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Hello puzzlers!

Hope your summer is going well. Potluck Sunday came a week late this month, but it's going to be a very special potluck, as you will see below the orange July firework.

Here's a quickie, inspired by Open Carry:

A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a glass of water.

But the bartender takes out a gun and aims it at the man's head.

The man says "Thank You" and walks out.


A very special treat indeed! Fordian Analyst has joined the puzzlemakers! He sent a Juliecrostic, and although he says he doesn't know if it is easy or difficult, knowing Fordian, it is bound to be a challenge. Gremlins seem to be involved, too, according to his note.

The gremlins have removed all capitalization except for the first letter and grouped the clues into groups of three, as usual. There's also a bit of a twist to watch out for!

1. A spooky face, for example
2. Housing analogues of 1637
3. A paired appendage

4. Like many conservatives
5. Theoden's exhortation
6. Cheer

7. Sees contents
8. Something tyson might do
9. French invective

10. True grit, for one
11. Slanderer
12. Polydimethylsiloxane

13. Go fish
14. Graze
15. Like few toddlers

16. Common service
17. Game bird
18. Nevadan enclave

19. Some euro holders
20. Where 17 may be found
21. Continental general

22. Trial statement
23. Steak step
24. Rages

25. Air
26. Quick thinking
27. Eye doctor's tool

28. Suited
29. The great silver
30. Goddess's prize, in myth

31. What Boehner does frequently
32. Top layer

Well, that was fun!

Nova Land never disappoints. He and the gremlins have come up with some one-offs. Here is what he had to say:

Nag-Snoopy In Keg Only

Once again I'm swamped and have allowed the gremlins to construct a puzzle for the potluck in my place. This month they've come up with a new set of One-Off puzzles.

To make a One-Off, one takes a familiar word or phrase and changes one letter. The change may be the addition of a letter, the removal of a letter, or the substitution of a letter -- but only a single letter may be altered.

After changing one letter and thus creating a slightly different word or phrase, one then writes a paraphrase of the altered word or phrase, being careful not to use any word which appears in the original or altered phrase in the paraphrase.

Your challenge is to figure out from the paraphrase what the original and altered phrases are.

As an aid in solving, the number of words in the altered phrase is provided in parentheses at the end of each paraphrase. Answer phrases include several abbreviations, a hyphenated word, and a contraction.

The gremlins showed me their answers and I have to say this is a particularly evil set of One-Off puzzles. Indeed, you could even say (if you spoke Crypto-Gremlin) that these are nag-snoopy in keg only!

1. set off explosion at road in direction of sunrise (4)
2. search carefully through gravel (2)
3. for the purpose of surrounding Sharon with a multitude (3)
4. ice cream belonging to the fourth Doctor (3)
5. Canadian crime drama or Swedish magician (2)
6. male cat's attitude (2)
7. on the map, catacomb is located up on the right (3)
8. sepulchral sound (2)
9. New York jail's thiamine (2)
10. skeletal remain found in crypt (2)
11. memorial construction is finished (2)
12. uterus' color (2)
NOTE: while the gremlins are only allowed to change one letter in each of the entries, you should keep in mind that as gremlins they feel entitled to make as many changes as they like to capitalization, punctuation, and word spacing.

I have a Juliecrostic, too. You can never have too much potato salad at a potluck, so here's mine. And by the way,gremlins have made an appearance here, too. Don't assume anything about capitalization or punctuation. Ahem.

 1 What a looker!
 2 Where you sometimes find turtles
 3 Resets
 4 A type of movie
 5 Mona
 6 Hallway
 7 Refugees
 8 What a Coloradoan does
 9 Throw
10 Things you might find on an Indian reservation
11 Wraps
12 Most Turtle-like
13 What the Brazilian soccer team knows how to do
14 Shut
15 Stringed instruments
16 Locations
17 Rosebud
18 Elizabeth, Bob
19 Dirty
20 GI
21 Quaker
22 Basic elements
23 Unleavened breads
24 Tucson monsoon

26 Locations
27 Naps
28 Simplest
29 Muzzle
30 Beginning
31 Not a gambler
32 Hats
33 Coral, cherry, garnet
34 Actors
35 Wear down
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