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 It is a sad, sad day when gun nuts control the entire discourse on a once esteemed, strongly progressive website. So many people who own guns try to argue that they are not insane, when in all reality, they combined have an IQ of 0.01. Every wise diary, bravely written by sane, rational people such as Justaperson or Thadjon  immediately gets spammed by you gun nuts, making all these excuses to why you are right and can keep your precious cock replacements, instead of caring for somebody besides for yourselves for once.

 Fuck you. Your life will only get worse on from here. When we control both the House and Senate this November, we'll make sure to take away your little penile extenders. Your pathetic, little amoeba dicks will be revealed to the public, and I'll wisely comment on how they are only slightly smaller than your brains. Even if you try to suck Wayne Lapierre's cock and be his bitch, you won't be able to, since specks of dust are hard to suck!

 And for all you women who claim to own guns, the fact that you DO have penises will be revealed to the world. You little butch, lesbo, transgendered filth will be revealed. While real women have the courage to take 12 inch black cocks from supposed "rapists," you little man-lady butches will be wishing that you actually had a hole.

 Rest in peace, Trayvon Martin, and all other innocent African Americans who were killed by a white transgendered dick woman who thought that they were going to be raped ( as if anybody wanted to rape their ugly racist faces.) You republican women always talk about staying in the home. If you fear black people so much, just stay at home. Nobody's forcing you to go outside. From the rolls of fat you have, you don;t go outside too much anyways.

 You gun owners will go out with a whimper, not a bang. When we send our boys in to take away your precious murder machines, what's your little machine gun going to do against our drones and tanks. And don't forget, one nuke will end your entire "resistance," ( except there won;t be one, since it takes balls to run a resistance movement, and gun owners don;t have balls, only bullets.)

 You may argue about how there are already guns in criminal hands. Well, those people you call "criminals" only have their guns to fight their white oppressors. Once your little gun owning asses get crushed by the might of the US Army, those poor oppressed proletariat of America will realize that their oppressors are no longer armed, and will stop their violent struggle to negotiate peacefully your terms of surrender, but you won't be able to talk back to them, since it's YOU who will be the slaves, starting shortly.

 I can;t wait to see the white population in chains, suffering all they put the rest of the world through, dying of dehydration and starvation like the subhuman beasts they are. I can;t wait to see the blood flow out of their whip lashes, and can;t wait to see Christians burned at the stake, getting a taste of their own medicine, and I hope the flames kill you slowly.

  To sum it up, let me reiterate my points:

 once we control congress, we will take away your little cock replacements

 Women who claim to own guns need to point their guns at themselves, and then check between their legs

 You may think your guns will let you resist the US army, but a mushroom cloud will tell you otherwise, right before your face gets melted to the wall and your eyes are turned into flowing goo.

 All you white survivors will be forced to taste your own medicine, the medicine of oppression, which you have never apologized for, and continue to practice to this day

 Go ahead, make passionate love to your guns every night. Very shortly, you'll either be dad or on a plantation.

 And for you ladies, your fate will be far, far worse.

Originally posted to RationalModerate on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 09:26 AM PDT.

Also republished by Trolls.


The proletariat have a world to gain, they have nothing to lost except their...

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