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My story is part of an effort by Safe Kids International  to raise awareness about an issue of social injustice which is endangering millions of children around the world. There is an epidemic of family court judges deliberately disregarding substantial evidence of serious child abuse and granting custody to the abusive father. This is my story.

Judge John Phillips of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida is in the process of enforcing an Order in Stark County, Ohio to take my sixteen year old daughter by force, and place her in an extremely dangerous home of an abusive father and step mother, who is also a Guardian Ad Litem in the same Florida court. This Order was obtained without evidence of abuse and violence being presented in Ohio when I moved back to my hometown of Canton to care for my terminally ill mother before she passed away.  I was ordered by a Judge in North Carolina, where we had lived just prior, to keep my children “away” from the violent home in Florida, and to get the current Protective Order in effect immediately when I moved to Ohio.  I tried desperately, but was refused assistance from Legal Aid (see letters) and was not offered any other resources or services to protect the safety of my children, and without child support or a paying job, I definitely couldn’t afford an attorney!

 On June 29, 2011, my son was hiding under the bed, and my daughter cried and begged the sheriff to not make her go as she held on to my arm. This was also the last time I had been allowed any contact with my twelve year old son, and my daughter had to run away from that Florida home to save her own life.

I have been warned by  child advocates , investigators, and victims of this  Florida judge, that it doesn’t matter  what I file or how hard I try to fight for my children’s safety, any, and all orders by Phillips WILL be denied! Further, I was warned that if I go to Florida I will be jailed! I got charged nearly ten thousand dollars after the father abused the children and lost custody previously. That was what they charged me alone, and I had nothing to do with the abuse. I could not afford to pay the nearly ten thousand dollars in Guardian Ad Litem fees since I was not getting any kind of child support, and wasn’t working at the time, so FLORIDA issued a “Bodily Writ of Attachment” against “me” for not paying for the abuse caused by the father!

In 2009, I began to get verbal threats from my children’s step mother, of whom I had a prior “Protective Order” against for her violence and stalking.  
She stated that, she was a “Guardian Ad Litem” in the same court as the judge now, and that she was  going to take my children, and that I would never see them again!” To make matters worse, the Florida judge in this case is known for having a hatred for women.  He makes up his "own” laws? Judge John Phillips is also known for violating the rights of good mothers and our elderly.

 There are so many victims of this SAME JUDGE, and it appears he’s trying to BULLY my hometown of Stark County, Ohio and our authorities as well.   I believe he may have even “duped” them into placing my children’s lives in danger in 2011, by not giving me the opportunity to present the evidence when my children were taken from me.

 This isn’t about a few minor incidences of discipline like the Florida courts would want you to think.  As you can see from this video, bloody beatings, rapes, and deaths of nearly hundreds of children appears to be the acceptable form of discipline by Florida authorities themselves, and they conspired to keep it quiet for years!”  So just what do they consider “abuse” in Florida if this is an acceptable form of discipline?

  The father and step mother  in this case(GAL) also have  a long history of abuse, including:  previous loss of custody, hundreds of pages of police reports, pictures of abuse, teacher reports to CPS, attorney GAL reports, therapist report of abuse, court ordered Anger Management, court order of Violence/ Stalking against the  step mother, running an illegal nail salon business (no ventilation for fumes) in the home, causing harm to the children, physical abuse, including choking of my son, punching in the head, hospital visits for lacerations (without contacting me when I worked directly across the street from the hospital), busted lips, emotional abuse, etc. The step mother also posted a picture of my minor daughter’s nude breast on her Facebook.  Subsequently, after I filed a police report she then posted her “rights” to post such photos.

 The step mother (Gal) also kicked my daughter out of the home after she was forced back down there.  One night, out of fear,  my daughter confided in her father about men she saw coming into the home during late hours into the night.  The very next day the step mother (GAL) threw her belongings into a garbage bag, threw it out on the lawn, took her cell phone, and told her to get the h--- out!  My daughter said she was terrified, felt alone, had nowhere to go, and didn’t even have a phone to call anyone.
 Soon she decided to walk to a local park.  She said she cried for hours, and then later saw someone she knew from school. He allowed her to borrow his phone. She called her best friend, and her friend’s mother, whom we’ll call “KH”, took her in. Thank God she found this “angel”! This mother, KH who lived near the father’s Florida home, called the father to inform him of her whereabouts. She claimed he didn’t seem to care, allowed her to live there for months, and didn’t give her a nickel the entire time my daughter was in her care.  KH even stated that the father believed the Step mother (GAL) was stealing money from him, and that he wanted to get away from her as well, but he never did."
  Then out of the blue, my daughter was ordered by the father to come back. When she returned they forced her to sleep in the garage.  She then overheard the step sister, who also has a history of violence including, “Assault” and the step mother talking about "slitting her throat". This is when I started receiving texts from her, stating that she was in fear for her life (I still have the text).  I was in shock just hearing from her! It had been years, other than a short text on Mother’s Day, as she was forbidden by the step mother and father to have any contact with me. She was afraid to call the Palm Beach Gardens police as I initially instructed, because they rarely believed the children when they would tell them of abuse anyway, so I totally understood her fears.  I tried to call and text the father several times (see photos). He rarely takes my calls.

  When my daughter finally ran away to my home in canton, Ohio after not being allowed to see or speak to me for over two and a half years, her friend's mother “KH”, admitted that when my daughter disappeared, her and her mother both thought the step mother, and or the step sister did something to harm my daughter, and believed that could have been the reason she was missing.  She said they were extremely concerned for her safety! There is so much more to this case including a recording of the father “agreeing” to allow her to stay with me, and go to school in Ohio, and then he turned around and threatened to take her by force.  Here is just one example of the step mother’s rage; my daughter had recorded prior to running away. .  
  Why does it have to take the “death” of a child before something is done?  Monsters like these are getting custody “over” good parents at alarming rates, despite the fact that the “good parent” has no record or history of:  drugs, neglect, abuse, violence or mental issues, and had always been the primary care giver, such as in my case. Further, there have been forty four more pages of police reports of violence, child abuse, assault, drugs, etc., in the Florida home since my children were taken.

My daughter has been in Ohio for nearly a year now, and hopes that Stark County will continue to keep her here safe, especially after receiving  evidence of abuse. She is attending Ohio Virtual Academy, working part time, received her Ohio Driving Permit, she’s enjoying time (that was long-overdue) with her family, including her grandfather who was just given six months to live, and she looks forward to attending the local high school where she has already met a great group of kids.  Sadly, she still lives in fear, and thinks about the day her and her younger brother were taken from me, then forced to live in the violent home in Florida, where my son of whom I have not been allowed any contact for over three years still lives.
 I never imagined, even in my wildest dreams that the safety, and rights of our nation’s children, and good parents would be ignored, and the rights of abusers would be a priority!

Originally posted to Ihatecorruption on Sun Jul 20, 2014 at 07:10 AM PDT.

Also republished by North & Central Florida Kossacks and DKos Florida.

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