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It is fitting that one Dominionist, Brat, David, has been in the news recently. But another Dominionist, Bryan Fischer, has hit a new low. In essence, he is calling for a crusade.

Given how badly things are going in both Afghanistan and IraqNam, it is no wonder that Fischer would insist on mouthing off again:

These are the two nations President Bush, in all his naïve optimism, believed we could rebuild in America's image. Sadly, President Bush believed the manifest lie that Islam is a religion of peace. It is not. It is a religion of war, violence, tyranny and death. It has been this kind of religion since 632 A.D. and will be until the end of time. It is not, never will be and never can be anything but an evil, wicked religion. - See more at:
Fischer is currently the Director of Issues Analysis for the AFA. Together with the AFA, he claims to reach 1,000,000 followers on their radio tube listening devices.

From the Church of Ineffable Stupidity:

For those who do not know, Fischer is the resident nut-job at the AFA, American Family Association. Here is a list of what Fischer and AFA are against:

Immigration overhaul
Same Sex marriage
Women's Rights, including holding office, running companies, or serving in the miliary
Voting Rights
Birth Control
Global climate change regulations
Here is a list of what he stands for:
Prayer in schools
A ban on all birth control
A ban on abortions
A ban on Muslims in the US and A
Forcing American Indians to accept Christ
Invading Muslim countries with waves and waves of missionaries.
After his last name took on a brand new, improved and accurate definition, Fischer stated that any attack on Rick Sanitorium was a direct attack on Jesus. A week later, he proclaimed that the First Amendment, by design, could not apply to Mormons or Muslins.  In 2011, he stated that anyone attacking Sarah Palin was controlled by Satan. When Rush Limbaugh started his welcome descent into 00.0 share ratings hell, Fischer took his side in the dispute and agreed that Sandra Fluke (along with anyone else on birth control) was indeed a slut.

Fischer once claimed that Obama (who is importing muslins in order to destroy Murrica) had his image photoshopped in the film of the Osama Bin Laden raid.

Although he claims to be pro-science, he believes that any environmentalist who believes in global climate change was a Pagan working in league with the devil to finally destroy the christian US and A.

It is impossible to do this man justice in just a short diary. Still, here are a few more of today's pricklamations:

Here is the only alternative that offers any long-range hope for the Muslim world. If we are forced to invade another Muslim nation, because of their lethal attacks on America, we should first soften the ground with missiles, then send in the infantry to neutralize the threat on the ground, and then follow the Marines in with wave after wave of missionaries who can offer the hope of the gospel to people walking in darkness. The strategy is simple: missiles, Marines and missionaries.

After the nation has been pacified by our military, we should invite Franklin Graham and Luis Palau and Greg Laurie and every other gifted evangelist we can find to hold rallies and crusades in city after city, in soccer stadium after soccer stadium, offering the hope and light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can give each nation the opportunity to choose Christ over Muhammad, to turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God.


What is Fischer's most appealing facet?

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