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Stanford University has a new study showing that

while a wind, water and sunlight conversion may result in initial capital cost increases, such as the cost of building renewable energy power plants, these costs would be more than made up for over time by the elimination of fuel costs. The overall switch would reduce California’s end-use power demand by about 44 percent and stabilize energy prices, since fuel costs would be zero, according to the study.

It would also create a net gain, after fossil-fuel and nuclear energy job losses are accounted for, of about 220,000 manufacturing, installation and technology construction and operation jobs.
On top of that, the state would reap net earnings from these jobs of about $12 billion annually.

My Bold It takes money to make money Tax Cuts did not create jobs when the economy was good, tax cuts don't create jobs when the economy is bad as we have found out. Deregulation of the banks and housing market gave us the Housing Bubble and the bank bailout, deregulation of the airline industry gave us the joke " How do you make a small fortune investing in the airlines?....start investing with a large fortune.

 We need to invest in jobs not just to create make work which is all investing in the defense industry is since we never get any cash from our wars that pays for the cost of our wars.

We need to invest in ideas that will pay us back the money we spent to create jobs PLUS CREATE A PROFIT!  Not all profit is direct money in your hands but it still counts as money just what about about profit is so hard to understand for Congress and Banks?

The study states that if California switched to wind, water and sunlight for renewable energy, air pollution-related deaths would decline by about 12,500 annually and the state would save about $103 billion, or about 4.9 percent of the state’s 2012 gross domestic product, in related health costs every year. The study also estimates that resultant emissions decreases would reduce global climate change costs in 2050 – such as coastal erosion and extreme weather damage – by about $48 billion per year.

“I think the most interesting finding is that the plan will reduce social costs related to air pollution and climate change by about $150 billion per year in 2050, and that these savings will pay for all new energy generation in only seven years,”

Do you see anyone making similar claims about Fracking for Natural Gas nope Fracked Gas can't even make a profit unless like last winter we have record cold. Now Obama is trying to fast track the building of Liquid Natural Gas ports even though by the time those ports are built America will likely be a net importer of Natural Gas yet Fracking gets tons of loans from the banks and Green Energy gets crumbs Efficient Allocators of Capital my @ss Parasites trying to keep us dependent because they sell what we depend on.


Thursday 22 May 2014

estimates of US shale oil and gas potential, concluding that "light tight oil production in the USA will peak between 2015 and 2017, followed by a steep decline", while shale gas production would likely peak next year.

that if reserve and production reality are indeed significantly lower than industry forecasts, we could be at risk of an oil shock as early as within the next five years.

Maybe if we hurry we could build a  new Liquid Natural Gas port in 5 years just in time

Natural gas-fired power plants accounted for just over 50% of new utility-scale generating capacity added in 2013. Solar provided nearly 22%, a jump up from less than 6% in 2012. Coal provided 11% and wind nearly 8%. Almost half of all capacity added in 2013 was located in California.

Natural gas. Natural gas capacity additions were less than in 2012, as 6,861 MW were added in 2013, compared to 9,210 MW in 2012. The capacity additions came nearly equally from combustion turbine peaker plants, which generally run only during the highest peak-demand hours of the year, and combined-cycle plants, which provide intermediate and baseload power.

All these new Natural Gas plants got financing from the banks notice how much more Natural Gas plants were financed by the banks than Solar and Wind.  The banks know that except for this winter Natural Gas has been sold below the Break Even Point needed to make a profit.

California is the State most likely to go 100% Green Power by building all these new Natural Gas Plants the banks and the Power industry hope to eliminate the need for Green Power but once Demand for Fracked  Natural Gas exceeds supply they will say we have no choice but to import pricey foreign Natural Gas until we can build Green Power after we pay the power companies to shut down their new Natural Gas power plants.

Since nobody will want to do that since if we don't the power companies and the companies that Frack Natural Gas will default on their loans and destroy the banks Green Power won't be implemented in California as quickly as 2050.

Funny by deregulating the Banks we have made them much more dependent on bank bailouts and we also made us much more dependent on them because now they are to big to fail and they know that, they use that to squeeze money out of us. By deregulating the Banks we have made the banks Parasites and fed them on ourselves.

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  •  Distributed solar is great. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    mettle fatigue

    But if green energy means cutting our deserts to shreds with mammoth solar arrays and transmission lines that unnecessarily impact habitats, then I'm not in favor of investing a dime.

    Bottom line - we need to develop responsibly, always, even if that "development" is in the name of green energy. Rooftop solar first.

  •  solar is getting so cheap so fast (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    mettle fatigue, Loose Fur

    that it's going to destroy fossil fuels soon.

    it's less then 1 KW to not export, it's 3 KW to go grid neutral in the summer, it's 5 KW to go grid neutral year round.

    the reality is people are going to be adding virtual battery (East/West aligned panels not South aligned and they will add some battery.

    that's going to happen real fast.

    •  yes, if we help the poorest do it too. (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      patbahn, Loose Fur, Calamity Jean

      We can't take for granted that solar &/or other green on their own merits will naturally replace dirty energy - the U.S. is actually behind much of the rest of the world in routine use of renewable green energy technology in large part because in the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s the big energy corporations here successfully used cadres of lawyers to tie up patent applications by alternative-energy inventors and designers.

      Those corporations are still big and rich and powerful. They stay that way via the dividends they generate by dominating the entire energy realm at a profit. With trillions tied up in the massive amount of equipment, machinery, installations, planning units, inventory, permanent staff, etc for producing energy they way they always have, they stand to lose all that to scrap if they transition to greener energy at any pace other than what profits their bottom line best.  

      So if we push forward with message and action, we speed mass public awareness of the greater benefits of genuinely clean energy instead of waiting 'til too late while awareness sifts through the chinks in corporate propaganda.

      And if we push forward so energy corporations have no choice but change, the cost of change will bring them to their knees and decent human scale. And bring us to our feet, healthier and stronger.

      The time is now.

  •  You would think Stanford would... (0+ / 0-)

    ...have done a more reasonable analysis.

    First of all, 25,000 onshore wind turbines and 1,200 100 MW CSPs. That is simple overkill.

    The fact that this analysis completely ignores "storage" makes it pretty much worthless. Storage is already being installed today in California. I'm sure there will be even more advancements (and price reductions) with storage in the next three decades.

    What happened to offshore floating turbines. That would be perfect for the California coast line. Those are being implemented today in Japan.

    Where is geothermal? Along with storage, that would fix the issues of solar and wind being intermittent. They would be able to get by on a 1/3rd of the CSPs and a quarter of the wind turbines.

    Lastly, it barely mentions PV solar as a solution. Look at what is happening in Australia and Germany today. PV rooftop solar is leading the charge in reducing the peaks during the day.

    Seriously. Stanford could have done much better with just some basic research. Maxing out the CSP solar and onshore wind would be the most expensive route to follow.

  •  & this is just Calif: imagine it for the World! (0+ / 0-)

    Environmental/pollutant diseases are becoming epidemic even in emerging nations and already are in the developed ones. If this kind of change can save billions and save lives and create jobs just in California, imagine what it could achieve worldwide ... the breath of life for poor nations mired in conflict over too little resources, or living amid literal trashheaps of western garbage because accepting western garbage is their main economic lifeline.

    Decent jobs and the health to hold'em and earn a decent living.

    Now, if diaries like these could INCLUDE routinely a solid list of links to organizations, elected & appointed officials opposing corporate, individual & govt predation —OR links to other diaries with exactly that info— then each diary becomes a powerful organizing force instead of leaving readers burning up time, energy and thought re-duplicating each others' hunts for where and how-to utilize what they just read ... or give up with nothing to show for it but more fragmented rage and cynicism.

    New readers/members flow into DK every day, ready to enlist. Writers please simply keep a draft of organized action links (collaborate with authors who specialize in current action-link lists) to copypaste into the bottom of your diaries  so readers can immediately find ways to take constructive action.

    Rage is great fuel. HOW-TO is the engine. Connect'em up into organized machinery for econopolitical change and let's get rolling.

    Thanks, ThingsComeUndone, for a valuable diary.

  •  Bravo (0+ / 0-)

    80 % of Success is Just Showing Up!

    by Churchill on Sat Aug 02, 2014 at 10:02:26 PM PDT

  •  Free Lunch (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Calamity Jean, ladybug53

    Renewable energy is just about THE ONLY WAY in this world to get something for nothing, or pretty well damnity close to nothing, after capital construction costs are absorbed.  Why everyone can't see that is beyond me.  2050 is too long to wait!  Speed that up!

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