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Many of you saw Mahakali Overdrive crying the blues over being bullied yesterday. Well, kossacks, she was talking about me and a kosmail I sent her. Poor MO, she was only trying to defend the Pootie Queen! The Pootie Queen who claimed that the only facebook group she belonged to is one that merely shares cat pictures, that's not quite true, but we'll get to that later. The Pootie Queen didn't actually need any defending, she was doing just fine, but that's beside the point, MO often shows up in threads when members of the now defunct kosaways group are mixing it up. I don't feel I'm revealing any secrets here, that group was openly advertised and people were invited to join them right here on site. In fact, many kosaways, who just can't bring themselves to participate here anymore!, mysteriously show up in threads to uprate their buddies. Why is this important? Because time and time again we dirty fucking hippies have been accused of off site collusion by fine upstanding kossacks. I really wouldn't care, except these angels are guilty of the same exact thing. They collude on facebook, mojo Friday deadthreads, kosmail, where ever, anybody who really wanted to could find it. So, I feel I need to break my silence, and you can take what I tell you now for what it's worth to you, or go along in blissful ignorance, this site has run on that for years.

Now, let's get down to the so called bullying of poor Mahakali Overdrive. When I saw the claim by triciawyse yesterday that the only facebook group she has ever been in was all about cat pictures I actually laughed. Until MO showed up to wag her finger, that is. Yes, I know she has the respect of many in the community here, because she does put a great face on her manipulations. Wow, that first facebook group she and a few others formed to try to take people down and keep them from the rec list was just a terrible mistake and was justifiably covered by that clean slate rule, so that people wouldn't dog her over it, right? Right? She would never be so foolhardy as to do anything like that again, would she? WRONG! But, you know, when you accuse dirty hippies of such a thing, they are vile scum, but fine upstanding kossacks are just practicing good site policing, much like UGOG rationalized what they did.

Now, I've known about this for years. I was given the threads from the kosaways about a year before commonmass blew the lid off of their little group and their smack talking, and he didn't run Kelley off, she was mostly gone way before that. Look for the links, you'll find her inviting people to her facebook group because people peed in her pool here and it was just too troublesome for her to avoid them, many took her up on that invitation, and a few left once it became what it became. How ugly was it? I gave MO a reminder in kosamail yesterday, and asked her how often would she care to have her own shitty behavior revealed? That could have been taken as a threat, but you would think after the shitfest that erupted the first time she would know better then to keep colluding off site and acting all sanctimonious and lecturing others on their behavior here.

Since I am the author, and the contents were so thoroughly lied about, I feel no compunction about sharing the contents of that kosmail here, I am not outing anyone, all real life identities have been changed to kossack UIDs, and all that is being revealed is a pattern of shitty, hypocritical behavior:

Your eyes?
Sat Aug 30, 2014 at 02:13 PM EDT

Let me explain something to you. I don't give a flying fuck what you've seen or what you have, I'm gone from here and have no intention of coming back ever. I also don't say anything about anyone I would have any trouble saying right to their face, so if you have a fb conversation that includes me saying something about somebody, you'd best believe I'd say that right to them. I don't care what this so called community thinks of me, I never have.

You, on the other hand, I think you do, and you've been caught out once before haven't you? Oh, yes you have! As a matter of fact, your first facebook group was part of the original clean slate rule, wasn't it? I still have the screenshots. How many times do you want to be exposed? Your holier than thou act needs to stop. Do you honestly believe the kosaway threads I have paint a lovely picture? They don't. Not for you or your friends. Cat pictures my ass. And they certainly pre-date anything to do with commonmass.

Here's a tiny sample:

mahakali overdrive: weatherdude and others, do you recall when a group I was invited to on FB with SIX members was hijacked and the posts screencapped and diaried on at the DK? It was really serious. You know how long I was a member of that group? 48 hours or so. The basis? Much like this one.

xxxxxx: What the hell happened? I got to work for a couple of days and miss major drama - which is probably a good thing as I have no taste for it at my old age.

mahakali overdrive: Onomastic, I have about a half hour. I trust you completely.

weatherdude: That's why I said we should delete all of this meta drama from Kosaways and keep everything in private messages/Facebook chat.

Onomastic: mahakali overdrive, you and I were in that same group. What happened was awful, unjust, and just plain rotten.

mahakali overdrive: weatherdude, I just think we might think about who is active here. And also, who we really can trust? Sorry to sound paranoid. I'm under an assumed name here after what, two years of harassment with a threat of being outed?

xxxxxx: Any recipe should include spam, bologna, velveeta and something stinky

earicicle: cc me on any PM threads. If others feel better about deleting threads, I'm down with that.

mahakali overdrive: I messaged you, Onomastic. You already know how I am about this stuff from past experience. So many groups. Hard to remember which. Plus, I'm a zipper-lip and will always be. Contrary to popular opinion, most were just like this one though: a place to get away. Wild claims were made. earicicle, sure. Will do.

Onomastic: earicicle, I'm good with deleting threads as well.

xxxxxx xxxxxxx: Don't go overboard. If anyone thinks this group is leaking stuff to DK4 then we might as well call it a day. After today's drama, what's another group or blog?

xxxxxx xxxxxxx :New thread this one is to long....

mahakali overdrive: xxxxxx xxxxxxx, this is like the sixth group or something I've been in. I'm pretty sure it could be being leaked. Look at the members list here... how many are friendly with some who are being discussed? Just saying.

Like it? There's plenty more where that came from.  None of it cat pictures. And if you think your new group is secure, you're kidding yourself. Y'all have pretty much either run off the frustrati or smeared the shit out of us, I've got nothing to lose at this site, can you say the same, "S.B.?"

Huh, now why would anybody want to delete threads with cat pictures? Curious. BTW--the initials I use at the end are not from her real name, they are from the assumed name she uses. Do you see me accuse her of lying? Doubting her eyesight problem? Threatening to out anything but her hypocrisy? The only thing I have any interest in exposing is the crapola gaming that these fine upstanding kossacks have been practicing for years, all the while letting others be accused and coordinating hrs, showing up in deadthreads, the whole nine yards.

Even uglier from that group? As ugly as anything any DFH has ever said...

Floja Roja: earicicle, some time ago one of them (who I only found out yesterday was xxxxxxx) told XXXX (TexDem) that she was afraid to come into Mojo Friday because of all the bullying going on, and accused us of deliberately not reccing her and lots of other absurd stuff. XXXX posted the text of it in response to something kirbybruno said, and we all got furious at him for not bothering to come to us privately first. A huge kerfuffle ensued, and some of us have departed Mojo Friday until XXXX apologizes, which is unlikely. I was furious at this person, so I referred to her as a "c-word", which could be anything, but I meant what they said. I found out when J-Loon posted her call out diary that it was xxxxxx, and apparently I drove her away from the site.
All the denials, all the cries of unfair NRs, all bullshit.


KelleyRN2: I find myself in need of your advice, my friends. I chided xxxxxxxxxx for her callout diary yesterday, then watched for six hours as that band of bullies swarmed my comment saying untrue things about me. When I'd had enough and responded to one of them, the slink train piled on the donuts. I don't care so much about that, but they've made it appear that I tolerate use of the c-word. (I don't, I never have, and I've handed out HR's every time I've seen the words "cunt" or "nigger" used on Daily Kos.)

I refuse to engage with them further - and I sent the entire thread to Markos - but it bothers me that other readers will see the lies and, perhaps, believe them. What do you think I should do?

The lies? The lies are hers, she already knew the person in question meant the c word for what it was, and she did indeed tolerate the c-word in this case. Here is the comment in question, I've included the link so you can parent up for context:
You're out of line. You don't know a thing about (18+ / 8-)
me or what I stand for, and you certainly don't know what's "typical" for me. You're a backbencher in this little crowd of bullies, someone I never see or interact with.

My record stands for itself. I've been giving automatic donuts for use of the C word and the N word ever since I joined. You wouldn't know that, of course; you're too busy slinking in and out of diaries looking for ways to get your feelings hurt. I have no interest in "defending" myself from the likes of you.

You and your friends NEVER respond to charges that you're dragging old fights around from diary to diary, from year to year. You ALWAYS latch onto something else and lob grenades to deflect attention from the original question - and then get your fur all ruffled when people won't engage with you.

Don't bother responding; I'm done with you. I need a shower.

Check out the KosAbility Archives

by KelleyRN2 on Sun Mar 04, 2012 at 10:42:05 PM EST

[ Parent ]

Oh, the huge manatee!
KelleyRN2: I'm fine now, Onomastic. I don't know what make kos finally lash out at slink, but I DID tell him the talk is that he's afraid of her, or a friend of hers, or she's blackmailing him. Shameless, I know, to push his buttons like that! And JanF acknowledged the warning and will return in a few days.

earicicle: He IS afraid of her, Kelley. And it looks like your bold confrontation pushed him to issue a warning that we now have in good, old black, white & orange. Well, done, sister!!!

earicicle: Besides, it'll be fun to see whatever blackmail pix or info she has once she snaps. I bet it's pretty boring stuff after all. Maybe kos reading a Bill O'Reilly book wearing a skimpy Speedo?

Onomastic: (((((Kelley & Jan))))))) Shameless? You? Well done. :)

Mnemosyne: Earlier, after I heard about all this, I went back through the comments as far as I could, given that the diary had been deleted, to see if Kelley called someone a cunt. I couldn't find that she wrote that. But Slink and that crowd immediately jumped on Kelley's statement of whatever it was, and a frenzy of false equivalency ensured. Am I right so far?

KelleyRN2: Of course I never called anyone a cunt - unless it was that one time under my breath. I ignored xxxxxxxxxx's condemnation of Floja Roja and everyone who recced her comment (which contained the expression "c-word") to give her hell for being disingenuious. They circled my comment for six hours, demanding I join in the castigation. I wouldn't engage with them, so they reached their own conclusion: I obviously condone use of the word. I have been tried and found guilty by a bunch of .... whoops!

Onomastic: Now now, Kelley. Don't demean that word by applying it to those people. :)

earicicle: Guilt by c**t-sociation? Now I see...

Nice people, right? Sure they are! Not like the DFHs who befoul this site. And this still goes on, some of it openly, some of them don't even bother with secret groups anymore, they're apparently proud of themselves, trash talking other kossacks for all to see. The material I've used here is a few years old, to protect the targeted, but like I said--it stills goes on, right up to this very day, and I've got the screenshots to prove it. I guess just like UGOG they're just trying to protect their precious community...and they call the DFHs purists. Somebody alert Alanis, I've got an actual case of irony here.

A few years back, quite by accident I discovered that two now banned kossacks were gaslighting the living hell out of another kossack, waiting until the daily diary series they participated in died down and then dragging links of her comments there for inspection and ridicule, hiding out in mojo Friday threads all week long just trashing the hell out of people they disliked. I couldn't figure out why people who didn't know my friend from Adam would suddenly show up in her diaries or after her comments and just ridicule and demean the shit out of her, but I did see that there were almost always two people in common, from there it wasn't hard to trace. I sent months worth of this evidence to the administration here, it was completely ignored. They both were fine upstanding kossacks too, until they got banned for something else entirely.

You see, some members are valued here, and others are not. That's a hard lesson to learn, but learn it you must if you want to survive on this Lord of the Flies blog. You have an absentee landlord, capricious and ignorant of much that goes on; willing to take peoples word for things rather than bother to actually look into anything. Your moderators? Well, one with friends here, and no problem with one-sided calls, and two nameless moderators, one of whom I've seen make biased comments that seem unfitting for that job. But, that's the blog you have.

I haven't commented here in over two months, and really had no intention of ever commenting here again. For all the diaries published here about bullying and not telling people how to feel...well, I was bullied, told how to feel and watched history changed right before my eyes as it was happening by the fine upstanding kossacks on this blog. The dickhead who tormented me? Uprated by people who like him. My diary calling them out for doing so? Trolled by fine upstanding kossacks and a front-pager. Our absentee landlord? Took the front-pagers word for what happened and fuck me, I'm nobody anyway, so...fuck that noise, I blew on out of here. There are people who know and saw what happened in real time, but they don't dare say it, or they risk being banned or hr'd all to hell by the fine upstanding kossacks. Fair moderation just oozes from this joint.


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