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So we've apparently reached a point where out and out threats of impending death and slanderous accusation of malice are just the way we handle our public discourse now?  That's just the way it's done?  Disagree with this person - then they're worthy of a hurricane or a tornado landing on them, or better something more direct and personal and permanent.  Disagree with that policy, it's it's the same thing as the systematic mass murder of millions of ethnic minorities. Dislike this or that politician, and that means they're the equivalent to Hitler, Pol pot, Stalin, Genghis Khan, Pinoche, Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer and the Manson Family - all at once.

That's supposed to be "Free Speech" now.  That's how we're supposed to be expressing our vision of what this country should be, how we explain how we're going to move forward down the road toward that "More Perfect Nation".

Here's the thing, if you're political opponent is a mass murderer, then killing them or their supporters in order stop them isn't a crime - it's merely Self Defense.  It's a mercy.  It's a kindness. Isn't it?

As a result we have seen exactly these kinds of murders, or attempted murders, many in the guise of "self defense" over the last few years.  

So the problem is this: How do you tell someone who talks about murder and death simply as a rhetorical device from someone whose actually going to kill someone?  Is this about free speech or is it Hate Speech that effectively functions as Stochastic Terrorism by Proxy?

Also nearly all of this talk - at least in my opinion - is coming from Conservatives both in terms us the use of violent, hateful rhetoric and also the actual implementation of murderous intent to support their political goals.

So over the flip we will play a little game, can you tell the words of a Killer Conservative form the words of a NOT Killer Conservative?  Are they truly so different and easy to identify? We shall see.

Quote #1 Gays obviously need a good stoning.

Another commenter asked, “So just to be clear, you think we should execute homosexuals (presumably by stoning)?

I think we would be totally in the right to do it,” (Redacted) said. “That goes against some parts of libertarianism, I realize, and I’m largely libertarian, but ignoring as a nation things that are worthy of death is very remiss.”

Quote #2 Clearly, we have far too many Poor People.
“For almost three generations people, in some cases, have been given handouts,” (Redacted) said during the discussion. “They have been ‘enabled’ so much that their paradigm in life is simply being given the stuff of life, however meager.”

“What you see is a setting for a life of misery is life to them never-the-less,” he continued. “No one has the guts to just let them wither and die. No one who wants votes is willing to call a spade a spade. As long as the Dems can get their votes the enabling will continue. The Republicans need their votes and dare not cut the fiscal tether. It is really a political Catch-22.”

Quote #3 The Country is Going Away from God.
(Redacted) said "that our God-given rights were being taken away. He didn’t like where the country was going.”
Quote #4 The Police are the Enemy.
(Redacted) are convinced that their enemies include "state and local law enforcement, who are deemed 'foot soldiers' of the federal government, federal law enforcement agencies and employees, participants in the 'New World Order,' and anyone who does not share in the (Redacted's) beliefs."
Quote #5 And our Gun Rights are Very Important
(Redacted) feared "the Obama gun ban that's on the way" and "didn't like our rights being infringed upon,"
Quote #6 Generally Hunters Kill what they hunt don't they?
"To the day I die, I'm going to be a progressive hunter." And "The clock is ticking. . . . The war is just beginning. . . . Shoot me in the head if you try to change our government. . . . You have to be prepared to take rocks to the head. . . . The other side is attacking. . . . There is a coup going on. . . . Grab a torch! . . . Drive a stake through the heart of the bloodsuckers. . . . They are taking you to a place to be slaughtered. . . . They are putting a gun to America's head. . . . Hold these people responsible."
Quote #7 George Barack Soros-Obama must be stopped.
(Redacted) also describes President Obama and George Soros as "one person." Soros "is completely socialist," he says. "So is Obama." [Redacted] wants to "Start A revolution" and he's upset with "the way Congress was railroading through all these left-wing agenda items."
Quote #8 The True Purpose of gun isn't hunting quail.
"Guns are mostly for hunting down politicians"  (Redacted) said "left-leaning" politicians and "Marxists" would try to "further chip away our rights."
Quote #9 Liberals are Bad, m'kay.
I hate the damn left-wing liberals. There is a vast left-wing conspiracy in this country & these liberals are working together to attack every decent & honorable institution in the nation, trying to turn this country into a communist state. Shame on them....
Quote #10 A Bomb is just a new way to say "I Care".
(Redacted) was very upset with Barack Obama being elected President," ... "She indicated (Redacted) had been in contact with 'white supremacist group(s).' (She) also indicated (Redacted) mixed chemicals in the kitchen sink at their residence and had mentioned 'dirty bombs.'"
Quote #11 Did you know Gays are planning a Holocaust of Christians? Sure they are.
“I’m beginning to think, are re-education camps next? When are they going to start rolling out the boxcars to start hauling off Christians,” asks [Redacted]?
Quote #12 Also Jews are bad, too - and not "Moral" like the Right-Wing.
"The FED is a JEW controlled, PRIVATE corporation. JEWS create wars to divide and conquer. AMERICA'S MASS MEDIA is in JEW hands. … JEWS control your mind." Also ""The American Right-wing with few exceptions is totally Pacifist," [Redacted] once wrote. "The [right wing] does NOTHING BUT TALK. MORAL: America dies for want of men."
Quote #13 Why trade Taliban when we have perfectly good Democrats we don't need anymore?
"Instead of five Taliban, let's trade five Democrats!" [Redacted] went on to suggest that in exchange for a Marine being held in Mexico on illegal gun charges, the U.S. should surrender "Liberals" such as Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi to get him back
Quote #14 - Ditto of #13 only posted on Facebook.

Answers Below


#1 Oklahoma State Tea Party Candidate Scott Esk.

#2 Indiana GOP Candidate John Johnston

#3 Killer Albert Peterson who murdered his wife, sons and himself in fear of the re-election of Barack Obama in 2012.

#4 Potential Killers The Hutaree Militia, suspected of plotting to kill law enforcement officers.

#5 Killer Richard Poplawski, Killed Three Police Officers and wounded three others before being shot by Police.

#6 Glenn Beck

#7 Attempted Killer Byron Williams who wounded two police officers as he was interception on his way to stage an gun attack on the ACLU and Tides Foundation in SF because they supported the goals of George Soros and President Obama - according to Glenn Beck.

#8 Sam "Joe the Plumber" Whuzerbacher

#9 Killer James David Adkisson who murdered 2 and wounded 5 others in a Knoxville Unitarian Church.

#10 Attempted Radioactive Dirty Bomber James Cummings who was slain by his wife in self-defense.

#11 Tony Perkins - Family Research Council

#12 Killer James Von Brunn who shot a Security Guard at the Holocaust Museum as the first step in his plot to eventually murder David Axelrod.

#13 Rand Paul

#14 Killer Jerad Miller

Let us know how many you guessed correctly - I tried not to make too easy - in the comments.
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