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Recently, comments and diaries have been popping up by new users who are obviously of the Tea Party persuasion.

After they get mocked by the community and quickly banned, they then take to the Help Desk to decry our intolerance. One was kind enough to use his real name so I hopped over to his Twitter page to find it filled with Fox News love. His Facebook page had a huge post with screen grabs to demonstrate the intolerable intolerance of this community.

Today, a completely different new diarist is singing from the same hymn sheet at the Help Desk.

The similarity between the complaints and those of many other quickly banned users is perhaps coincidence but if DKos is now being used as a proof point of the right wing’s insistence that liberals are the intolerant ones, well, that makes me feel kind of special.

Hat tip to Elfling who has to deal with these people on a regular basis!

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