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There will be no baby eating, but short of that everybody is fair game. This means you.

The question has been raised what positive issues Republicans can run on in this cycle, as opposed to Hillary-bashing. They have made their positions clear to anybody who can get past the Dog Whistles, and I have gathered them together and translated them to plain English where necessary, on all of the top issues.

Democrats who cannot win on these issues in swing and light-Red districts and states are not trying. We should also be able to flip several states, most obviously Georgia, just by registering voters who already agree with us and getting them to the polls on or before the day. The biggest question is when we can pass a new Voting Rights Act to undo the gerrymanders, but that needs to be item #1 on the Progressive Platform, which we must put aside for purposes of this Diary.

Hillary publicly showed support for women's issues, workers' issues, Marriage Equality, and Global Warming on the first day of her official campaign, and attacked gay-discrimination-enabling RFRAs, police murders, abusive payday lenders, ACA-bashing, attacks on education, Congressional obstruction, and threats against the Iran negotiations even before announcing, within the last month. Yesterday she sent out a tweet in Spanish. And unlike many in the midterms, she is not running away from the President. We would like to hear her come out on the right side of TPP, KXL, ENDA, and other issues, but again that is not the topic of this Diary.

Now follow me into the depths of The Wrong Side.

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Sun Mar 29, 2015 at 07:33 AM PDT

Indiana Bill Signing Guest Bigots

by Mokurai

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence won't say who the smiling bigots and homophobes were at the signing ceremony for the hateful SB 101, but many have been identified, and more could be. Any assistance in naming and shaming the rest of them will be greatly appreciated. Let's start with this photo. Look how happy they are!

Indiana Gov. Pence signs discriminatory RFRA Bill 101 in the presence of proud bigots

The short version from USA Today is that these are

supportive lawmakers, Franciscan monks and nuns, orthodox Jews, and some of the state's most powerful lobbyists on conservative social issues.
More from other news sources and some of the parties themselves below the Orange Pennon of Satanic Pride.
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Fri Mar 20, 2015 at 08:10 AM PDT


by Mokurai

Hillary is not the essential problem. Electing an alpha female is a big deal, but not the solution to anything. What is?

There are three kinds of politics: issues, money, and elections. None is more important than the others. You can vote for politicians on election day, or by contributing time or money to campaigns, but you can vote on issues every day by becoming informed, by writing, by discussing, and by how you spend your money.

Policy is about issues: what people already want, but we can only get collectively. It is also about what we know about how to deal with the issues, if we win enough elections. Elections are about organizing and candidates and money and letting the public know that you care about their issues, and have a plan to implement the needed policies.

Let me repeat that. Politics is about what people already want, not what you wish they wanted. It is also about the elections we are actually having, not the ones we wish we could have, and about the candidates actually running, not the ones you wish we could get, or you wish could win in the current toxic environment. Sometimes it is about taking the toxins out of the environment when others are telling you that toxins are good for you.

So where does that leave us? And Hillary? I'm glad you asked.

(This Diary began as a comment in Want to pull Hillary Clinton to the left? Win back Congress)


I would most prefer to see

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do today's Republicans not understand?

Ronald Reagan was a terrible President, whose karma still infects every part of our governance, from his racist Southern Strategy and theocratic Religious Right pandering to our gerrymandered, benighted, obstructionist Congress, by way of the multiple disasters and Constitutional failures of Iran-Contra. Not the least of his diseased legacy was bringing Dick Cheney to even greater prominence as the apostle of the Imperial Presidency, and thus (with the connivance of a Supreme Court packed with Reagan and Bush I ideologues who have no business being judges at all) stumbling into 9/11, and creating disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq, including ISIS.

We do not need to beat the greasy spot on the pavement where that dead horse used to lie any further in this Diary. But Reagan's legacy was not all evil. He was at one time a flaming FDR Liberal, and even at his worst he was quite serious about arms negotiations and treaties with the Soviet Union. He also signed the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

But that is not the St. Ronnie that Republicans think they remember. Let us review further, below the Great Orange Satanic cloud of forgetting.

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Tue Feb 10, 2015 at 08:14 AM PST

Nuke the filibuster!

by Mokurai

President Obama wants to do away with the filibuster as constant roadblock to progress. I guess that means that Republicans can't nuke it now. ^_^

Seriously, changing Senate rules to reform or repeal the filibuster on legislation will require Democrats to take the Senate and hold the White House in 2016. HRC, whatever you think of her policies and funding sources, is well-positioned for the second against everybody in the The Republican Clown Car Express to Nowhere, and her coattails may well be sufficient to tip the balance in the Senate. Can we take the House, too? Expect non-stop discussion of those questions here for the next two years.

But let's think about what we could do in 2017 without the filibuster and with control of Congress. Then let's think about what we could do if Democrats campaigned on that.

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With Romney out, Jeb Bush is next in line in both polls of Republicans and of Republican money, that is, in fundraising. But Jeb Bush is deeply loathed by many on the left, right, and middle.

And after Bush in the polls? Huckabee, Paul, Carson, Walker, Rubio, Christie, Santorum, Jindal, Cruz?

You make me laugh, Republicans. Let me tell you something about your people, your issues, and your standing in the polls for the last two years.

I tell you what, though. My fearless prediction is that before this is done, but long after the big money has committed itself, there will be an even lamer Draft Romney movement. After all, when the other candidates have demonstrated their ability to lose big, the big money could always uncommit itself. The part that hasn't already been wasted, I mean. Couldn't it?

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Tue Jan 27, 2015 at 11:43 AM PST

Global Warming: Pundit Wrong Again

by Mokurai

David Roberts claims that going to 100% renewables costs too much, and is too hard. But he thinks he is on our side. He is wrong, and some of his claims along the way are flat-out ludicrous.

It turns out every one of these scenarios — pretty much any scenario you can imagine that leads to rapid decarbonization — envisions “historically unprecedented improvements in the energy intensity of the global economy.”
and therefore it cannot be done. Well, the premise is false, and the logic is fallacious, so there is not much hope for the conclusion, either from Roberts or from the authors of the paper he quotes from. The entire Industrial Revolution going back to the 18th century is a whole series of counterexamples. But the quoted study looks back no further than 1965.

The article in question is We can solve climate change, but it won’t be cheap or easy

Reported here on dKos in Abbreviated pundit roundup: Climate change, Social Security and more, where I left a comment. Then I went to and left the more detailed comment reproduced below the Great Orange Windmill Blade.

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Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is virulently anti-American, in addition to being virulently anti-Palestinian. Bibi's government has directly insulted President Obama and Vice President Biden and two Secretaries of State, Clinton and Kerry, along with the majority of Jews in the US standing for peace with both Iran and the Palestinians. The Right loves Bibi, so John Boehner has just invited him to give a campaign speech in both the current Israeli elections and the 2016 Presidential contest to a joint session of the US Congress in Washington.

On the Right, this translates to President Obama, his administration, most American Jews, and every other peacenik being anti-Semitic. Not that that is a new idea. This is just the latest:

The Mark Levin Show, Jan. 23, 2015 (audio)

The Islamo-nazi barbarians want to drag our civil society into their hell, and we don't even know whose side President Obama is on. He has time for interviews with You Tube hosts but has no time for Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. I’m going to tell you something and it’s going to be uncomfortable. I don’t care how many wealthy Jews Obama surrounds himself with, I don’t care how many wealthy Jews contribute to his campaign. This man has all the signals of an anti-Semite and I’m not going to take that word back. I believe this in my heart and my soul.
because I can't quote you any evidence. After all, who are you going to believe, him or your lying eyes?

More vile selections from our not-so-crypto-Fascists, and some explanations, below.

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Gov. O’Malley to commute sentences of Maryland’s remaining death-row inmates

When the Maryland legislature outlawed imposition of the death penalty in criminal cases, it curiously did nothing about death sentences already imposed. In the two years since, one of the five prisoners on death row in MD died of natural causes, and it became apparent that Maryland could not carry out the other four sentences. This week it was announced that the problem is permanently resolved.

All four of those remaining will have their sentences commuted to life without possibility of parole. The expected argle-bargle in response goes on as usual.

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Fri Dec 12, 2014 at 08:59 AM PST

ACA Signups: Ho-Hum Edition

by Mokurai

You know what the big deal about ACA enrollments is this time? That it's no big deal.

That will not stop Republicans claiming that Obamacare is the disaster to end all disasters, just that they are not going to argue with any intensity that the numbers are not the numbers. Look for a push in the opposite direction: It is the very hugeness of the numbers of people covered in one way or another under the ACA that is the problem, as I will explain below the sigil of the Great Orange Socialists.

The problem for our side is that the public loves the provisions in the ACA, but still dislikes Obamacare enough to think that voting for Republicans will get them more of what they want. And the same for gun laws and almost every other Progressive policy that Democrats refuse to run on. But you have heard enough of that lately.

So we will concentrate on Republicanthink and actual numbers.

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Mon Nov 17, 2014 at 03:14 PM PST

ACA Signups: Season 2, Episode 1

by Mokurai

ACA open enrollment has been renewed for a second season in spite of all efforts to cancel it, repeal it, axe it, kill it, behead it, stone it, stomp on it, demonize it, hate it to death, draw and quarter it, deport it back to Kenya, embalm, cremate, and bury.

Thief, Thief, Thief! Obamaggins! We hates it, we hates it, we hates it forever!
This week's episode of open enrollment got started with a bang, specifically 100,000 Obamacare applications in first weekend. Joan McCarter is thrilled.

How many more Republican head explosions will we get this time, along with Christmas TV specials before Thanksgiving and even more retailers making employees work ever-longer holiday hours? Hey, you have to take the good with the bad. Or, of course, you could join the workers on strike on the holidays, or whatever other protest actions and organizing floats your boat. But no naysaying or handwringing.

Our esteemed brainwrap, aka Charles Gaba, has asked me again to write summary Diaries on Daily Kos starting from his posts at ACA Signups. I will also note for your enjoyment Front Page Stories and humble Diaries written by others on the same subject, and some of the news from the wider Internet.

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Fri Oct 31, 2014 at 01:41 PM PDT

Global Warming: We are the 99.99%

by Mokurai

It isn't 97% any more. Everybody quotes that one number from a few years ago on the scientific consensus on Global Warming. But a more recent study found one (1) paper by one (1) author rejecting Global Warming in 2013.

1 author out of 9,136 denies Global Warming

Why Climate Deniers Have No Scientific Credibility: Only 1 of 9,136 Recent Peer-Reviewed Authors Rejects Global Warming.

James Lawrence Powell wrote

I have brought my previous study…up-to-date by reviewing peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals over the period from Nov. 12, 2012 through December 31, 2013. I found 2,258 articles, written by a total of 9,136 authors…Only one article, by a single author in the Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, rejected man-made global warming.
That's 99.989% of scientists supporting Anthropogenic Global Warming, and 0.011% against.
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