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Lifted from the Real Time with Bill Maher discussion forum / Gun Control thread:


Nicole wrote: one of these days handguns will be banned! huzzah and haroo! unfortunately, some of the decrepit opposers among us won't be around to see it happen. sad face
   fU wrote:

    You never know this might be true, however there are a few certainties that come with this if it ever actually happens

    1. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people will lose their lives overturning this right of the people.

    2. Guns and gun violence will still exist after the ban takes effect

    3. Gun violence will be escalated.

    you see Nicole, prohibition of fundamental rights is a historic and certain failure to accomplish the goal that short sighted thinkers are fooled into thinking it will , which is stop gun violence. The knowledge exists, the manufacturing capabilities exist, it will always be with us. you cannot eliminate it you can only move it outside of lawful boundaries with idiocy and poorly thought out legislation, not to mention amending one of the most important rights we have recognized in our constitution.

    I weep for the republic if that day ever comes!

Yeah...  so let me get this straight.

At this time in our history, when we are governed by a very small minority of hyper-rich, powerful individuals who control 80% of the wealth and resources, write legislation to benefit themselves at the expense of 80% of the population and give themselves the legal right to buy an unlimited number of politicians while further limiting the ability of citizens to vote as they read our mail, listen to our phone calls and track our location through our cell phones which can go online to find just about any information on anything except on the crimes that our government commits as a matter of policy because that information is classified as it would be damaging to national security, such as torturing innocent suspects, even though that information is already known to our enemies as is the fact that our president gives himself the right to go anywhere in the world and fire H.E tipped arrows without warning at anybody including his own citizens and children are being shot down in their schools while police legally murder the mentally ill...  you think the republic is just hunky-dory as long as you still get to own your own personal shooter.

This is why I get such a thrill every time you offer to "educate" one of us.

I already weep for the republic all the time. I weep for the loss of civility.  I weep for the celebration of ignorance and superstition.  I weep for the poor and the ill and the suffering and the dead and then I remind myself that I'm not dead yet and there's lots of important things that need doing.

Arguing with rude morons isn't one of them.

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