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Looks like the Vermont Govenour is giving up on creating the countries first single payer healthcare model because he says it would cost too much money and raise taxes too high.

Huge disappointment for me as I was really hoping to see a version that could function in America and get rid of private healthcare providers.

I know it's not an official diary but this upset me very much and I want to hear from single payer proponents and want to know from someone better educated them me on this subject if this was an actual failure for Single payer or was there something about the way these guys did their plan that made it cost more then it should have?  
Why can they do this in most countries but it in little Vermont?

I still don't get it or why it costs so much to run.  

Can anyone explain it to me?


I know this isnt a diary as much as it is a rant, but I have to say it....

Ive never seen a dumber party of spineless scared jellyfish then these so called Democrats who want to try to change the ACA law to allow people to keep the junk insurance they had. It makes me embarrassed to be a Democrat.

Its just so crazy and short sighted!  You fight for 40 years to get health reform, you use up tons of political capital to finally get it, you lose the 2010 elections because of it, and then when its finally here and all the shit you took to get it, a month into it, you freak out and want to cripple it because the stupid web site doesnt work?  Can you imagine if these dummies were here when Medicare was first passed?  Ugh!

How dumb..sink or swim, you are connected to the law no matter what. Pasing a law letting people keep the junk insurance to try to "FIX" the ACA will only cripple the ACA long term, and you will lose elections based on it anyway. Even if you pass this new so called short term fix, it wont ever prevent the crazy republicans from going after you for supporting the ACA law anyway...I mean how dumb can you be!

Only thing to do is wait, take the heat, and ride it out!!! STAND AND FIGHT BACK!!!  The numbers can only get better not worse!  The Web site can only get better not worse! The public perception will only get better as the media, that is so happy to savage the release of this law, will HAVE TO eventually do stories on how things are getting better....that will be just in time for the lead up to the Elections next year where this will be the comeback story of 2014!!!!

If all this doesnt happen in time for 2014 then, so what, you lose...big Deal! Obama will still be President and veto any attempts to overturn the law...The law will still stand and not get changed or overturned, and will only get better over time just like Soc Security and Medicare! You dont sacrifice or cripple a good law that is good for the country for your stupid short term political careers!  You sacrifice your career for the good of the country!  

Advice to Democrats! Grow a spine and stand your ground...the web site might suck but the law is good and will work if you just let the thing breathe for a few more months...


Early Voting in Cuyahoga County Ohio Today!

Souls to the polls looks to be turning out the vote big today in OHIO!

Long Long lines reported and pictured here in Ohio.

With the Ohio Sec of state trying to steal the election with his bull shit, I think we are going to need every single one of these people and way more to make sure we win this thing.

If you live in Ohio, get out the vote and take a friend.  Tell people that they have until 5PM today to early vote and as long as they are in line by 5Pm, they have to be allowed to vote today!!

I know this isn't a real diary but i figured you all would like to know and see this..

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Attention to all of the Obama army of vollunteers that helped us make History in 2008.

Its time to wake up from our 4 year sleep and get back to work.  We have an angry, Nutbag Republican party that is all juiced up and really getting their people out to vote.  They are motivated like Ive never seen to make our champion from 2008 look like a failure, and his historic election look like Americans made a mistake!  To put all of his good work in the trash and take us backwards to the time before Medicare, Soc Security, and let Wall Street barons run our nation into the ground again!

We cant let that happened after all we did in 08 to make the change we wanted!

I know the polls say Romney has the momentum, but it is all within the margin of error and the only thing that matter now is getting our people dragged kicking and screaming if you have to out to vote!  GThe side that mobilizes its people and gets the people to the polls will be the side that win.

We lead on Registered Voters but not on likely voters because they think we aren't energized!  Like I said, is time to energize!!  If we get our people out, we win!!!
I know everything hasnt been perfect about what we wanted from Obama, but do you really want al of the great things he has gained in 4 years wiped away with Romney and PAUL FREAKING RYAN!  

Our guy Obama needs our help and it is time to come to his aide!!

Think about it, Do you really want the fate of Medicare and Soc Security in the hands of the Tea Party Republicans!  Then get energized!!

And women, how could any single woman in this country vote for Romney!!  We have to get up and get active!  

Our Only focus should now be on getting out the vote!

If you have been one of those big time Obama supporters from 08 who haven't done anything in 2012, its not too late and now is the time to get your ass in gear!

If you live in or near Chicago or Illinois, its time to get to Iowa or Wisconsin on this weekend and next weekend and get people out to vote early! We need to run up huge margins because the religious kooks from Ralph reeds red neck areas are coming out of the weeds to vote and they are motivated by hate!  We know from the recall that the republicans in Wisconsin had a great enthusiasm to get out the vote for Wisconsin so we have to really match that and run up huge margins in Milwaukee and Madison!  Not only that but get the few people in Waukashaw to really turn out to try to blunt the massive Red Turnout that they will get for Romney there and every other red part of the state.  Thats why we lost the recall...they were extra juiced and we wernt.  

If you live in Washington DC, get your butt to northern VA and get some of those new 300,000 registered voters out to the polls!  That's the only way we win!  We have to get more of the minority vote out because they are forcasting that 60% of the white vote will go to Romney so we have to get a bigger % of Minority vote to the polls then 2008!

And if you are any place near Ohio, we need people all over Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati to get the souls to the polls next weekend and the weekend after that!  We need a gigantic effort if we want to get Obama back into office and save our country from the Republican Tea Party!  Bring a van, and lets take 5 -10 peoleto the polls at a time and get these people out.  Explain to them whats at stake in this country!

I'm personally driving to Ohio next week from NY and if anyone wants to come with me, email me at to work out the details!!

Lets do this!  Time to wake up and step up!!

For all of you who forgot what we accomplished in 2008 and need to remember how good it felt, watch this video and think about this scene if the Republicans can celebrate defeating Obama and how shitty we would feel watching that!!!

Lets go people!!  Time is wasting away!!!


Wed Oct 17, 2012 at 04:54 PM PDT

Wisconsin? Wisconsin? Wisconsin?

by Gamblndan

I know this isnt a real diary but i want to get people's attention to a developing situation that could mess the entire election up for Obama even if he wins Ohio like we think is likely.

Today he Marquette Law Poll came out and it was Obama 49 Romney 48!

Two weeks ago that same poll was Obama 53 Romney 42

So we are looking at a huge swing in White voters like we have seen in other places in the Mid West and around the country.

I was a little upset today when I saw a report that David Plouffe is now concentrating on only 4 states to seal the election.  Ohio, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Iowa.

That kinda means that he could be abandoning VA, NC, CO, and Florida.  Major Garrett Reported that today,and I dont like it.

That would be fine because if you have Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, and Nevada, Obama is Over 270 and gets re-elected.

But if we lose Wisconsin, and win the rest, we end up in a 269-269 tie and the House of Reps would decide the election.  that means Romney would win...

So I hope to God that considering that Wisconsin is a bordering state to Illinois, and considering that there has been a ton of disappointing news out of Wisconsin the last few years and the fact that the Republicans seem very juiced up there and more organized then we are, that someone in obama's campaign isn't over looking what it developing there and starts to get some Ad's on the air the expose this empty suit.

We cant take Wisconsin for granted and we all know how the recall ended up and we had tons of energy on our side for that one.  We need to get Milwaukee very active in early voting and win that state or that could be the shocker of the election to give Romney the freaking presidency!

Anyone else concerned about Wisconsin considering the recalls happened there, and the polls have been closing very fast?


Looks like The Obama campaign has said tat they are not pulling out of FL, VA, and CO

Obama Campaign: We are not Pulling out of FL, CO, NC or VA!

Just wanted people to be updated as i was told about this article.


5 things Obama has to make perfectly clear tonight!!

Barack Obama will have probably a bigger audience then the last debate and he most likely has just 90 minutes to save his political life.  Thats not to mention to make sure that all of us Democrats who have been sitting on our asses and not paying attention understand that the risk of him losing is REAL, and that these crazy Tea Party people could actually be in charge to fundamentally change our country for a VERY long time if we don’t wake up and get people back out & vote.  

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Wed Oct 10, 2012 at 05:24 PM PDT

A speech Obama needs to hear!!!

by Gamblndan


I'm hoping that there is someone who has enough sense to tell Obama that he has to wake up and get in the game.

Go Prep for this debate and come out fighting...

Lets get this going already!  Whats it going to take for him to wake him up!


Courtesy of @Jeffersonobama on Twitter who you should all follow, here are some interesting cross tabs of the new Pew poll.

Just for reference first,    

In the 2010 election, there wasn't any more enthusiastic group then the Republicans and any more under enthusiastic group then the Democrats...yet in that year the Voter Turnout was 36% Dem  36% Republican and we got hammered worse then ever in my lifetime...

In 2008 Dems were very enthusiastic and Republicans not so much.  Dem turnout was 39%, and republicans turnout was 31% and Obama won by 6%.

So I know Dems might not be quite as Enthusiastic as they were in 08, and I know the Republicans arent as enthusiastic as they were in 2010, yet Pew had a likely Voter model in their poll of Republicans +3%.

For perspective, in the history on modern polling there has never been an election where R's outnumbered D's.  Not even 2010!   So a +3 Republican likely voter model they are using is totally suspect to begin with because there are so many more Democrats in the country then Democrats.

I'm not saying its 2008, but I feel a lot more enthusiasm this year then I felt in 2010!!

Now I'm no conspiracy theorist, but thats just common sense.

In the pew poll

68% of LV polled were over 50 years old.

Only 30% of the poll was 18-49 year olds, and they were 57% of the vote in 2008

Media & Pew Narrative is that only white men over 50 will vote.

Only 12% of voters polled were non white and no latino's in pew poll is correct.  Most figure Non white vote will be 28% Hispanics were 9% of the electorate in 2008.

78% white in the Pew Poll while 74% white in 2008 and 77% in 2004

Here were the Participants by Region

Northeast 201
Midwest  271
South 417  **
West 223

Just like the CBS Flash Debate poll mostly over 50 (70%) Southerner and few latinos and blacks.  Brutal Cross tabs

Also 38% of respondents had income over 75K.

another thing...18 point Romney Surge with women and all tied with women from a single debate that women's issues weren't even mentioned?  LOL Pew must think we are all a imbeciles!  

The Beltway media wants a tight race at all costs even pushing party ID weightings to Record highs.

Pollsters should keep party methodology constant and these big swings wouldnt be so huge.

Looking ahead, it is Most Likely a +3-4 LV Obama race now instead of +7 for Obama.  In Ohio +4 instead of +7 or +8 same in Nevada, VA, FL, IA.

Keep your heads up.  The media have a financial interest to keep this thing tied until the end.  Im not saying Obama didnt screw up, and its not closer, but its not doom and gloom!

Get out, get people to vote early in Ohio, and all the other early states, and donate a few bucks to Obama....

Have a great Night..., Rec List..I'm honored..Thank You!


A note to David Axelrod, David Plouffe, Bill Burton, and Jon Favreau!

With all due respect, what the fuck are you guys doing? You guys are the dumbest smart people I have ever seen!! You are supposed to be the eyes and ears of Barack Obama, and you are all failing him terribly!!

OMG!!    Its like you are all clueless, emotionless eggheads.  I know that you are doing all you can to stop the oil, but from a public relations standpoint  You all look totally removed from this gulf oil spill!  

If this keeps up much longer, this oil spil could be the one thing that could destroy his re election in 2012!

Whoever is giving President Obama advice on public relations should be FUCKING fired!!!!  Today!!!   Not only about this, but starting with healthcare, to Fin Reform, to the Wars. The guy who is advising him should be FIRED!! (Rahm)

The President has got a lot done in 2 years, yet most of the country feels he hasn't acomplished anything!  

We all realize now that the the spill will now most likely last until August, but if we can get the stuff out as it gets into the water, it would be the best help!


Most important things to fix Oil Spill

53%7 votes
15%2 votes
15%2 votes
15%2 votes

| 13 votes | Vote | Results

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Fri May 14, 2010 at 02:04 PM PDT

Rahm Emanuel really sucks!

by Gamblndan

Accoring to Jonathan Alters new book, "The Promise" Rahm Emanuel desperatly tried to get Obama to dump any serious reform to health care last summer!

I'd be willing to be that the little weisel was probably behind everything that hasnt happened that we thought we should expect!

All he cares about are poll numbers, and could give a shit about whats right.  The guy is a totyal scumbag and the sooner he bails to be the fucking Mayor of Chicago the better!  get him away from Obama because all he has done so far is fucking taint the innocence of the campaign and grass roots with his corporate stench!!

He hates proogressives and doesn give a rats ass about the base!

Rahm is the reason for the Enthusiasum gap!

Rahm "begged" Obama for days not to pursue ambitious health reform

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Could be Typical crappy news ahead....

It looks like the weak ass Democratic party that I belong to, along with our bought off Corporate Blue Dog Dems are going to sell the American public out again in favor of the big banks!

It looks like the senate is going to delay voting on the harshest part of the Financial reform bill until after Tuesdays AR primary in order to allow Blance Lincoln to keep talking tough until after her Primary is over.  They will let her talk tough until the voting is over and then have her change her tough language on dervitives!

She is such a lying piece of shit!  Just shows how back stabbing and screwed up she is!  I cant stand her and cant wait to see her go down!

It then looks like the plan is to cave to the big banks and allow most of the derivitive trading that currently exists to stay in the new bill.

Wall Street Bill tied up by Blance Lincoln Primary!

If this happens, I wont show up in November!  This part of the bill is too important!  I'm tired of belonging to a sell out party that always talks tough at first to look good to the public, but then caves to thiercorporate masters and screws everyone in the process!!  


How disapointed are you with the Democrats?

23%13 votes
45%25 votes
30%17 votes

| 55 votes | Vote | Results

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This Video has the Tea party people Scared to death!

This Video of a protest of as Mexican American Professor at UCLA has people on the far right calling for Government interaction!  Can you believe that!

To me, this sounds like the guys at the every day Tea Party events calling out  Obama.

All this guy reminds me of is a Mexican Glenn Beck.  Getting people all riled up!  Its Hysterical how the Tea Party people don't like it when legal Mexican American citizens like this guy call for "revolution", but  when Glen Beck, Hannity or Michelle Bachman do it, that's fine by you.

What will they do when these actual (legal) American citizens march into Washington with numbers that make the tea party look tiny!  


Are the people who support the Tea Party Hypocrites when they dont support the Mexican American Citizen regading the new Arizona law?

82%111 votes
17%24 votes

| 135 votes | Vote | Results

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