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A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups regularly socialize but also get out the vote, support candidates and engage in other local political actions that help our progressive movement grow and exert influence on the powers-that-be. Visit us every morning at 7:30 A.M. Pacific Time to see how you can get involved. The comment thread is fun and light-hearted, but we're serious about moving the progressive political agenda forward.

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Do you have a guilty pleasure? Is it a secret?

Most all of use have some guilty pleasure and likely we only indulge when we are alone. So I've decided to bust myself here. It's a food thing. First of all I want you to know smileycreek and I eat almost all meals at home. The only time we don't is when we go out of town to something like NetRoots or on vacation. A few times a year we eat out locally, but in truth that doesn't happen all that much. We go to a sushi restaurant in town. When football season is in full swing we go to a sports bar to watch games when our team isn't shown on local TV. We buy food there. The cool thing about it is they make all their stuff from scratch. Their hamburgers are amazing.

And I drink beer. I've pretty much quit drinking hard liquor. Beer was the first thing I could drink after my cancer treatment and I kinda just stuck with it. It's booze for sure, but it isn't as bad for your liver as a lot of the hard stuff. Ever hear of anyone getting liver failure from beer? I haven't. But vodka, gin or whiskey has taken out some people I've known personally. So beer is my drinking guilty pleasure.

At home we eat a very clean diet. Cooking for yourself is really the best and healthiest thing to do. Over the years we've basically taken wheat out of our diet. We don't eat desserts. We don't have any snack-type foods in the home. Some meat and veggies is basically what we eat. When the weather gets cold we gravitate more to soups, stews, casseroles and things cooked in our slow cooker (we actually do have a red one). We do eat rice and quinoa for grains primarily. Occasionally we'll have some type of pasta, but infrequently.

slow cooker
quinoa salad

Now that you know what our diet is like, I'm going to tell you about a guilty pleasure I do 4-6 times each year. Normally I eat two meals per day which include a very late breakfast (more like brunch time) and dinner. We tend to eat dinner later than most folks. A few times a year as I'm driving around town doing errands and shopping for food I find myself too hungry to wait for dinner without eating a little something.

So what I do 4-6 times a year as I'm driving home and passing by the only Taco Bell in town is go in and buy two chicken soft tacos with a cup of water. No high fructose corn syrup soda for me. Yup, now you know. That's the only thing I ever eat at any fast food restaurant. Chicken soft tacos are about the safest thing you can get at Taco Bell. They are actually real chicken, real lettuce and real cheese. They aren't made with that Taco Bell sorta beef with added sand and pink goo. Here is what it looks like opened up...just chicken, lettuce and cheese. No bells and whistles at all.

chicken soft taco_01

What's your guilty pleasure. It doesn't have to be food.

Latest Updates on Kossack Regional Meet-Up News Can Be Found Below the Orange Group Hug.

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Let's Build Communities!

Our team is here to provide support and guidance to new and existing volunteer leaders of each regional and state group, helping them with recruiting, organizing and executing social and action events.
We invite you to join in this effort to build our community. There are many ways to pitch in.
If there isn't a group to join near you, please start one.


List of All Existing Meatspace Groups

Where the Kogs Are: Index/Directory of the 130+ Localized Daily Kos Groups


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More Than 40 Kossacks Get High in Phoenix

by Mother Magsfor Phoenix Kossacks and Baja Arizona Kossacks

Kossacks attended the meet-up from around the state, helped out by strong recruitment from Azazello and other Baja Arizona friends south of the Gila River.

[...] A week before the meet-up fewer than 20 people had registered, and we anticipated a big table where we could discuss specific races and issues in our communities. Then something happened, and the RSVPs more than doubled in a week. Thanks, Markos, for the recruitment tool!

navajo: "I had a great time attending this meet-up. I chatted with almost everyone individually and then spoke to the whole group about what Daily Kos can do for them in terms of organizing and helping their ranks grow. Not one person wanted to rehash the online dispute. Everyone wanted to move forward. What a great group! The evening was extremely enjoyable and I look forward to working with Arizona Kossacks on ACTION items in their state going forward."

Here's one photo:

See Mother Mag's diary for individual headshots and usernames ~Photo Courtesy of Richard

Please visit Mother Mags diary for many MORE photos! Enjoy! You can still REC it.

You can join Phoenix Kossacks by sending a Kosmail to Mother Mags.
You can join Baja Arizona Kossacks by sending a Kosmail to Azazello.

 photo KansasMissouriKossacks banner

Uniting Kansas: Recap of Meetup, Hutchinson (Video)

by tmservo433for Kansas & Missouri Kossacks

tmservo433 organized a successful event featuring 3 candidates and a AFL-CIO endorsement.

Despite 100+ degree temperature, and a normal size crowd (about 50/60) the event in Hutchinson quickly went viral, with a few thousand watching the streams online, thanks to agressive sharing, emailing and people encouraging others to spread the live stream of the video.
Please visit tmservo433's diary for the videos of this event. You can still REC it. You can join Kansas & Missouri Kossacks by sending a Kosmail to tmservo433.
 photo KansasMissouriKossacks banner

Connecting Kansas:
Democrats Unite in Emporia

by tmservo433for Kansas & Missouri Kossacks

So our latest hero, tmservo433 provides a great re-cap to the event we promoted here for him.

At the time Paul Davis spoke, I had an in room headcount of 166, which is a heck of a turnout.   Sam Brownback couldn't bring in 200 in the Kansas City Metro when Rick Santorum came to town.

Kossacks showed up.  Several Kossacks were in the hall, as well as individuals who noticed I still had on my Netroots gear, and were happy to come and tell us how they are working for change in our communities.
tmservo433 is doing great work seeking out Kossacks and moving his state's progressive agenda forward.

Please visit tmservo433's diary for more photos! Enjoy! You can still REC it. You can join Kansas & Missouri Kossacks by sending a Kosmail to tmservo433.

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 photo netrootsradiologo_zps648697f6.jpg

Event Organizers! Please contact wink from by KosMail to schedule airtime with them to live broadcast the date of your Event. Wink & Justice will then promote it on The After Show radio program!

North & Central Florida Kossacks
Saturday, August 9th

Northern & Central Florida Kossacks Meet-up
with Charlie Crist and DC Koller (D) who is running for House Representative against Rich Nugent plus other house and senate candidates.

TIME: 10:00 AM
LOCATION: Vetwife's Home
Kosmail Vetwife for address • Inverness

ORGANIZER: Send Vetwife a kosmail to attend.

1. Vetwife
2. Vet
3. Gordon20024 (supplying all the food!)
4. nancyjones
5. OleHippieChick
6. pamelabrown
7. whatgodmade
8. SemDem
Latest diary: Florida Kossack Meetup, Disabled Vets and why Meetups are important !
Saturday, August 9th

LA Kossacks Meet-up with Meteor Blades and navajo
Regional Planning Session for Potential Southern California Groups

TIME: 2:00 PM
LOCATION: Guild Restaurant
611 W. 7th St • Downtown Los Angeles

ORGANIZER: Send susans a kosmail to attend.

1. susans
2. Shockwave
3. navajo
4. Meteor Blades
5. Knucklehead
6. SanFernandoValleyMom
7. Otoelbc
8. Chiwere
9. Vyan
10. 714day
11. Ducktape
12. Mugwump Blues
13. Just Saying
14. Just Saying's friend
15. Panorama City Chick
16. jakedog42
17. Santa Susanna Kid
18. La Gitane
19. Susan from 29
20. gmats
21. Dave in Northridge
22. KatSkahnne
23. Moody Loner
24. Mommy P00ka
25. Teen Loner
Joe Bacon
Bruin Kid
Latest diary: Attention Southern California - Yes, I'm Looking at You

Special treat for LA Kossacks this Saturday

 photo KansasMissouriKossacks banner
Sunday, August 10th

Last-Minute Lawrence, Kansas Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: Rudy's Pizza
704 Massachusetts St • Lawrence

ORGANIZER: Send tmservo433 a kosmail to attend.

1. tmservo433
2. stepleftforward
3. k4dean
Latest diary: [Waiting for linked diary]
 photo Nashville-KosKats-banner-wTEXT_zps27b135a0.jpg
Saturday, August 16th

Nashville KosKats Meet-up

TIME: 2:00 PM
LOCATION: Shipwreck Cove at the Elm Hill Marina
3361 Bell Road • Nashville

ORGANIZER: Send ZenTrainer a kosmail to attend.

1. ZenTrainer
2. Jon Sitzman
3. Sow Hat 1
4. Sow Hat 2
5. oh4thelove
6. Red Country anonymous 1
7. Red Country anonymous 2
Patrick is Lucky
Latest diary: Nashville KosKats, please help! Plus meet-up news
DC Kossacks banner
Saturday, August 16th

DC Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: Noon
LOCATION: National Mall
at the Smithsonian Metro stop • Washington DC

ORGANIZER: Send NinthElegy a kosmail to attend.

1. NinthElegy
Latest diary: [Waiting for linked diary]
 photo SeattleBannerTEXT_zps86d1e352.jpg
 photo Twitter_Largelogo_001_zps286f5c6b.png
Saturday, August 23rd

Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: Pyramid Alehouse, Brewery & Restaurant
1201 First Avenue South • Seattle

ORGANIZER: Send John Crapper a kosmail to attend.

1. John Crapper
2. John Crapper SO
3. doingbusinessas
4. cinnamon68
5. bleedingblue
6. momomia
N in Seattle
Latest diary: Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks "Dog Day Afternoon" Meet-up
 photo Animated-Flag-Maryland_zpse3b3574e.gif

Maryland Kossacks
DC Kossacks banner
Saturday, August 23rd

VA/DC/MD Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: 12:30 - 4:40 PM
LOCATION: Union Station
Food Court • Washington, DC

ORGANIZER: Send JamieG from Md a kosmail to attend.

1. JamieG from Md
2. mollyd
3. Diana in NoVa
4. NinthElegy
5. mimi
6. STI
7. VeenaS1
8. JanetT in MD
9. webgenie
10. Edward Adams
Uncle Cosmo
Teacherken (small possibility)
Elizabeth Amy Miller
Latest diary: Union Station MD/DC/VA Meetup, Aug 23rd
 photo logo-3-200_zpsff4e1ac1.png
Sunday, August 24th

Portland Kossacks Meet-up to Stamp Big Money Out of Politics

ACTION planned: Join the Stampede of tens of thousands of Americans legally stamping messages on our Nation’s currency to #GetMoneyOut of Politics. As more and more stamped money spreads, so will the movement to amend the Constitution. The Koscadia Kossacks will be bringing Ben & Jerry's stamps to the event so bring your cash to help spread the message about reversing Citizen's United.

TIME: 12:30 PM
LOCATION: à la carts Food Pavilion
SE 50th and Division Street • Portland

ORGANIZER: Send Sara R a kosmail to attend.

1. Sara R (2 stamps)
2. winglion
3. llbear
4. rexymeteorite (1 stamp)
5. James Allen
6. Damnit Janet
7. Wesley
8. loggersbrat
9. Angie in WA State (birthday girl!)
10. 6412093
11. ozsea1 (1 stamp)
Latest diary: Koscadia Meet Up, Sunday, August 24 - Stamp Stampede!
Sunday, August 24th

NYC Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: Noon
LOCATION:  Spitzer's Corner
101 Rivington Street (Ludlow) • NYC

ORGANIZER: Send kathny a kosmail to RSVP

1. kathny
2. belinda ridgewood
3. rubyr
4. joanbrooker
5. mconvente
6. ericlewis0
7. No Exit
8. sidnora
9. gchaucer2
David Nir
Latest diary: NYC Meetup Sunday August 24 at Spitzer's
Sacramento Kossacks ID Banner
Saturday, September 6th

Sacramento Kossacks Meet-up
Potluck with BYOB

TIME: 4:00 - 7:00 PM
LOCATION: Kestrel's home
Address given privately to RSVPs • Sacramento

ORGANIZER: Send cooper888 a kosmail to attend.

1. tgypsy
2. cooper888
3. gotmooned
4. Kestrel
5. shigeru
6. TrevizOlga
7. paradise50
Meteor Blades
Latest diary: Sacramento (area) Kossacks Meetup With Featured Guest!
Join the Sacramento Kossacks Google Group to receive invites for future events.
 photo KansasMissouriKossacks banner
Saturday, September 6th

Kansas Missouri Kossacks Picnic - Local Candidate Speaks
Meet at the Hays city park to enjoy a free hamburger/hotdog/watermelon feed. Jim Sherow along with other local candidates will be speaking.

LOCATION: Municipal Park
1st and Main • Hays, Kansas

ORGANIZER: Send tmservo433 a kosmail to attend.

1. tmservo433
2. Skohays
Latest diary: Major Kansas Events: Your Chance to Change a State
Saturday, September 13th

Pikes Peak Region Kossacks Inaugural Meet-up!

TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: Panera Bread
7344 North Academy Boulevard (general address) or 7351 Atlas Walk Way (mall address) • Colorado Springs

ORGANIZER: Send thanatokephaloides a kosmail to attend.

1. thanatokephaloides
2. tmservo433 (visiting from Kansas)
3. AmberChaos
Latest diary: Our First Meeting: An Announcement
Sunday, October 19th

NYC Kossacks Meet-up with navajo

TIME: Noon
LOCATION:  Spitzer's Corner
101 Rivington Street (Ludlow) • NYC

ORGANIZER: Send kathny a kosmail to RSVP

1. navajo
navajo maintains the above event list. Kosmail her if you have any diaries
about your event or if you have changes or additions.
 photo BuildCommunityDKosteeshirtgraphicbanner_zps11a478b5.jpg

EVERYONE is welcome, tell us what you're working on,
share your show and tell, vent, whatever you want.
This is an open thread. Nothing is off topic.
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