except Kevin Bacon is an “OBAMA DESTROYS AMERICA” punch line.)

3. Jim Hoft (a "third tier conservative commentator" who, Eichenwald points out, considers himself a christian. Eichenwald then writes in part of the takedown: "Perhaps when he read in the Book of Matthew, where Jesus said, “Suffer little children,” he thought it was an instruction to inflict pain on kids rather than to care for them."

The piece does not have a religious bent - it is just pointing out their hypocrisy. And it leaves no doubt about the truly horrible souls of these people. It is a must read.

Originally posted to Fokozatos siker on Mon May 19, 2014 at 01:20 PM PDT.

Also republished by Black Kos community and Barriers and Bridges.

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