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wind turbines in Scotland
Scotland wants wind turbines like these and other renewables to supply 100 percent of the nation's electricity by 2020. Donald Trump says the turbines are the worst disaster to befall Scotland in its entire history.
Over the weekend, America's billionaire clown Donald Trump was spouting off that wind turbines are "killing" Scotland and that he would not continue development plans at Menie unless plans for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre in Aberdeen Bay in the northeast are abandoned. In addition to business interests, which includes the lavish 18-hole Trump International Golf Links in Menie, Trump owns an Aberdeenshire estate, and he just purchased Turnberry Estate in Ayrshire:
Mr Trump said: “We’re doing phenomenally well and as soon as they give up the charade of the windmills – which are destroying every place that they touch, they are a disaster for Scotland – as soon as they drop that ridiculous idea I’ll start working here again.

He said: “They shouldn’t allow these windfarms. Scotland is going to die with these windmills, they’re killing Scotland.

This isn't Trump's first shriek at wind turbines in Scotland—which has so much wind power potential that it is in some circles called the "Silicon Valley" for wind. He first threatened legal action against a proposed 11-turbine, 100-megawatt offshore installation in 2012, complaining that the project would ruin the view from his billion-dollar golf resort, where he dug up 1,235 acres—all the while calling wind turbines "disgusting," "monstrosities" and "obsolete." He also made the ridiculous claim that wind projects are being abandoned all around the world.

Purchased in 2006, Trump's Aberdeenshire 200-acre estate includes an existing 14th-century mansion that he rebuilt as his personal residence, a hunting lodge and private residential properties. When completed, the golf development is slated to include two 18-hole courses, 36 golf villas, 950 holiday homes and 500 private residences. But Trump is threatening to pull his investment if the wind turbines are built.

Trump's threats of legal action and a public relations campaign attacking the Aberdeen wind farm, and wind power development in Scotland generally, were ignored last year when Scottish leaders approved the project with fewer turbines than originally planned.

More than half of the United Kingdom's 4,300 wind turbines are located in Scotland, which plans to generate half of its electricity with renewables by 2015 and all of it by 2020. Scotland generated 40 percent of its electricity with renewables in 2013. The closest anywhere in the United States comes to that is in Iowa, which is generating 27 percent of its electricity with wind turbines. The state has a fourth 60 percent of the population of Scotland.

Trump would no doubt rather invest in shares of companies providing equipment for "rolling coal" antics, suggesting that he is what is monstrous and obsolete.

Originally posted to Meteor Blades on Mon Jul 07, 2014 at 10:36 AM PDT.

Also republished by Gulf Watchers Group and Daily Kos.

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