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I was finishing up supper when the phone rang.   I look at the caller ID and it has a 770 area code.   Of course I am going to answer it, I mean I have kids up there with a 770 area code.  I notice the call also says, Bremen Ga. and no name.  

First, let me explain.  I have a 501 C with with the Headquarter in Bremen.  Naturally I was shocked after I find out about this call.  I hear a voice say may I speak to Jack and then preceded to say, I want to speak to Veteran Jack and our last name.   I said, " Who is calling and may I help you".  They quickly say no and they are with Americans for Prosperity and want him to participate in a quick survey.

I laugh and say, "I will take the survey".  NO, was the response, we need to speak with Jack who I believe is a veteran.  I said, " Why in the hell does my husband need to talk to a Koch Brothers organization.  When did the Kochs move to my stomping ground in the sticks and Boy did you get the wrong number.  We like our President.   We like the fact our president is a minority.  We voted for Barack Hussein Obama and damn proud of it and Veteran Jack voted and campaigned for him.  We believe  the Koch's and every other rich bastard paying their fair share of tax and we hate the Koch Brothers.  Do you realize you are working for Unamerican, unethical people we consider terrorists?

This voice said, " I am just a paid phone person"..  Paid by whom?  I reply.
Terrorists.  That's who.   I suspect this call is in connection to some bullshit about the recent, imagined scandal of the President's decision to bring home a POW and I further suspect the Koch'sand their money is up to the shit stirring.  Does that complete any questions you had for the veteran cause he is not here but if you thought I was nasty, it would have been worse if he ever answered a phone.    He don't.. I do and you got me..a president supporting, bleeding heart liberal democrat, which by the way the vet is too.  I doubt you even know who Charles and David Koch are.  Again, crickets.

How did you get this number?   I want to talk to Charles or David .  Have you got their private number?   He  said  nothing.. I said, " Boy did you get a wrong number. To top it all off, it is downright comical that I know what a backwoods town and it's demographics you are calling from.  I also find it comical that I probably am familiar with the street you live so YOU do not represent any kind of prosperity unless you also work for my cousin Harold Shedd, the music producer who is from there.  

He hung up.   I wonder how fast our name got scratched and then I wondered if the Koch's are behind this whole bullshit with this so called prison exchange narrative?
We have never ever heard from Americans for Prosperity.  Bet we never do again.

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