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Breitbart screen cap of story: The Nuclear Option: An Unfair Trade, an Undeserving Deserter
It is truly a fool’s errand for any decent person of conscience governed by honesty to engage in debate with the likes of these people. Never has that folly been more acute than in the aftermath of the President’s release of the five Kingpins of Terror.
Once upon a time, we didn't leave our people behind. Then conservatives decided to edit that core, basic, American value. You see, we were no longer a people that frowned upon things like "torture" and "abandoning our people". No, we were now a "center-right" country, and that meant a gross disregard for basic human rights and the abandoning of our people in enemy hands.

Well, that's actually not true. America still frowns on torture and still believes in "leave no one behind". It is conservatives who are increasingly out of touch with those basic human and American values.

Oh, and they also don't know what they're talking about, having tried Bowe Bergdahl inside their Fox News Bubble of Death with half-ass "facts" based on little more than rumor and innuendo.

Pop quiz: If Obama had left Bowe to rot and die in a Taliban prison, would these assholes be celebrating and whooping it up, or would they be screaming for Obama's impeachment for "abandoning our boy"? It's not a trick question. We all know the answer. Fuck these assholes, and fuck every single one of the people quoted below the fold.

This whole fiasco was a win/win for Obama...or so he originally thought. In his pathetically narcissistic mind he was thinking, "I get a U.S. muslim soldier released, I help release 5 hardcore terrorists back to my muslim brothers-in-arms and this will take the heat off the Benghazi investigation and the VA scandal. Heck, I can pay 5 or 6 million to help the Taliban at the same time."

Fact is, it has blown up in his face. Sadly though, there isn't anyone in Washington DC that we can count on to hold him accountable. In any other decade...impeachment would have been the top priority of the congress. Failure after failure is on his head. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, NSA fiasco, nearly 10 TRILLION added to the national debt under his watch and now Bergdahl.

Obama has no shame!

Let's see ... fake scandal, fake scandal, fake scandal, real NSA scandal, and mop-up costs for Bush's wars and economic mismanagement. That's life inside the Fox News Bubble of Death!
What did you not understand? This administration is hell bent on dividing the people of the USA as well as making them targets overseas. Alienation of allies. Encouragement of enemies. These are areas in which this administration is excelling. This author feels like it is useless to even engage them in dialogue. There is no common basis for understanding with such alien values, morals, ethics, and guiding principles. It is a fool's mission to make deals with law breakers and liars, you cannot expect good outcomes.
Wait, many allies have been alienated? Oh, nevermind, probably something he picked up inside Fox News' Bubble of Death.
Impeachment if he does it again. How many people put in front of a judge
for such an offense are told go home until you do it twice?
Why wait? Go for it now! I can't wait to see the "charges": "He brought back one of our own, honoring the basic American value of 'leave no one behind'". That'll win the public over.
There is no way in hell Obama could be impeached. If the house and senate had any "stones," he would have been ejected years ago.

Nixon pressured to resign over watergate, Clinton impeached (by the house anyway) for lying about his involvement with Lewinski...and now Obama has impeachable issue after issue stacked up against him and our elected representatives do nothing.

"We the people..." weak, ignorant and without representation.

"We the fringe" more like it.
Impeach him now, he has exceeded his authority and we must make an example of him so that future Presidents don't think they too can get away with negotiating with Terrorists.
You mean like this guy?
Definitely can't have that guy setting any examples!
If the Senate goes Republican in '14, you will see Articles of Impeachment drawn up as the first order of business on day 1 of the first session.
The Senate draws up articles of impeachment? One problem with the Fox News Bubble of Death is that it makes them stupid.
what a joke Breitbart is

they have not done one story on the judicial activism going on by federal judges in State after State declaring gay marriage a constitutional right

not one

they have the gall to pretend they are conservative yet say nothing about this

Totally fake conservatives.
Hitlary/Obummer for PRISON 2017 ! period, Wake up AMERICA,
Did you mistake the derisive laughter for snoring?
There are greater issues here. It's not that Obama is incompetent, or that he is a crook, or that he is dishonest, or that he is the most corrupt president in American history. The real issue is that the seperation of powers between the executive branch, congress, and the judicial branch no longer keep checks and balances on the presidency. The real issue is the media no longer uses the freedom of the press to keep government honest. The real issue is that 40 percent of Americans think Obama is doing a good job as president. This scandal is just the icing on the cake covering up the real issue. Our system of government has failed completely in its constitutional mandates.
Obama's administration is the cleanest since ... who the hell knows. A long time.

Fake conspiracy theories don't count.

How the heck is it I can get fined for spitting gum on the sidewalk, or get arrested and taken to jail for disturbing the peace for taking too loud, but there is no criminal penalty at all if the president breaks the law. If Obama violates our Bill of Rights, the highest law in our nation, and harms every single citizen by violating their civil rights, there is zero consequences to him. What a crock.
Which bill was violated? The one that says "if an American servicemember is captured by the enemy, fuck him because we hate the black president"? If it's that one, then sure, he violated it.
Obama made clear in his books for his hatred of America, and the left stood and applauded as now the chickens are coming home to roost!
A core American value is that we leave no one behind, and those CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST! Actually, that chicken came home a long time ago. It's called common decency, and luckily, most Americans share it.
Ask yourself this question. Why is it the president never makes a mistake that BENEFITS America, just statistically speaking, at this point, shouldn't that have happened just once?
Huh, here I thought they believed that Obamacare was worse than Hitler. So the botched rollout of would be ... a mistake that benefited American. Right? Or is that whole "Obamcare repeal" thing so five minutes ago? Let's see, there was Obamacare, then Bundy, then Benghazi committee, now Bergdahl ... yeah, no way they could remember all the way back to four manufactured scandals ago.
Given Obama's defense of this appallingly stupid and utterly irresponsible decision to regenerate a TERRORIST GROUP with high level command operatives one has to presume he desired this and supports our enemies in a way that he disqualifies himself from ongoing leadership....even pseudo-leadership...of this Nation.........and further the dems that continue to support this degree of incompetence are abject supporters of this same stupidy and deserve EVERYTHING COMING TO THEM........Obama discredits the office and has grossly dissed the world and the USA with his arrogance and using the scam of getting as deserter back as a cover to aid the Taliban and "make friends with terrorists" else can this be read....this represents a grotesque example of incompetence no matter how you slice it.
How else could this be read? Hmm. It could maybe be read like WE DON'T LEAVE OUR PEOPLE BEHIND? Just a thought.

Fuck these assholes. Seriously. Fuck them.

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