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Melodrama is sometimes rather irresistible. Yeah, I got sucked in from time to time. But OH MY GOD. Can we kind of refocus a bit? I mean it isn't as if reform in NY State is up for grabs in ONE WEEK!! And it isn't as if the control of the SENATE is in question. CLEARLY who uprates who, who is stalking who on the intertubes is more important than like the SENATE.

We are all people with our own quirks, biases, faults, and sensitivities. That is great and all the meta really boils down to one thing: respect each other a bit more and listen to each other a bit more. Now, can we move on to electing better and more Democrats?

First a cut to the chase, and then I will go into more detail below the fold.

Can we PLEASE focus a little on the Democratic Primary coming up in one week? Here is my Act Blue site aimed at reforming Albany: Reform Albany 2014. I will go into some detail below. But bottom line is we need money to fight the big money interests.

And then we REALLY need to focus on all the close races for November:      Closest Races 2014

Seriously, winning some elections feel a lot better than endlessly arguing meta.

My main interest right now is the primary election in NY State, because basically the corrupt influence in Albany is, perhaps for the first time that I can remember, on the defensive. We have to win some battles here.

I cover more races in my Act Blue site, but I will simply focus here on the rather unusual agreement that I have this year with the NY Times.

The NY Times has a tendency to follow fairly predictable, very mainstream, and not always progressive paths. I won't say I always DISagree with them, but we aren't always on the same page. Even though I once strongly influenced one of their endorsements (if email exchanges I was shown are accurate)...or, more to the point, strongly influenced their decision NOT to endorse in one election. And I have to say they talked to me about another election, almost directly quoted me, and never gave me credit, but that is another story...and the reason I seldom actually LINK to the NY Times.

However, in the endorsements the NY Times have made for the Sept. 9th primary in NYC, we are strongly in agreement for once. I was one of the first people around here to post that the NY Times endorsed Tim Wu for Lt. Governor. Now I can report (in not so timely a fashion) their endorsements for some other races.

For my Reform Albany 2014 Act Blue Page, please click here if you just want to cut to the chase and donate to good candidates. For more info on the candidates the NY Times and I agree on, please see below.

Tim Wu
NY-Lt Gov

The HUGE surprise for many was the NYT endorsement of Tim Wu for Lt. Gov. For those who follow NY politics closely, this just might spell the end of the reactionary Independence Party, though others have pointed out that they might be able to survive, but it would put Cuomo and the Independence Party in a difficult position. THAT is a good thing.

Tim Wu is running for Lt. Governor. He is the inventor of the term "Net Neutrality" and has been one of the biggest fighter for freedom of the Internet. He and his running mate, Zephyr Teachout, have also been endorsed by the National Organization of Women, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Daily Kos itself, the Yonkers Fire Fighters, Downtown Independent Democrats, the Village Independent Democrats, the Sierra Club, and the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club (a major LGBT club in NYC), among others. Many organizations have withheld their endorsements because they cannot support Cuomo but are afraid of his thuggish tactics. Tim Wu is an ideal candidate from a dKos point of view.

Please donate to elect a net neutrality champion in NY State..

Jo Anne Simon
NY-AD-52 (Brooklyn)

Jo Anne Simon is a good friend of mine and is one of the top disability rights lawyers in the country. This is also my Assembly district so this means a lot to me. Jo Anne Simon is running to replace Joan Millman as Assembly member since Joan is retiring after many years of excellent service as one of the most liberal and reform minded representatives in Albany.

Jo Anne has also fought for 10 years to reform politics in Brooklyn and has been one of the strongest reform Democrats from Brooklyn. She wants to take that fight for reform to Albany. She has been endorsed by Joan Millman (the retiring Assemblywoman) as well as two strong, liberal women politicians I know, state senator Velmanette Montgomery and Congresswoman Nydia Velasquez. In addition to being endorsed by the NY Times, Jo Anne has also been endorsed by 504 Democrats (a disability rights advocacy group), Lambda Independent Democrats, Stonewall Democratic Club, Empire State Pride Agenda, and Jim Owls Democratic Club (all LGBT focused clubs) as well as Brooklyn Young Democrats, Brooklyn Heights Democrats for Change, Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats (the club my wife is on the board of), Planned Parenthood, and Brooklyn-Queens NOW PAC.

Please donate to get a major disability rights advocate, strong LGBT advocate, woman's rights advocate and proven reformer to Albany.

John Liu
NY-SD-11 (Queens)

John is a good friend of my family and one of the most progressive candidates I know. He also was by far the best, most effective NYC Comptroller we have had, saving the city billions of dollars and holding major corporations accountable for the first time in years. Pro-union, environmentally aware and active, and approaching office with a background in mathematical physics as well as in finance. My wife and I have had many conversations with John and we can personally vouch for his integrity, his willingness to listen and learn from voters, and his stellar liberal credentials.

John is running against Tony Avella, a new member of the IDC Democrats who caucus with the Republicans, blocking progress in Albany. John Liu has already been endorsed by Daily Kos, Brooklyn-Queens NOW PAC, Queens County Young Democrats, Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens, Stonewall Democrats, the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, the Amsterdam News, the New York City Coalition of Operating Engineers, the Muslim Democratic Club of NY, and the Hotel Trades Council.

Please donate to defeat an IDC traitor and elect the best comptroller NYC has had to the State Senate..

Oliver Koppell
NY-SD-34 (Bronx)

Oliver Koppell is the only person other than Tim Wu on this list who I haven't personally met. I will be honest that I have heard he is a bit of an arrogant asshole, but I do not know this from first hand experience and maybe that is what we need to stand up to the entrenched Albany elite.

Oliver Koppell is challenging Jeff Klein, the FOUNDER of the IDC Democrats who caucus with the Republicans, blocking progress in Albany. If we can elect Oliver Koppell and John Liu, we can break the IDC-Republican alliance. Koppell has been endorsed by Daily Kos, Stonewall Democrats, Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, the Sierra Club, 504 Democrats (a disability rights advocacy group), Northwest Bronx for Change, and Amsterdam News.

Please donate to defeat an IDC traitor and elect Oliver Koppell to the State Senate..

And a final candidate I want to highlight, though I don't have fundraising for her covered. This is for my Brooklyn readers or anyone who knows of someone who lives in Brooklyn.

The New York Times and I both agree on:

Isiris Isela Isaac
6th Civil Court Judge (Brooklyn)

Isiris is running in a 3-way race for this seat. All three candidates are good, but Isiris blows the others away in terms of experience and community involvement. In addition to the NY Times, she has been endorsed by Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats and Lambda Independent Democrats, the main organizations to endorse in the race.

Originally posted to mole333 on Mon Sep 01, 2014 at 11:32 AM PDT.

Also republished by New York State, New Jersey Kossacks, Subversive Agitation Team Action Network, Protest Music, and DK GreenRoots.

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