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Ha, gotcha! On Jansing & Co. Rep. Jeff Miller conceded that humans and dinosaurs did not roam the earth together. Jesus never perfected his parade wave riding atop a Tyrannosaurus since, according to Rep. Miller's expert view, dinosaurs went extinct without the help of people. The folks at the Creation Museum Sideshow in Kentucky won't be pleased to hear this, and no doubt Rep. Miller will be walking back his comments in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

Actually, there've been a number of massive extinctions on our fine planet, none previously attributable to humans, who weren't really in the picture. But those events either played out over thousands of years, or they were, like the dinosaur story, probably caused by another big rock slamming into ours. But because humans did not cause the end of dinosaurs, that's proof in Rep. Miller's book that we can't be responsible for any of the current problems either.

Seriously, take a look:

Like many other GOPers, Rep. Miller hails from the "I'm-Not-A-Scientist-But" school of denial, arguing that climate has always changed (duh), so we can't say with certainty that today's ecological messes have anything to do with cars, mining, drilling, fishing, industry, commercial development or other human activities. Can't be us! Because the dinosaurs went bye-bye and we didn't do it. QED.

Rep. Miller has memorized the usual denier talking points: "It's not settled science," when in fact much of it is. Or the debate finds scientists "on both sides of the issue"; sure, about 97 on one side and 3 industry lackeys on the other. Or it's presumptuous to think humans can reverse the unhealthy shit, when actually we can; consider the progress that followed the enactment of clean air and water standards. Or they spew the old saw that the climate has always been changing; yes, it has always been changing, but over millions of years, not centuries or even decades: "Two-thirds of the warming has occurred since 1975."

Jeff Miller: I'm not a scientist, but I am a corporate shill. I don't have a PhD after my name, but I do have a BS, only it's not a Bachelor of Science.

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