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Here's a take on the current loony tunes crystal ball reading that we are wasting precious time on. I will quite willingly send in scripts concerning the Republican field for 2014 and / or 2016 to MSNBC, CNN, and the Sunday morning talking point recital shows if we could just stop with the "what-ifs".

Oh what a tangled web we weave. In order to stoke the fires of pundit-ism let's create some strange alternate universe scenarios that would have someone other than Hillary as the Democratic candidate.

Please avoid the 5th Led Zeppelin symbol and scroll on down...

I did say Democratic despite the infantile usage of the “get out of my yard” Democrat party that many Republican grown-ups use. So for what possible reason, other than that of idle conversation or instigating the debate of a moot point would talking about alternate presidential candidates serve.
    If I could choose on character, progressive leaning tendencies, and good old honest pragmatism, I'd have an Elizabeth Warren Angus King ticket, but that is not going to happen. Yes there are the Kirstens, Joes, Martins and Andrew's, but there are just so many reasons to get Hillary in there that cannot be denied.
    I'm not particularly enamoured by Hillary, but her husband did a bang-up job and left Cletus and the Dark One a good economy. The Clintons have the well oiled machine and the experience and I really don't think that at this point in the game Bill is going to be running things with Hillary acting as the proverbial wallflower.
    Elizabeth Warren, Madeleine Albright, Margaret Thatcher, and the lady that turns into a cat on the Witches of East End would all get my vote (not necessarily for their political points of view but from one of competence and intellectual prowess and turning into a Cat.
    There are just so many good things about a Hillary Clinton candidacy, not the least of which is the small fact of winning the White House and keeping out another team of corporate shills like the last Republican administration. The United States, all joking aside is in a bad place, but with a no-nonsense woman like Hillary I think things could seriously get back on track.
    The racists will be happy, although we'll have to deal with the misogynists, but then again all men are to a point misogynists, it's like that reptilian tail. America deserves to have a woman give things a try, as even during my lifetime (the Eisenhower to Obama generation), we've had more bad than good.
    There is of course the Wall Street angle argument, which is a false drapeau if I've ever seen one. Let's be clear, until we get a few more progressives on the SCOTUS, corporations will be enabling their shills with unlimited money. No Democratic candidate can avoid Wall Street money, until such time as asinine laws affording human attributes to inanimate objects cease or change.
    Women in general, though I hate to admit it, are more practical, have much more insight as to the caring aspect of what America used to be about. In this day and age the sex barrier should be finally broken down, not just to mark a milestone but to normalize things.
    Instead of trying to make up different catastrophic scenarios in which Hillary doesn't run, let's finally find a way to get that majority (albeit ever shrinking) of honest, pragmatic, progressive and yes the “E” word (educated) voters, to vote in 2014. We need to have 60 votes in the Senate, and a majority in the House. Just imagine Hillary with foolproof majorities. How long would it take to stimulate the economy for real with an infrastructure Marshall plan, immigration reform, and real enforceable Wall Street regulation. Who knows maybe we could even dream of the US taking back the reins as world superpower and demonstrating to the world that climate change needs to be addressed yesterday.
    Yes it's fun to look at the other guys, and Lord knows the Republicans can't field an electable presidential candidate with the blarney they are obliged to spew during their primaries so let's address the minimum wage, veterans affairs and a few other normally bi-partisan (yeah I know...sigh) issues while the right waits to be rid of the black guy that saved our economy and basted Bin Laden etc. then let's get the Dems the majorities they need to really legislate.
    There really is no point in having Hillary win only to be met with the same anti-American obstruction, and hatred that our current President has had to experience.
    How about we save the Senate in the upcoming mid-terms and pick up as many seats in the House as gerrymandering will permit. One round after 2016 and we'll be ready to get the US back on track. Sixteen years of progressivism will not do the country any harm.
    As for the pundits, they can just comment on the Republican field. With the likes of Rush, Hannity, and the morons that they field each time, à la Cruz (what a maroon !) our side will have plenty to talk about.
          Just a thought!

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