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UPDATE 3 Well it looks like Herman's lawyers had a chat with youtube, and the original is back up, but I'll leave the link in that I know works.
And now I will step away and get on with my life.
UPDATE 2 Found a working link, after the fold--don't know if yt will take it down too.
UPDATE In the ten minutes it took to compile this, and embed the vid, youtube 86'ed with the message,

This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.
I'll give you a description if you click, and keep looking for anyone who captured it.
You can pretty much disregard the rest of my intro, I suppose.
Stupid Herman, ruining my joke.

Holy lord have mercy-sunuva-what the-I can't believe-but how could anyone-really now, really now-he can't be serious-my coffee just flew out my nose as my stomach turned-why did he have to shoot the bunny and reality at the same time!

Uncle Herman's at it again.

K, little substance follows the squiggly-do, and it will only make you shake your head, and not unlike the pile-up on the 405 you'll find it hard to look away, and I cannot transcribe the ad vid because it's such a surreal non sequitur that slow-loaders should feel themselves fortunate, but after all that, if you still want to look upon the steaming majesty of Cain's troubled mind and unparallelled meaningless messaging, click away folks.
But don't say you wasn't warned.

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Fri Dec 30, 2011 at 12:12 PM PST

WI Couple WILL NOT be intimidated!

by Ozzie

Hi folks,
Came across this little gem on the facebook this morn, and wanted to share--their resolve just makes me feel better.
Background story after the squiggly-do.


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Wed Oct 12, 2011 at 09:12 PM PDT

Lech Walesa to Join #OWS

by Ozzie

Quickie folks--
The New York Daily News is reporting Lech Walesa will be flying to New York to join the occupation. (No definite date yet, but "soon")

"How could I not respond," Walesa told a Polish newspaper Wednesday. "The thousands of people gathered near Wall Street are worried about the fate of their future, the fate of their country. This is something I understand."


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The "Cigna 7", as they were immediately branded, entered Cigna this morning, requested to speak with Cigna executives, were refused, and proceeded to occupy the lobby until they were arrested.

The seven belong to various single payer groups in Chicago including the Illinois Single Payer Coalition, the Chicago Single Payer Action Network and the Progressive Democrats of America, and follow the lead of those arrested in New York last week.

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That man would be Dr. Quentin Young.
He's a Chicago icon, National Coordinator of Physicians for a National Health Program.
He brought the Mad as Hell Doctors on stage at their Saturday appearance.

I spent many years performing, and this is, without a doubt, one of the best delivered lines I've witnessed.
Take a quick look, especially in light of today's events...

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File this one under "Corporate Culture Underestimates PR Backlash from Really Dumb Move".

PALO ALTO, CA –Apple, Inc. has censored  an iPhone application promoting health insurance reform in the United States.

Single payer or pub opt supporter- doesn't matter, this move is just dumb.

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Fri Apr 18, 2008 at 05:01 PM PDT

Illinois Single Payer Drama Week

by Ozzie

With little (no) fanfare, this week single payer health care in Illinois took a giant leap forward.

In a week that included an appearance in Chicago by Rep. John Conyers speaking on HR 676, our national single payer bill, there was a contentious hearing in Springfield and dramatic movement forward on HB 311, Illinois' single payer bill.

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Mon Dec 03, 2007 at 01:23 PM PST

BREAKING:Blago sets Sp.Election:IL-14

by Ozzie

It's on baby!

The State of Illinois is reporting minutes ago that IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich has named February 5th as the date for the special primary for IL-14th Denny-vacated seat,and March 8 for the special general to finish the term Hastert wouldn't.

Months before the November election, we'll have an election that will show the nation how far people powered, grass roots, net roots politics has come.

This is why the candidacy of John Laesch is just so damn important.State of Illinois

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Denny Has Left the Building!

The Daily Herald  and the Chicago Tribune
have both reported within the hour that former Speaker Denny Hastert will resign effective 10:59 pm tonight, Monday November 26.

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Silly of me, Ms. Winograd, I know you have.

I was a CA-36er when you decided you had enough last year,
and challenged Jane Harman.

I tabled, phone banked, stapled signs, posted diaries, and more importantly, met my neighbors, and found out just how deeply they were concerned about Bush's Iraq folly, eroding civil liberties, bankrupting health care costs, and the frightening power of corporatists in our political life.

Basically, I got my first glimpse of honest, grassroots democracy-


Would you support Marcy Winograd in a primary challenge to Jane Harman?

88%46 votes
11%6 votes

| 52 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon Jun 18, 2007 at 10:25 AM PDT

ATTN: Michael Moore in Chicago Thursday!

by Ozzie

I just received an email from, part of Physicians for a National Health Program publicizing a rally with Michael Moore this Thursday, June 21, at 4pm.

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Sat Jun 03, 2006 at 10:05 AM PDT

Marcy Winograd and Francine Busby

by Ozzie

Yesterday, in a diary that was swallowed up by dkos' afternooon tech problems, Marcy Winograd officially endorsed Francine Busby, laying to rest the concerns of a few fellow Kossacks.

I Endorse Francine Busby
As I am dedicated to the proposition of taking back the House for the Democratic Party, I endorse Francine Busby for Congress in CA-50.   I hope when she wins that seat she will strongly oppose the Bush administration's war policies, help this country withdraw from Iraq, and help keep us from venturing into any other needless war.

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