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My sister forwarded me a blog post by John Aravosis of America Blog - and I found it so funny that I had to post it here.  

Apparently the Family Research Council is so upset over the Supreme Court's DOMA ruling they are calling for a day of prayer for our nation.  However....

In one of the most unfortunate moves in American politics since Republicans kept referring to the Tea Party “teabagging,” the anti-gay Family Research Council, which has been officially designated a “hate group,” has come up with a rather odd campaign to fight the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down DOMA yesterday.
The slogan and logo they came up with (I kid you not!) is below the squiggle.

On our knees for America?  I swear that the Family Research Council's marketing guy is having a lot of fun at their expense.  

I hope everyone has a bit of fun in the comments.  It certainly gave me a chuckle.

8:42 AM PT: Thanks everyone!   I haven't written many diaries, but after being around here for quite a while this is the first time I have been on the recommended list.  :)

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