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Update 3 - 8:00am Tuesday local time in Turkey:

The semi-official Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency has publish a series of photographs of the evacuation of Yazidis yesterday from Mount Shingal/Sinjar to areas in Syria controlled by Syrian Kurdish forces:

and a video of the same:

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Today Syrian Kurdish Forces continued to evacuate Yazidis from Mount Shingal to the areas they control in Syria just across the border.

There are no numbers given for today but more than 10,000 (up to 25,000) Yazidis were evacuated yesterday.

They were also able today to bring in food and water by truck for the Yazidis on the mount from the areas in Syria they control just across the border.

This is a video of some of today's events on the mount. The video seems to have been filmed near one of the three small villages located near the middle of the mount.

Mount Shingal is about 40 km long and about 15 to 20 km from the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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Update 1 - 11:30pm: I've just seen reports that the USAF has dropped two bombs on IS positions (an APC and 'heavy guns') at the northeastern corner of Mount Shingal, it seems this happened late this afternoon.

The location is reportedly where the Syrian Kurds and Peshmerga have been battling IS for three days.

From a comment I added below:

It seems this bombing was to help stop IS forces the Syrian Kurds and Peshmerga have been battling for three days.

These IS forces were trying get to and cut the escape routes north of the mountain.

This could make it easier for the Syrian Kurds and Peshmerga to protect the escape routes.

It could also cause IS to send even more forces to the area.

We will see in the next day or two.

Hopefully all of the Yazidis can be evacuated in the next two days.  

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Update 2 - 12:20am: This is just a short summary. It's late here and I'm tired.

The Iraqi Kurds are still being pressed very hard by IS near Erbil and Kirkuk.

The Iraqi Air Force is working with Iraqi Kurdish forces and bombing IS forces, especially those around Erbil and Kirkuk which are attacking Iraqi Kurdish positions.

IS also seems to have begun moving on more Kurdish areas north and northwest of Mosul and the residents of towns and villages (mostly Christian) there are reportedly fleeing.

The USAF has bombed several IS targets in the past two days, mostly northwest and southwest of Erbil.

The Iraqi military is reportedly attacking areas near Tikrit and Fallujah, possibly to keeep IS forces occupied there so that they can't be sent to the Kurdish fronts.

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