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Below is a roundup of news, politics science, and humor. I plan on doing this about once a week as long as people seem interested. I hope you enjoy.

But first, elections are 6 months away. We all know it's going to be close, though Dems are starting to poll better. If we want the next 2 years to be anything CLOSE to progressive, we need to focus now on winning in November. Please donate to my 2014 ActBlue site. I am particularly hoping we win IA-3 and CO-6 House races.

Staci Appell (IA-3):

Andrew Romanoff (CO-6):


More news, science and randomness below...


Democrats stand for Medicaid expansion: Mark Begich (D), "Expanding Medicaid is Good for Alaska Businesses, Economy"
Fighting for accurate science education in Wyoming: Wyoming scientists defend climate in standards. Believe it or not, science standards around the country influence what YOUR kids learn, no matter where you live. We need every school district learning accurate science.

A reminder about health and eating beef: I have been fighting high blood pressure and from what I am reading one of the number one problems for American health is red meat, particularly beef. There is no way around it. This is from a couple of years ago, but if anything the data is even more conclusive now:

Eating a single serving of red meat per day may raise the risk of early death, a new study found.

The study, which followed more than 120,000 American men and women, linked daily consumption of unprocessed red meat with a 13 percent increase in mortality risk.

A daily serving of processed meat carried an even bigger risk. Eating one hotdog or two strips of bacon per day was associated with a 20 percent increased risk of death, according to the study.

"It's not really surprising because red meat consumption has been linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer," said Dr. Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health and co-author of the study published today in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine. "What is surprising is the magnitude of risk associated with very moderate red meat consumption."

Poultry, eggs, yogurt, vegetarian and vegan are so much better than red meat. Bottom line is, if you cut out red meat, particularly beef, from your diet you can extend your healthy life span by 10-20%. Other than avoiding tobacco and addiction this is probably the most important thing you can do for your health!

Continuing coverage of this critical issue: Rethinking How Antibiotics Are Used and Developed. To find out what you can do to help keep antibiotics working, click here.

Can you hear me now? Vincent van Gogh 'live ear' on display


The latest issue of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report profiles would-be political leaders who have links to hate groups or engage in promoting extremism based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or antigovernment conspiracy theories. 12 extremist political candidates running for office right now in America!

US Military don't like black folks hair: Natural hair advocates take on the US Army

Why do Republicans hate American Veterans? Harry Reid blasts Republicans for blocking veterans' healthcare funding

And speaking of Veterans, let's not forget that Vets Vote:VoteVets Targets McConnell and Burr for blocking veterans funding at a time of crisis in veterans care

Another view of Shinseki: Shinseki Is a Hero

Majora Carter, a woman I greatly admire: (and I was ready to endorse her when she considered running for office in NYC!)

Struggling to Get by in the Walmart Economy:

Apropos to the Crappy Walmart Economy, here's a great comment from my son when assigned to write a "precept":

Money doesn't matter. Being awesome does.
Walmart is NOT awesome!

Another great way to save money that Republicans will NEVER listen to: Leaving Homeless Person On The Streets: $31,065. Giving Them Housing: $10,051. Other proven money saving programs Republicans hate: education, single payer health care, vaccination programs, drug rehab programs...


John Quincy Adams: One of America's best Presidents?

John Quincy Adams was our 6th President. I have always felt he has been underestimated by history. Although he was only a one-term President, what I never knew before was that he would have probably been re-elected or at least defeated in a very close race had it not been for the 3/5 rule favoring slave states.

I am reading John Quincy Adams: American Visionary, by Fred Kaplan. It is rather long, but still a good book and covering quite a lot of ground from the Revolution to the edge of the Civil War. And more than ever it makes me question the emphasis history has placed on Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson and the short shrift the two Adams Presidencies receives.

Here is an excerpt from the book that pretty much sums up why John Quincy Adams may well be one of my favorite Presidents:

Like Lincoln, [J. Q.] Adams believed that the Constitution was a living document; taxing and being taxed were essential to responsible self-government; the country required a modern, national, and regulated banking system; slavery was an abomination that needed to be contained and ultimately eliminated; Native Americans deserved to be respected and brought into the American community; and the federal government had an important role to play regarding the "general welfare" in the creation of educational, scientific, and artistic institutions...
I'd vote for that platform...particularly over the pro-slavery, anti-Native American platform of Andrew Jackson! There are certain turning points in American history, where we would be better off if things went just a little bit differently. I would say the defeats of John Quincy Adams and of Jimmy Carter were moments where American history turned away from a better future to a worse future. Of course one cannot run the experiment by trying it both ways, but both John Quincy Adams and Jimmy Carter were brilliant, caring, and capable Presidents who deserved a second term, and who were defeated by demagogues who did at least as much (if not more) damage than good to America but nevertheless are viewed heroically.


A Jon Stewart moment of Zen:

A real moment of Zen: Sumi-e painting

This week's moment of jbou: Watch out for smart people in a bad mood.

From BBC News: Today's African Proverb (a new take on the problem of the commons?)

“A dog that belongs to everyone will die of hunger”
--Sent by Ibrahim Aboma, France

For last week's issue: Mole's Cool News Roundup 7

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