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I was on Facebook today scrolling through my newsfeed, checking some articles out, when I ran across this link in a comment. It looked interesting, so I checked it out. I started reading this guy, Jim Wright's blog post called Stonekettle Station, and at first it was just a normal guy talking about traffic on the highway in Alaska. He sees a big honking, gas guzzling truck outfitted to the max with tinted windows and halogen lights on top of the cab, and also sees the bumper stickers. They read: Proud American written on a Captain America's shield, In God I Trust, In big government I fear. We must protect the country we love and I love my country, it's the damned government I hate.

That wasn't all he saw. He also saw a big Confederate flag in the back window.

And he lost it.

What comes next is the best damned rant against the haters I've ever seen.

Now granted, this blog post was written in 2011 and some of you here may have seen it already. But considering the atmosphere in America today with the haters screaming at refugee children and wanting to do them all kinds of harm; defying government agents and calling in their armed to the teeth buddies to protect them and their stringy cattle; openly carrying their weapons in stores and restaurants, just waiting for their chance to kill some "bad guy", while terrifying the customers. It seems a good time to dust it off and re-view it.

Step over the orange cloud of cognitive dissonance to check it out.


That was what Jim Wright ranted about. The hate that the people in that truck stood for, lived for; ate for breakfast, lunch and supper; fed to their dog and their children.

He wanted to ask those people in the truck just what it was about America that they loved, when all he could see was what they hated about America.

You hate the President, you call him a Nazi and a socialist and communist and an enemy of America.  You’re embarrassed by him.  You hate his big jug ears and his oh so white smile and his funny alien name.  
He speaks of their hatred for Congress and their hatred of the courts, especially the Supreme Court who refuse to allow them to make their hatred the law of the land. Of how they hate lawyers and judges and prisons. Of how they hate the ordinary people...the neighbours, the country people, the city people, the college kids, the working man, the mothers. Well just everybody you would meet in a perfectly ordinary day. They hate them.

He spoke of their utter hatred of the environment, of education and especially the media. He spoke of their hate of capitalism: how they hate the Wall Street bankers and investment gurus, Bill Gates, because he gave away some of his money, the white collar workers, the unions and the entire middle class.

And when someone points out their errors and tries to set them straight: well, they hate the facts and they hate the fact that those who dare question their illogical reasoning are Neo Liberal Commies.

In the end he asks again: What is it you love about America? Because he just can't see anything they love; only what they hate.

I've quoted as much as I can of this incredible rant, but to do it full justice I highly recommend you see the whole thing for yourself:

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  •  I love Jim Wright too, but unless you have (11+ / 0-)

    permission, you've gone way over the level of quoting he specifies on his site. Our general standard for fair use may be three paragraphs, but his is one paragraph, the last time I checked.

    You may post a couple of lines from the article, or even a short paragraph, verbatim
    Please edit this in respect to his stated wishes.

    mouseover the bar (I'm practicing for DK5)

    by serendipityisabitch on Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 04:27:53 AM PDT

  •  Chief Warrant Officer Jim Wright (Navy, ret.) (28+ / 0-)

    Read his biography. It is epic. I am a regular reader. He is an artist with words. He is one of the most powerful writers on the Internet.

    His in particular, check out his link Popular Essays, where he has collected his 'greatest hits.' A guy who one would think should be a flaming conservative ranting about the "libtards" is actually a powerful voice for liberal and progressive ideas.

    Not only that, he is an artist with wood. His wood turnings are snatched up as fast as he can make them.

    Rudeness is a weak imitation of strength. - Eric Hoffer

    by Otteray Scribe on Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 04:28:44 AM PDT

  •  I like Jim Wright. (15+ / 0-)

    When someone truly understands the world, they speak with a clarity that  makes you see everything a bit differently:

    In much of the rest of the world the problems are starvation, hunger, malnutrition, pervasive poverty, epidemic disease, war, rape, terror, slavery, horrifying oppression, homelessness, murder, genocide, natural and manmade disasters in endless succession.

    But here in the United States, we are so well off that our worst problem at present, the “crisis” that presently dominates our headlines, is that millions of the less fortunate desperately want to become Americans.

    © grover

    So if you get hit by a bus tonight, would you be satisfied with how you spent today, your last day on earth? Live like tomorrow is never guaranteed, because it's not. -- Me.

    by grover on Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 06:01:50 AM PDT

    •  I think I'm going to spend tonight reading (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      his blog. And for the rest of the month, too. One post each night, so I can absorb and meditate on each one.

      A fo ben, bid bont. - Welsh proverb. ( translation: If you want to be a leader, be a bridge.)

      by Gwennedd on Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 03:38:32 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  What do they hate? (10+ / 0-)

    Themselves.  Deep down inside their soul they know that they themselves are pathetic losers.

    Get busy living or get busy dying

    by Kaiser Soeze on Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 06:05:57 AM PDT

  •  I guess he really showed them didn't he? (0+ / 0-)

    “Conservation… is a positive exercise of skill and insight, not merely a negative exercise of abstinence and caution…” Aldo Leopold

    by ban nock on Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 06:45:33 AM PDT

  •  I've read Chief Wright since his essay called: (12+ / 0-)

    An Open Letter To The Idiot Nation

    Great stuff usually.  I don't agree with everything he writes (duh), but I do agree with the man's overall stance and respect the hell out of the experiences he went through to obtain his perspective.  He's definitely a skilled writer (and ranter) and can bring a level of focused fury and incisive invective to his writing that most left-leaners can't or won't.  We need more voices like his, and for him to be better known.  Fortunately, the latter at least seems to be - slowly - coming to pass.

    Thanks for sharing this article.  Hope it gets him some hits.

    Not all people are human; not all humans are people.

    by Jon Sitzman on Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 06:57:43 AM PDT

  •  Bumper sticker seen recently in Las Vegas (4+ / 0-)

    I had similar thoughts the other day when I was driving behind a white SUV with Iowa plates in Las Vegas. It's bumper sticker said, "ONLY CROOKED POLITICIANS FEAR CITIZENS WITH GUNS"

    If I could have stopped the (female) driver, I would have asked her why, if crooked politicians are supposedly the intended target of that message, the citizens behind "open carry" choose to strike fear in other citizens instead.

    I would also have told her the only thing (crooked or not) politicians fear is losing the next election. That reality seems much more obvious to me than what her bumper claims, but can she see that one at all?

  •  Treason flag (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Proud American written on a Captain America's shield, In God I Trust, In big government I fear. We must protect the country we love and I love my country, it's the damned government I hate.

    That wasn't all he saw. He also saw a big Confederate flag in the back window.

    The flag of the War of  Southern Treason of 1861.
  •  beautiful stuff. And it's bewildering... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Yep, he nailed it.

    I run into these guys a lot, too.  I'm always amused when I see Republican bumper stickers (remember, that's the party of Lincoln!) next to Rebel flags.  

    And I love America.  Well, most things about it.  There are some things about it I hate, but I love enough about it to marry it -- I don't want to live anywhere else.  But this "proud American" thing, I never fully understand.  Love, sure, I get that, I'm with it.  But pride? Exactly what are they being proud of?  Pride is something I reserve for achievements that I had some part in.  Unless you're an immigrant who worked and overcame great odds to come here -- y'know, unless you're the kind of person most of these "proud Americans" hate and want to close the borders to -- then being American isn't an achievement.  You're lucky, you're born here, you hopefully like it, appreciate it, and take advantage of as many of the great things we have here as you can, but... pride?  It's like "white pride" -- I just don't fucking get it.   You have nothing to do with your race.  You're born what you are, that's it, it's neither a point in your favor or a point against you.  It's like being "proud" a certain number came up with you rolled some dice.

     You can admire other people's achievements, but you can't be proud of them.   I admire Stephen King's writing, and Tony Iommi's guitar playing, and Toshiro Mifune's acting, and Martin Scorsese's directing, and Rob Van Dam's athleticism, and Jack Kirby's drawing, and a whole lot of other things, but for me to have pride in them would be... a little weird?   Since I had nothing to do with it.

    Comedian Doug Stanhope has a rant that I especially love:

    Nationalism does nothing but teach you how to hate people that you never met.

    And all of a sudden you take pride in accomplishments you had no part in whatsoever, and you brag about 'em.  The Americans'll go "Fuck the French! Fuck the French, if we hadn't had saved their ass in two World Wars, they'd be speakin' German right now!"

    And you go, "Oh, was that us? Was that me and you, Tommy, we saved the French? Jesus! I know I blacked out a little bit after that fourth shot of Jägermeister last night, but I don't remember... I know we went through the Wendy's drive-thru to get one of them 'Freschetta' sandwiches that looked so alluring on the commercial, but then we ordered it and realized we had no money, and we had to ditch out before the second window, and those douchebags in line behind us with the bass music probably got our order and we laughed about that. But I don't remember savin' the French. At all! I went through the last ten calls on my cell phone and there's nothin' incoming or outgoing to the French, lookin' for muscle on a project! I checked my pants, there's no mud stains on the knees from where we were garroting Krauts in the trenches at Verdun. I think 'we' didn't do anything but watch sports bloopers while we got hammered. I think 'we' should shut the fuck up!"

    And the "America" they claim they're so proud of seems to be something they want to change everything about.  It's like, "I'm proud to be an American... but we're too socialist, and we need a theocracy, and why do we have to pay taxes, and we need to quit letting all these furriners in, and we need to teach creationism in school, and" - and-and-and-and.  

    They yell about loving freedom... but, freedom to do what?   A woman's freedom to make choices about her own body?  Ehhhh, not so much, we gotta throw bombs and shoot people to keep control over that.  Freedom of religion, sure, except, I dunno, those Moozlims are gonna institute Sharia law if we don't kick them out of the country.  And how about freedom from religion?  Hell, no, ship those atheists out of here, they're a threat to Christianity, hell, George Bush Sr. said they shouldn't even be considered Americans!  Freedom for gays to marry?  Hell naw, that's threatening to traditional marriage!"   And-and-and-and-and-and.

    They're all for freedom until someone wants to use it.  Really, I think they want everybody to have the freedom to be just like them and do what they do, and... that's about it.  They want the freedom to never be challenged and never have to feel uncomfortable.

    They're proud... and yet angry as hell about damn near everything about America.  Does that make sense?

    I think... that they don't know what they think.  

    I think they like an idea that is not and never was reality, and reality is something they're not proud of or happy with, and never will be.

    "Glenn Beck ends up looking like a fat, stupid child. His face should be wearing a chef's hat on the side of a box of eclairs. " - Doug Stanhope

    by Front Toward Enemy on Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 10:34:55 AM PDT

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