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Answer: On the sixth day of classes.
Police investigate accidental shooting at Idaho State University

Pocatello Police are investigating the accidental discharge of a firearm at the Physical Science building at Idaho State University.

According to Lieutenant McCoy with the Pocatello Police Department, officers responded to campus just before 4:00 PM Tuesday to a report of shots fired. Police say an unnamed professor with an enhanced concealed carry permit accidentally discharged his weapon.

The professor was injured. Police say those injuries are non-life threatening. The investigation is ongoing but Lieutenant McCoy says the professor could possibly face a charge of discharging a fire arm within city limits.

Armed maniacs stopped by armed teachers this year: 0.
Armed teachers who have accidentally Second Amendmented themselves on campus: 1.

UPDATE: Additional reports indicate that yes, the gun actually did go off right in the middle of class. Title changed to reflect that.

Around 4 p.m. Tuesday, Public Safety received a call about an accidental discharge of a concealed weapon in the Physical Science building. A student in the class said the gun went off in the middle of the class. They said the professor was able to leave of his own accord.
UPDATE 2: Still more reports now indicate that the professor shot himself in the foot:
An Idaho State University instructor was wounded Tuesday afternoon after his firearm accidentally went off on campus, ISU sources said.

The instructor, whose name has not been released, shot himself in the foot, according to ISU sources.

So the title's once again been changed to reflect that.

By the way, something else of interest from our first update:

Idaho State University said there was no one evacuated from the building, and several other students our reporter spoke with said they were upset they were not notified.

One student said she signed up for emergency alerts for this very reason. She said accidental or not, students should have been notified of what had happened.

Marketing and Communications Director Adrienne King said the university takes the safety of its students very seriously.

"At this point it is believed to be an isolated incident," King said. "We don't have any reason to believe students or anybody else in our Bengal community has any reason to be concerned."

Given that there are now presumably more armed students and staff on campus than ever before, don't you think it'd be important to let the "Bengal community" (isn't that adorable?) know that the shot they might have heard fired isn't cause for them to draw their own weapons? I understand the desire not to alarm anybody with an emergency text alert, but how about one letting people know they aren't needed for armed response? Don't we think that an armed campus has a special responsibility to provide that kind of information, especially where the infrastructure already exists?

Originally posted to David Waldman on Wed Sep 03, 2014 at 05:22 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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