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Sun Dec 11, 2011 at 05:04 PM PST

A little help, please?

by Batensmack

Hey Kos...I haven't posted in over a year and I'm not going to pretend that I've been tuned in the whole way, etc...  What I am is a voter.  I worked hard for Obama and the dems in NC in 2004 and 2008.  I plan to do the same in 2012.  There's a lot of us out there.  What I don't have is the time to do a load of research to rebut points that I'm not sure about.  My dad sent me the following and I would like your help in rebutting it.  I am not a troll, I just want some assistance.  I know that what follows is not honest, but I would really appreciate some assistance in fighting back since I'm less than informed on the facts.  Thanks!  

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Well, I haven't been paying much attention, recently.  Obama has been hardly lucid, the Republicans have been pricks, nothing is getting done and the Tea Party may very well be on their way to taking over the opposition.  Did I miss anything?


How much do you really care about November?

22%21 votes
5%5 votes
4%4 votes
68%64 votes

| 94 votes | Vote | Results

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Last night there was a tele-town hall with Rep. Heath Shuler (D, NC-11).  If you're not familiar with Mr. Shuler's work, he is a former college football star who rode a wave of populist support into office (defeating Charles Taylor 4 years ago, and the ridiculous Carl Mumpower last year).  He is also a member of the Blue Dog caucus, a group of socially and fiscally conservative democrats.  Congressman Shuler is the Blue Dog whip in the house.

Like many of his colleagues, Shuler shirked an in-person town hall in favor of a "tele-town hall."  While I agree that this format did keep anyone from hijacking the process, it certainly felt like it was a much more "staged" event, and even though the callers were supposedly pulled by a first-come/first-serve queue, there really was no way to know for sure how callers were chosen.

That aside, follow the jump to reach into the mind of the Blue Dog Whip and the minds of the constituents who were allowed to ask their questions.


Will the Blue Dogs come around and support health care reform?

18%11 votes
26%16 votes
29%18 votes
26%16 votes

| 61 votes | Vote | Results

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This is not much of a diary, but it is a chance to describe what I learned today by calling Rep. Heath Shuler's office in Asheville, NC.  Earlier today I received an e-mail from Mitch Stewart of Organizing for America.  In the e-mail, it said that Representative Shuler has been working hard for "real health insurance reform."  It asked me to call Rep. Shuler and tell him thanks for his hard work.

I thought, "Really?  I thought Shuler and the Blue Dogs were blocking this thing..."  So I decided that I would call his office again to find to find out just exactly where he stands.

More below the jump...


Have you called your Representative?

87%27 votes
12%4 votes

| 31 votes | Vote | Results

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I think you guys know the game.  Everybody's trying to get rid of his cards first.  I lay down three cards and say I have three aces.  If you don't think I have three aces, you call "Bullshit."

It's time we called "Bullshit" on Obama & Co.

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Over on Truthdig, Chris Hedges offers the gloomy prediction that the economic woes have only just begun unless Americans stand up for themselves to the capitalist regime that is enriching itself through corporate swindling.  I urge you to go and read the article at and then follow me over the fold.

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Go NC!  From the text of an e-mail from Alison Griffin, WNC Regional director:

North Carolina was won for Barack Obama by just over 12,000 votes. Here in the Western Region, we were able to exceed our vote goal, playing THE major role I knew you all would be able to play.

On behalf of my staff of now 18 here in WNC – thank you all for your tireless commitment to the cause. Certainly our work is not over, as we now must all work to ensure that this country changes and this world becomes a better place. It certainly has in the last two years with the help of supporters like you, most of whom have never volunteered in such a capacity before.

Your work will forever be appreciated by me and my staff. We could not have done this without you.

Keep fighting the good fight here in beautiful WNC!

More below:


What was the greatest "victory state" for Obama this year?

40%247 votes
2%18 votes
19%118 votes
14%87 votes
20%124 votes
0%6 votes
2%14 votes

| 614 votes | Vote | Results

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Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 09:06 AM PST

An Invitation

by Batensmack

"Change."  A simple word but a complex idea.  So often in our lives we are confronted with the concept of "Change."  We can change our clothes, change our minds, pull change out of our pockets.

The majority of Americans just voted for "Change."  Yet many, many of you chose not to press that button.  For whatever reasons, you decided that the change represented by President-elect Barack Obama and the democrats this election was not a change that you could find conscionable.  I would like to speak to you.

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Hey guys...this is a short one, but something I'm excited about.  The local campaign around here has asked me to make my way to the long lines tomorrow evening and encourage people to STFIL by entertaining.  I'm and actor/singer/drama guy so I'll be doing some improv and trying to stay upbeat. I've been digging through my material and looking for good things to sing.

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I am pleased to predict an Obama victory, but not the massive landslide that we're hoping for.  If the stars align, there are a lot states that I've got in the McCain camp that could easily go to Obama (GA, IN, MO, CO, AZ, FL).  There is always a surprise in an election and I've chosen the "Live Free or Die" state as the breeding ground for McCain.

New Hampshire has managed to attract a lot of libertarian "Freedom Staters" who will want to make a message and it could be enough (with McCain campaigning there and Obama sleeping on it).  

On Obama's side, the surprise is on the coast. I think he makes some serious headway into the coastal region winning Virginia and North Carolina (a state that Nate Silver at called safely in the pocket of the Republicans in early September).

Breakdown below:


How will it Roll

4%14 votes
25%82 votes
49%158 votes
13%44 votes
3%10 votes
1%6 votes
0%3 votes
0%3 votes

| 320 votes | Vote | Results

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Thu Oct 16, 2008 at 12:40 PM PDT

Push Polling on Zogby Interactive

by Batensmack

Anyone remember this winner, "How would it affect your vote if you knew John McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child?"  

That was a "push poll" from the South Carolina primary in 2000.  Karl Rove's hands were all over it and it totally ripped the mast down from the McCain ship in 2000.  

However, that doesn't mean that McCain's not willing to try it on his own, this time around.  For details, see below...


Zogby's poll was...

63%75 votes
0%1 votes
26%32 votes
8%10 votes
0%1 votes

| 119 votes | Vote | Results

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According to the Asheville Citizen-Times, police estimate 28,000 people gathered today at Asheville High School's Memorial Stadium to see the future president of the United States address a crowd of (mostly) Western North Carolinians.  

Early estimates were that 15,000 would arrive - that 28,000 actually showed is huge!  I have consistently believed that North Carolina was in play for Obama.  Now, I'm convinced we will win this state!

For more on my experience, see below the break.


Will Obama win North Carolina?

24%99 votes
53%217 votes
16%66 votes
4%19 votes
0%2 votes

| 403 votes | Vote | Results

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