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Sahil Kapur @ Talking Points Memo has listed the mathematical (and other) republican advantages in this upcoming 6th year midterms (February 20, 2014)

Even if the RWNJ's in house had the numbers to indict/impeach, there isn't the 2/3rds needed in the senate to convict. But the 'elite' GOP leadership does seem to have lost control where it takes them, so who knows  how far the RWNJ's will go with this

Just for the record  The GOP survive on scams like this years long impeachment con job. Without scandals, con jobs, fear mongering, hate peddling, division, threats, and all the many other low down tricks; they don't win. They can't. The republican party has nothing that informed people want or need and would vote for. The republican party does not represent people, at least not the vast majority of people. Not even a little bit.

So when Boehner and to many other republicans claim they want the "threat" of impeachment to end - they are lying and fundraising off their ill represented constituents while they're at it.

Alex Wagner @ NOW and her team put together a video montage of republicans as far back as 2010 starting with Darrell Issa debunking every word from house speaker John Boehner who is now claiming spinning that he and republican leadership are against this impeachment "threat"
(btw the video has a short ad - sorry | and that I am unable to embed the new MSNBC video player/platform - it's worth a look see)

The Boehner spin:

"'s all a scam started by, uh, Democrats at the White House"

  - John Boehner | July 29, 2014

The good news is that republican old guard may not have it together enough to limit this latest impeachment fundraising/GOTV drive to mere threats or a ridiculous tax payer funded lawsuit this time around. If the house does impeach, the republicans may suffer unexpected losses and Dems, a better than usual midterm - good - republicans pay dearly for their destructive shenanigans and "nullify" themselves

This from Steve Benen lays out how the GOP burned their own backsides 16 years ago..

In 1998, congressional Republicans, filled with irrational rage towards a Democratic president in his sixth year, launched an impeachment crusade the American mainstream saw as wildly unnecessary. The electoral results were striking: Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party had the best sixth-year midterms of any administration in a century.
..and are heading down the same destructive path into another 6th year midterm election that would help Dems electoral prospects - again

This political pandering has been going on for years now:

   • Darrel Issa (2010) republican congressman - Ca.:

"This is serious, this is an impeachable offense according to Dick [hilariously wrong] Morris. The allegation is one that everyone from Arlen Specter to Dick Morris have said is in fact a crime and could be impeachable"
  • Steve Stockman republican congressman - Texas:
"We want all tools available to use including that, the impeachment"
  • James Inhofe republican senator - Oklahoma - @ a radio interview:
Inhofe: "To me, we may be starting to use the I-word before too long"

Host: "Okay, the I-word meaning impeachment?"

Inhofe: "yeah"

  • Michelle Bachmann republican congresswoman, past and possible 2016 republican presidential candidate - Minnesota:
"There isn't a weekend that hasn't gone by that someone says to me - 'what in the world are you all waiting for in congress? 'why aren't you impeaching the President?' "
This is the same passing the blame to an unverifiable source kind of story Bachmann told when another unknown "someone" convinced her that mental retardation is indisputably caused by flu vaccines, or the fairy tale no one believed at the time, that republicans have no intention of shutting down the government, which they did; or that no one in their right mind would hold hostage the full faith and credit of the US by threatening to default on raising the debt limit, thrilled at the prospect of using sequestration for political leverage (rather than allowing for a sensible budget), which they also did, costing for the first time in history, a downgrading of our triple A rating with one of the premiere credit rating agencies.

With more impeachment pandering from republicans who have not then nor have ever been a member of.. talked about Bircher/birther/impeachment - yeah right, not a word except for all the time for the last 5 years - that is

   • Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), the #2 Republican in the chamber at the time, telling a broadcast:

"“Now if it’s bad enough and if shenanigans involved in it, then of course impeachment is always a possibility. But I don’t think at this point anybody is talking about that.”
lol - a "possibility" that "nobody is talking about" - except that you just did Kyl

   • Todd Akin (R-Mo.) said in April 2013 he wanted to impeach Obama because of:

 ”all of the czars”
   • Meanwhile, Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) talked in March 2013 about impeaching Obama - cuz freedomz

   • Fox News’ Neil Cavuto speaks with republican rep. Bill Johnson (Ohio) suggesting in 2012 that Obama might be liable to impeachment over recess appointments (video @ link):

"that sounds like an impeachable offense"
  • Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) raised the prospect of impeaching Obama over DOMA:
 “I would support that in a moment,” remarked Franks – he went on to say that he would “absolutely” favor impeaching President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder if such a move “could gain collective support”
   • Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) talked up the idea of presidential impeachment because:
"It would tie tings up" [in Washington for a while, making governing impossible.]
  • Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) even introduced an impeachment resolution, just in case Obama sends U.S. troops to Syria.

   • Then there is the republican rising "personhood" star Joni Ertz:

"Impeachment of Obama should be on the table"

   • Even the old boat anchor republican John McCain (R - Arizona) passed around the impeachment feculence:

"We're not going to impeach the President because we don't have sixty seven votes in the United States senate in order to do so. But I do think that a lawsuit filing about the Presidents abuse of his power - which he has clearly done some fifty five times, or whatever it is on Obamacare alone - then I think that's probably a good idea'
So McCain instead of rejecting the whole impeachment crap because it's stupid and has a well documented racist underpinning at its core, chooses a half-assed cya by bringing up the lack of votes as the reason not to impeach.

But he never rejected the idea outright, and doesn't stop there. He actually pretends to buy into the "let's sue the President" of the United States of America hogwash. This from establishment "tort reform' the "frivolous lawsuit" hating GOP.

McCain and other old guard GOP buying into the lawsuit thing?


Years and years have been spent by the right honing that mocked up "burdensome regulations" - "frivolous lawsuit" - we need "tort reform" - meme in order to sever/eliminate consumer protections and instead protect unscrupulous corporate business practices that hurt real people

 That right there tells me that the GOP "old guard' is and has been using this impeachment obsession for "purely political reasons" ->(the latest GOP accusation meme currently under development - iow's in the testing stages to see if the shit sticks) knowing full well it's another con-job (video with Cenk Uygur) they can't let  happen yet can't let go, not because the RWNJ fringe won't really try for impeachment, but because they will, while the money pours in along with a fired up base of voters exactly as it has been doing for the GOP

Beholden to a tiny minority of corpo "interests" they shill for, the establishment GOP can't politically afford to stop this impeachment nonsense, as powned representatives of a party based on theft

All because of who the GOP choose to represent; or rather who they aren't allowed to represent - real people that is - leaving the GOP with an agenda no well informed working person would knowingly go for

The GOP at this low point in their history have made their choice of representation plain. They have long ago chosen this kind of idiocy as if it's all they have to gin up their demographically shrinking base. Maybe it is considering what they represent..but..

But they don't need it.  If they had decent policies that favored the middle class, a huge majority, they could actually compete without enacting Jim Crow laws. But they and their agenda are bought and paid for by a tiny minority of wealthy Oligarchs. An agenda that if they were forced, like the movie "Liar Liar" with Jim Carrey, to tell the whole truth of it, no one would ever vote for who wasn't already filthy rich and into protecting a life of living off of the labor of others

What is a bit surprising though is that the republicans including Boehner think that they are fooling anyone one into believing that they don't want this birther variant, this impeachment "threat" coming from the fringe. This political and moral squalor.  Refusing to let go of the myth of "trickle down"-voo-doo-fairy-dust-capital-trumps-labor-platform, the GOP are now mired in their own a pile of stink because of the choices they themselves have made. The choice to support a hierarchal system that favors the already affluent 1%ers while oppressing the majority of the people using chaos, disinformation, with divide and conquer methods to keep the "unwashed masses" fighting each other; limiting the average persons time, social mobility, and the financial wherewithal to focus on the real culprit - the tiny minority paying for the GOP to exist

The good news is, it sure seems to me, is the people. The republican party is losing the ability to keep people in the dark as they used to so completely - word is spreading amongst the people

Sometimes a party has to hit rock bottom before they can recover. Or better yet for the country the GOP, just dies. Not that the fight is be any means over but the GOP seem well on their way down and justly so.

In a two party system both party's are supposed to represent a plurality of the two largest constituencies made up of real people of all ages, races, and creed, or numbers close to that. Based on the actual platform of the GOP catering to a tiny minority, that hasn't been true of the GOP for a long time.
Let the 1%ers, the John Galt's finally take that walk they always threaten when taxes are mentioned - and good riddance - but not before we take back through taxation and other methods of recouping what is long owed and was siphoned off the top of our labor first  - that is

So this post is "just for the record" post. "Nothing of social or political import" - (Janis Joplin paraphrased - I think)..or offering solutions. Just taking note, voicing my opinion and trying to help push back on the lies and look at some truth for a change

With a blast from the past with Rachel Maddow called:

"Time for the RIght to leave the Bubble"
(short ad - sorry)

- thank you for stopping by :)

It's gotten late now so I'll be back tomorrow


P.S. Sorry JeffW but Sarah Who™ had this to say. I couldn't pass this up.

"I absolutely and passionately believe it is possible.

And first I believe liberals want us to believe that they love hearing this talk of impeachment because they are going to be able to turn it around for their re-election bids.
It's kind of a reverse psychology thing that they're playing on us and some people are buying into it.
And that's why I'm going to ne even more adamant about explaining why we should impeach"

  - source Up with Chris Hayes July 29, 2014 via Michael Medved show - Monday

   - lol

GOP, Hoist on their own petard, burnt by their own hateful excretions and they wonder why they're angry this latest con job is failing and support for Dems is on the rise

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