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I'm sure someone much quicker on the draw has already pointed this out, but I think there's a big reason this election gave us FOUR gay marriage amendment wins and three new states that will soon be celebrating gay marriages after a long drought at the polls on this topic.  I know gay marriage is gaining more and more acceptance amongst the electorate, and there have been polls showing that a slim majority of Americans think that our fellow LGBT citizens should have the right to marry the love of their lives.  But that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm thrilled these four ballot measures passed (in the case of MN, that the anti-gay marriage amendment didn't pass!), because I remember in 2008 that it was a serious blow that Prop 8 had passed in CA.  It felt like a real kick to the gut that so many Californians would overturn the right of gay couples to marry.  To me, and many others, Prop 8 really dampened our enthusiasm after the election.  

But this time we have these four victories to celebrate in addition to being thrilled with President Obama's win.  And what is the big difference between 2008 and 2012???  In 2012, President Obama came out in SUPPORT OF GAY MARRIAGE!!!!!!!   He cut ads SUPPORTING the three gay marriage amendments!!  For the first time EVER, we had a President of the United States saying that ALL Americans should have the right to marry who they choose.  

Yes, the electorate would have eventually gotten there on its own, but I don't think that it's a coincidence that in 2008, CA passed Prop 8 and four years later, after the President "evolved" to believe that all Americans truly were equal and came out and publicly supported gay marriage, we have FOUR BIG WINS on election night.


Just got home from voting at the Jewish Community Center that's around the corner from my apartment building.  Took me about 1 minute to walk there and then I stood in line for over an hour waiting to get my ballot.  

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I work one day a week in midtown Manhattan, actually at an arts organization in Times Square.  That day is usually Monday, but of course, nothing was possible in New York on Monday.  Today, Wednesday, was sort of the official "first day back" after the storm for many New Yorkers, and boy, was it a different city.  

First, while I had some pretty substantial transportation difficulties today, as did everyone around the city, I have it good, because I never lost power, heat or water during the storm, and there are MANY people in NYC and across the East Coast who are still without basic services.  And, of course, far too many people lost homes, neighborhoods and loved ones in the storm.  But I thought I would write a short diary just to give folks a view of how very different things are a couple of days after the storm.

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Hello, fellow Kossacks.

I have been reading posts here since 2006 and all that time I've thought to myself, "I really should start diarying."  But there are so many great diarists here, and so many folks who are so much more knowledgable than myself about the political issues, I never felt like I had much to contribute.  The funny thing is that I am actually a writer.  I write musicals.  And most of my work is very political in nature, in that it is provocative and questions accepted notions.  And so, in honor of Spirit Day, I wanted to introduce an anti-gay bullying musical web series that I've co-written called, The Hinterlands.  Because something special is happening.

The Hinterlands is about a bullied gay teen growing up in a rural red state who faces an onslaught of bullying and intolerance, to the point where he feels as though his life isn't worth living.  Though we usually write for the stage, we wanted to create a work that could be seen by kids across the country, in the privacy of their own homes.  So we decided to make the show a web series.  We're currently fundraising to do the filming in early 2013 and if all stays on track, the show will be online for kids to watch, free of charge, in spring of next year.  

One of the songs in the show is called "Worthy," and it's a powerful song about every kid is worthy of compassion, respect and love.  On Sunday, just 5 days ago, one of the folks working on spreading the word about The Hinterlands had an idea that we should request photos from friends with a sign that says, "I am worthy."  We sent out a call for photos, hoping to get back 40 or so.  We have received over 600 and they are still rolling in, from across the country.  We put as many as we could into the video below and I wanted to share it with you because I think it's really beautiful and inspiring.  (It was literally just released moments ago.)

I don't want to overstay my welcome, this being my first diary and all, so I'll just close with this:  over the past six years, visiting the Daily Kos has made me feel part of something larger than myself and I have been uplifted by many posts here by people who truly care not just about themselves, but about all human beings.  Your sentiments have shaped who I am as a person and as a writer, and so The Hinterlands is in some ways due to your great humanity.  Thank you for letting me be part of your community, even though you didn't know I was there.


I Am Worthy from The Hinterlands

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