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Wed Jan 20, 2010 at 08:51 AM PST

Why blame anyone????

by GinaNY

If you feel hung over and you haven't had a drink then you are in the right place. It is not just about the MA. senate race. It is about what has been happening since the last national election.

It feels like if we had 70 votes in the senate we still couldn't pass a decent health care bill today. Exactly 11 would probably have reservations of one kind or another and the whole process would stall, eventually look corrupt and the President would avoid acting like a powerful leader as long as he possibly could (he would hide behind his trusty bipartisan shield). In the end, the whole process could still be stopped by a pebble in the shoe of a Senate intern.

...and after this defeat they now play too weak to pass anything even if they are still in charge and have only one less vote...

Hey! This is the Democratic party!

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We won the election - President Check - Senate Check - House Check!
Despite this, these is little or no leadership at any level - yes include Obama in this!. The health care reform fiasco is just the most recent example.Take a look at Guantanamo, government transparency, Iraq, John Yoo, Afghanistan, Iraq torture photos, financial regulation of wall street, wall street bonuses...and you will begin to see a pattern of having control of all branches of government and acting just like "Bush lite".

What do I think happened on health care?

With health care comprising about 18% of the economy the fire hose of lobbyist money aimed directly at the democratic politicians was almost too much for them to hope for.

The slow weakening of the health care bill has the dirty beauty of  weasily democrats taking the money AND hiding behind a crappy boogieman, Lieberman, who rakes in the cash from the insurance companies in his state and gets the attention he and his mom always wished for him. The Dems are liars and cheats and so don't let Lieberman take the entire fall for this. He is a liar and fool but the entire party is the disgraceful story here. I only wish there was another party that would espouse what I believe is best for our country because I would go THERE right now. Fuck the Dems!


Mon Nov 10, 2008 at 09:27 AM PST

Final Diary

by GinaNY

I dedicate this diary to those of you who self righteously will need to attack me for writing. You will make my point better than I can ever.

Defeat can take many shapes. It can come in a blunt form swinging from behind a dark curtain, a surprise that shapes your personal and professional lives forever. It can start small much like the tinkle of a far away bell you wish to ignore and then it seems to grow in sound and intensity until that is all that everyone answers to. It can come as a vacuum, a silent empty reckoning of things foretold or wished that just never appear;a formerly lush landscape although unchanged that now is less vital, forgiving or beautiful. It can come in the form of a victory that is not fully understood, perhaps unearned and will not stand when tested.

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The hardcore conservatives are busily truing to fully rehab the performance of Sarah Palin as the losing VP candidate to rather cast her as the once and future hope of the right. They will be meeting tomorrow to plot strategy and "Sarah Palin will be a central part of the conversation". I don't doubt their abilities to win the media over and have them champion her as Ronald Reagan in red high heals. What a thought- but a real possibility!

The truth is that she did mobilize "the Republican base" but that was not a pretty sight. She concurrently fired up fair minded Americans of every religious, cultural, ethnic and racial persuasion. Her smears, distortions, insinuations, hate-speak, fear mongering and stealth inciting to riot tarnished her in the eyes of many American while her incredibly lame interview with Katie Couric and insane shopping (new revelations)  crashed her reputation in these risky times.

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The republican candidates can't be more frustrated than they are now. They have used all their tired attack lines directly, on attack radio and thorough their trained TV talking head on the Dems and they just don't seem to work anymore. Tax and spend, weak on defense, abortion, guns, religion and the gay...and now more desperately calling Obama socialist, communist and terrorist...  This was made possible by the nomination of Sarah Palin and the inoculation of her lack of experience and knowledge by attacking anyone, man, woman or feminist, as anti-feminist. She has not disappointed!

There is, of course, much discussion on the right that they have found their perfect 2012 candidate. A woman who plays "aw shucks"  when asked about anything substantial and at the same time is as scheming, uninformed and "anti ideas" as George the younger.

My vision, if Barack wins, is to allow Sarah and her ilk to live their separatist hopes and homestead in the Wasillas of their dreams among the Lowes and the KFCs but cancel all the Federal pork or earmarks. Let them have their cake and see if they want to eat it. Just the way John the McCain and god intended it for them.      

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Tue Sep 16, 2008 at 05:40 PM PDT

Color me Palin

by GinaNY

While watching the Republican Convention I was caught off guard that there was a VP opening for A WOMAN to bail out Senator McCain's cojones. Here is my comparison and let me know where I can fill in and do my 15 minutes of vetting.

I'm a working (9 to 5 to make a living...)Mom, NRA card carrying, tax fighting woman, children raising (5 and counting), book banning,  pro-lifer with extensive "talking in tongues" experience, "anti-any kind of science education not found in the bible" mayor of a tiny town.  

McCain - Kurkowski    All you have to do is add the star!

I am way past perfect. I come from a town of 2,500 in New Jersey( even smaller town)... and there is more...

Now I know I have precious little foreign policy experience or interest in it, but neither do most Americans (can't even see Russia from here in Jersey!). George Bush did fine without it and he's saved the country more times than I have been to Walmart. I would love to travel abroad especially like Sarah to Mexico (sunny) and Canada (not too far with a child seat on the plane).(but have never been abroad to confuse me!) I hope that clears that up.

As for national security, I AM MOST CERTAINLY FOR IT. PERIOD!

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Wed Sep 10, 2008 at 09:38 AM PDT

Let's be honest

by GinaNY

There can be no shortage of disappointment that John McCain is where he is in the CURRENT polls despite the state of our nation and the perception of our country in the world. The Republicans have run up a 407 billion deficit, engaged in a war without purpose which we continue to fight, unemployment is a 6.1%, millions of Americans are losing not just their jobs but their homes, gasoline is at record prices,Republicans led us to a new low in world perceptions - do I have to continue?

Many here just keep on making fun of any concern that is expressed with the Obama campaign with either rude pictures (Eternal Hope) or with censoring comments (indycam)- I had to delete a prior diary because of harassment and abuse - but the facts are that with less than two months the overall situation is difficult for our candidate.

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John McCain's get out of trouble cards, "but I was a POW and don't ever flaunt it or that was long time ago", is getting old. He was  serial adulterer almost 30 years ago and is forgiven by evangelicals because it was almost 30 years ago. I guess character is not such a big issue for them if it is properly aged.

He was officially chastised for bad Judgment when the Keating Five  lobbied for Charles Keating one of McCain's key backers in Phoenix during the Savings and Loan crises. Well that was 20 years ago!

He is now the press's maverick who is said to go against the established interests especially lobbyists. That has certainly proven to be false given the "maverick"has mostly lobbyists running his campaign.

John McCain has had a shady history I would also like to forget if he wasn't running for President. If all else fails he is forgiven because he was a POW 40 years ago. There are just too many references to his military history not to examine how often it happens.

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I have been a very strong advocate of treating Senator Clinton, not only fairly but with the respect due her, given her contribution to the party and our nation. That said, I have throughout harbored a real concern about her Iraq resolution vote. I feel that it was a major mistake and that she has not been able to come to terms with it nor been clear with the nation regarding it. More telling, and perhaps more troubling to me, was her vote on the 2002 Levin Amendment, a rational alternative to her mistaken vote which would have probably saved her from the problems she is entangled almost hopelessly now. The Levin amendment was fully in keeping with the position that she said held and still says she holds.

This whole matter keeps me from fully committing to her despite the fact I think she would make a fine President. I can't seem to accept her explanations and it makes me question the premise of her campaign: her readiness to lead immediately. We have a right to expect a higher level of accountability and I'm still waiting for a proper explanation.

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Wed Feb 20, 2008 at 08:46 AM PST

10 Reasons why Hillary shouldn't quit

by GinaNY

Senator Obama has proven himself to be a great candidate with appeal to a very broad base of the democratic party and to independents and new voters. At the same time, Senator Clinton has carved out a loyal base in the millions that is making our party look inevitable.  People are streaming to the polls to catch the democratic wave early (and if this was Chicago I would say often). But you  are reading this for the 10 reasons and probably can't believe I have ten up my sleeve, such as it is. So here goes.

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Thu Nov 15, 2007 at 07:15 PM PST

Saudi's Medieval Culture Repulses Me

by GinaNY

Saudi Arabia gets a "get out of jail" card from the Bush Administration, the Congress and our media in almost every way. Where do we start? On 9/11 the Saudis powerful are whisked out of the US without proper investigation despite the fact most the hijackers were proven to be Saudi. The Saudis  provide most of the suicide bombers in Iraq who are killing our troops and there is not a peep! It is Iran, Iran Iran when there has not been even 1 Iranian caught doing anything. We attack our enemies on how they treat women and celebrate every lame effort in this regard in Iraq despite the fact the entire population is being brutalized by our war effort. At the same time the Saudis oppress women in so many ways I can't begin to document them and no one in the administration, the congress or the press says a peep.

Now we have this story of multiple rape victim being brutalized by the state after her attack. I am besides myself.

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Thu Sep 27, 2007 at 05:23 PM PDT

Blackwater USA: worse than you imagined

by GinaNY

We have been reading since the onset of the war in Iraq about the privatized military of the Republican's dream in Blackwater USA (according to their website:"the most comprehensive professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, and stability operations company in the world"). This type of mercenary operation in years past was loathed world wide. Generally western military types would be hired to intervene in third world hot spot many times in Africa.The third world well remembers these events. Today we sponsor these outrages in the name of building freedom and democracy in Iraq.

McClatchy has a great article that examines the recent behavior of Blackwater and the death and destruction they are raining down on Iraq.

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