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Question: What's the first clue that someone is about to write something profoundly and unforgivably offensive?  

Answer: They have to begin with a disclaimer saying that what they are about to say isn't what they are about to say and will be intentionally misconstrued by people who are rightfully offended by what they have to say.

Case in point. Over at, the pet project created by notoriously hate-filled Matt Barber of the Liberty Council, a disgusting article penned by John Biver does exactly that. Perhaps knowing instinctively how repulsive people will find someone unequivocally seeking to draw parallels between gay people and necrophiliacs, Biver limply attempts to deflect any well-deserved anger he knows is coming his way.

This article is being published in June, 2014, but there’s little doubt that for many months and years into the future visitors will be finding their way here by clicking on various links found in hysterical and dishonest posts which claim that “ and John Biver say that homosexual sex is the equivalent of sex with the dead.”
Emphasis mine.

With this bullshit out of the way, it's time for Biver to get right down to shamelessly equating gay sex with necrophilia. He begins by making it perfectly clear that it isn't he who makes the case, it is the American Psychiatric Association, or was. He giddily points to the fact that at one time the APA had categorized homosexuality as a sexual deviancy, so there you have it, done and done. Never mind that the APA removed homosexuality from their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1974 and reclassified it as merely a variant of normal sexuality. But, you see, they only did that to avoid hurting our gay feelings, so politically correct has this organization become.

For the record, the back end of a man is as appealing to many as a dead body, but putting that aside, I didn’t list same-sex-sex alongside necrophilia, the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders did. Both, along with quite a few other variations, are listed as paraphilias. It must be noted that the APA is a highly politicized organization that is constantly moving classifications around in order to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings. (And we all know that there is nothing more important in life than avoiding that.)
Oh no, we wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by saying that gay love is exactly like the beautiful love experienced by horrifically sick individuals who like to diddle the dead. However, if some "hysterical and dishonest" butt pirate gets their precious widdle fee-fee's hurt by equating us with necrophiliacs, that's just the price that must be paid for bravely speaking up.

Apparently, even the people over at Barbwire questioned Biver's shitty screed prior to working up the nerve to publish it. In his attempt to provide full transparency, he notes that someone mentioned in passing that maybe gay love isn't necessarily exactly like necrophilia. This smart man anticipated this spurious accusation and had his defense at the ready.

One complaint I did receive in advance of posting this is that it is wrong to list necrophilia since consent isn’t possible. My answer is simple: consent is possible. It need only be given before the target of affection has passed on. Also, check the list of paraphilias — there are plenty of them where consent is not possible.

Another complaint was that necrophilia is a danger to one’s health. The Centers for Disease Control has some very bad news for you: so is sex between men and sex between women.

Now that Biven has clearly, without a shadow of doubt proven that gay people and dead-people lovers are all ingredients in the same pervert soup, he gets to the nuts and bolts of why he felt the need to write his dire warning. It is because of those slippery slopes, you see. Necrophiliacs are poised to demand their day in the sun, their rightful place at the American table, just like the filthy gays have done. He's just providing "a public service in order to help society prepare for the future."

With his filthy tongue planted firmly in his cheek, Biven goes on to list 20 ludicrous bullet points illustrating all the frightening scenarios coming down the pike at the hands of the newly emboldened necrophiliacs. In his effort to denigrate my community as viciously as possible, he turns into quite the comedian. Some lowlights:

•How will society respond to a future well-funded marriage “equality” effort for those in necrophilia relationships?
•How will schools respond to requests to start pro-necrophilia clubs to support students who experience necrophilia feelings and who seek to come out of the necrophilia closet?
•Will necrophiliacs join “pride parades”? (Then again, anyone who has seen pictures of those events will have to assume a few are already in attendance.)
Stop, John, my sides!

To close, Mr. Biver, you looked into your smudgy crystal ball and saw us coming a mile away. After doing a quick search, I do believe this is the first of the "hysterical and dishonest posts which claim that “ and John Biver say that homosexual sex is the equivalent of sex with the dead.” I hope there are many more to come, because that is exactly what you have done. As a result, you need to be shamed from polite society for the remainder of your miserable days.

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