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No really,  this isn't snark.  A just released poll has Mittens blowing away the field by 15 points.    


The TeaOP implosion has been so bad, the remaining survivors are turning to discarded relic and TWO time loser Mitt Romney.  

Yeah, that Mitt.  

47% - Mitt.  
Corporations are people, my friend - Mitt.  
Rafalca - Mitt.  
Please Proceed Governor - Mitt.
That one!

It's been a horrible month for the GOP:

BENGAZHI has blown up in their faces.
Cantor was taken out by a character actor from a 70s tee vee show.  
Bush's cronies and the clusterfuck of Iraq are back to remind low-information voters why they hate the GOP.
Even their squirrel came back to bite them on their ass.
Then today's BOMBSHELLS
Walker and the brain damaged Karl Rove are involved in a criminal conspiracy and Christy's cronies are facing the klink.

Look at the rest of the field,  Jeb (the "smart" Bush) cut his own throat by saying "illegal immigration is an act of love" and the others are boring freaks who are unelectable.

Panicked and in disarray, and with no one to turn to, they're bringing Mitt back.

A Suffolk University/Boston Herald poll shows Romney leading the New Hampshire primary by 15 points - Woah!

Mitt Romney - 24

Unindicted co-conspirator Crisp Christy - 9

Rand Paul - 8

George W Bush's Brother - 7

Canadian Cruz - 4

The Waterboy -Marco Rubio - 4

Scott Walker - 3

Senator Man on Dog - 2

Paul Ryan - 1

Let the Mittmentum begin! .


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