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In next months issue:  Republicans punch themselves again!

Just curious how the Pentagon would have handled this back in "Crashin' John McCain's day.

This is going to look sooooo bad for the flip-floppers who have replaced their yellow ribbons with nooses.

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  •  Besides being irrelevant in any context, (0+ / 0-)

    claiming any equivalence between the military service histories of John McCain and Bergdahl are pathetically laughable, and give squirrels a bad name to boot.

    •  You are absolutely right Val... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      ... there is no comparison.  Bergdahl never killed anyone, never dropped a bomb on unidentifiable targets and never wrecked two multimillion dollar planes (back when that meant something).

      No Bergdahl went looking for natives to palaver with and he will live forever in disgrace for it.  He didn't belong in the army but, by 2009, the army didn't belong there.

  •  Bergdahl is the "married Man's Beard" (0+ / 0-)

    for the Pentagon. Let's look at the situation. The war in Afghanistan is to all intents and purposes over. However the resident opposition, the Taliban,  have not been defeated and still control over 60% of the country. The U.S. has been training a future standing army for the democratically elected government of Afghanistan located in Kabul. However it is well known that the combat readiness of this army is at least a decade off into the future. The U.S. is scheduled to start redeploying troops out of Afghanistan starting at the end of this year and ramping up in 2015. The president announced that the plan is to leave 5000 to 10000 troops in country to continue training the Afghan army. There are currently approximately 33000 American soldiers left in Afghanistan, so here is the problem for all you arm chair Generals out there, how do you move 23,000 to 28,000 American soldiers out of country with the active enemy (Taliban) insurgency freely operating in most of the country?

     Obviously the only solution to accomplish such a large redeployment of troops is to secure the cooperation of the sometimes passive enemy. We all know that the Taliban can be bought. However this large scale redeployment of troops is a big deal and I believe that the Taliban wanted a "good faith" sign that the U.S. was serious in its proposal to purchase Taliban cooperation for the upcoming withdrawal, and that "good faith" sign was the release of the five high level long term Taliban prisoners from "Gitmo". IMHO the sign was given by the White House USING the justification that this was strictly a prisoner-of-war swap event and nothing more. If the Taliban are simply content to bank the incremental installment payments they receive then we will disconnect from Afghanistan with the minimal amount of rear guard casualties possible.

    However it is always possible that an inter-tribal conflict could break out in the Taliban ranks and effectively scuttle the deal, thereby resulting in a flood of devastating attacks upon the exposed flanks of our withdrawing soldiers. This is why the release of those five Taliban prisoners is so important - hopefully to give some stability to the deal. Only time will tell on this one.  

    Meanwhile the MSM 24 hour news line continues to chase the discussion that Obama made a awful deal swapping  five really bad Taliban guys out of "Gitmo" for one American soldier of highly questionable character who had been held for five years by the Taliban.

    •  That's a really smart comment (0+ / 0-)

      I think all of those factors played a large roll in this action.  While the WH probably figured it would be met with a lot more jubilation, the RW noise machine jumping the shark in such a BIG way will certainly backfire in the long run.  Meanwhile, yes, this is clearly an entre into deeper talks.

  •  rescue me (0+ / 0-)

    Too late to recommend, save for the diary and tip jar. But I'm glad I stumbled across this terrific piece and comments. Thank you, Reinvented Daddy.

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