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More below the fold:

We've got some people trying to get the legendary cloak on alts before the expansion drops. Pamena has some advice for us on how to cheese the Celestial Challenge solo scenario:

How to Completely Cheese the Celestial Challenge for the Legendary Cloak:

Parsifale, my paladin tank, got the cloak on Wednesday, and I so totally cheesed the final challenge in the Celestial temple that I wanted to share my "strategy", since I and others I talked to had thought Blizz had removed the chance to do what I did. This is what I did for the tanking challenge, at the Temple of Niuzao: basically, I brought my own raid team. I had tried it straight up the night before (well, I had one helper, the Shado Pan tank, but he was pretty useless) and almost got it before Wrathion gave up, the little whiner. So on Wednesday, I thought I would try it with all the help I could bring, just to get it done quickly. The tank challenge requires you to tank a spirit image of Deathwing (in human form) and keep him from attacking Wrathion who is dpsing him (similar to the healing challenge). You have to kill DW before Wrathion gets too low on health and gives up. DW has a number of attacks, including one (again similar to the healing challenge) where Wrathion goes to the center of the arena and you have to block the flame things that speed in from the four directions.

So I brought

(1) All 3 types of Pi'ju Brew ghosts you can get on Timeless Isle by farming the ghosts at the village - the brewmaster tank, the mistweaver healer and the windwalker dps
(2) A Shado Pan companion you can get by signing up for one of the daily quests but not doing it - this is only possible for the tank Celestial challenge, alas, since it's in Niuzao's place. As I said, the tank I took in the day before was useless, as I could tank Deathwing perfectly well myself (although I had trouble with interrupts, more on that below). What I needed was additional dps, so I brought the rogue who for some reason hadn't been available the day before.
(3) A mogu warrior that you can spawn using a trinket from a rare elite who lives over near the Nesingwary camp area in Valley of the Four Winds - Terracotta Fragment. The Terracotta warrior fights for you for 10 minutes, although I don't think he lasted the whole fight against DW.

So, I had a healer, an off tank and 3 dps - and boy, did it work! Deathwing was down before he ever had a chance to bring out the flame paths to attack Wrathion. I don't know how low Wrathion's health got because it was all over so fast, it wasn't an issue.

Do I feel bad or unworthy for using these helpers? NO! I did it straight up with Pamena and Senta, but for additional cloaks for alts, my feeling is that if Blizz considered it cheating or an exploit, they would prevent it, and I just wanted to get it over with. The only reason I might have kept trying it straight was to practice areas of tanking I am weak in (like getting interrupts off in time if DBM isn't shouting at me, which it wasn't in there - but Thanael told me about an add on Gnosis that makes customizable cast bars which should help me next time I have to do interrupts), but I can practice that in LFR or even in the proving grounds.

So, I think anyone now doing the cloak quest can also cheese the challenges with these helpers, except, of course, for the Shado Pan who are only available for the tank quest. That's the scoop, I hope it helps anyone who is having trouble with any of the challenges or who just wants to get past the blasted things.

With that, let's go on to the raid reports, starting with the Team Z report from Tvath:
The big and unhappy news is that Blizzard's maintenance last week reset all our raid lockouts (for everyone on the server, not just us). This meant that if we wanted to go back and beat up the big boss some more, we'd have to fight our way back through 13 bosses leading up to him.

Also last week, I came down with a toothache so bad that I was on some really lovely drugs by the time raid night rolled around. So ... hey, there are ponies in the sky ... I was of course playing WoW to distract myself when Tay sent out a message looking for people to fill out a 25-person heroic raid run by someone he knows on another server. Soon our druid Crakzert and frequent sub Swyftlyght were there too! And WHOA heroic 25 is a whole different ball of cookies.

(Ball of cookies? Uh, drugs. Sorry.)

It was intense, and we managed to down the Sha of Pride, resulting in loot for Crak and Swyft (and none for me or Tay, alas). More important, it gave us a lockout at the fifth boss, Galakras, so we didn't have to start over from the beginning.

In the meantime ... wow, the colors ... several of us had filed tickets with Blizz, trying to get the lockout situation sorted, and were very kindly and sweetly told No. This is disappointing -- it's data, it was saved somewhere, and it shouldn't be that hard to put it back where it was. Blizz should know better -- we have LOTS of IT people playing the game and the raiders are the ones who have been most invested in their products.

However, in the short term there was nothing to be done but gird our loins and work our way back to the Garrosh fight. We cleared an impressive three bosses in one night -- we've come a long way in a short time in terms of gear and raid awareness. (Well, except me, because I was ... oh look, a kitty.)

Special thanks to Swyft for subbing in with us, and a big No Thanks to Blizz for a) messing up our lockout and b) dropping a lot of useless spirit plate. With any luck I'll be drug-free by the time this is published, and it'll be on to Malkorok!

Next is the Team RP report from Pamena:
We had a full complement of folks on Monday night, including special guest star Rubidium, so we worked on heroic Immerseus. We have the firepower to get it, it just takes some time for us to learn the dance. But we made steady progress, and on the last pull, we had him very low when he hit enrage, so we feel confident we can get him in the next time or two we try him. However, various people cannot make it tonight, Thursday, so in order to preserve our chance to try him again on heroic on Monday, Team RP will host a flex tonight to which we'll be delighted to bring guildies not on our team. We will start where Nina's flexorama left off on Tuesday, at Dark Shaman, so we hope people will join us (mostly our alts) for a fun time!
And finally the Team Kaels report from Ninotchka:
Don't have much to say. Team Kaels decided to start extending lockouts in an attempt to get more work done on later bosses, but that plan was partially foiled by the database nonsense that Blizzard put us through. We're back on track, though, and starting to work on Heroic Shamans. Flexorama did a nice run of the first 6 bosses, and very kindly took along my not-so-heroic mage, I kept pushing 1-1-1-1-1-1, but apparently it doesn't work that way any more.
That's what I have for this week. For the Horde!
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