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Thu Mar 31, 2011 at 06:38 PM PDT

Today's Tarot - The High Priestess

by YatPundit

Today's Tarot is a bit different because I'm refreshing myself from Kraig's Modern Magick book.  In introducing Tarot, Kraig tells the student to use only the Major Arcana (a subset of those, actually).  I bought a relatively new Golden Dawn deck, the Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn, from Lo Scarabeo, and I'm using that for work from Kraig's book.  

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Wed Mar 30, 2011 at 03:04 PM PDT

Fired for being Wiccan

by LWelsch

Reposted from Lawrence A. Welsch by LWelsch

Every once in while I read a news story that reports on an event that is so outrageous as to boil my blood. Such is Wiccan TSA Agent Fired.


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

for what MSNBC has to say.

This is outrageous and disgusting. Send your congress man and President Obama a letter to get government out of religion.

Update note. Unless the transcript of the video is brief I do not add transcripts as I believe they are a violation of copyright. You may find a transcript here.


Many firmly believe that religion and politics are a bad combination.  It's never stopped the Moral Majority, or its later incarnation, the Christian Coalition.  It's never stopped countless numbers of conservative pastors across the US, either.  Many on the left, however, have always been reluctant to mix these two.  Still, it's inevitable that politics will come up at a "pagan night out" or some other sort of social gathering.  With the story of a TSA employee getting fired because she's Wiccan, earth-based religions return to the political limelight.

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It's universal, transcends culture and language and class and for me, at least, is a lifesaver.  

For the past six months, I've felt little but anger and grief.  I've tried to pray, to meditate, to light candles, to read, to connect with nature, but the all-consuming nature of this level of grief is an effective trip wire to all the usual practices that brought me comfort.  

Only music has succeeded in making me feel connected, again, even temporarily, to this place that I'm not entirely sure I want to be right now - life - and beyond that, to the universal, to others, to God/Goddess.  I'd always taken music for granted, but now, even on days that I forget to eat, I cannot forget music, because otherwise, I don't find the energy to do whatever it is that needs done to function.  Not poetic, but raw:  I never realized that it is a necessity, not a luxury;  that music, perhaps as much as love, is essential to being human.

I'm from a Jewish background and still embrace many Jewish traditions, but really, my beliefs are reflected better in my altar and my bookcase.  I practice an earth based Goddess embracing faith, and the music I have found most sustaining recently are songs that evoke, for me at least, those beliefs.

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Reposted from Detroit Mark by Jaxpagan Editor's Note: News of note: -- Jaxpagan

My sister dabbles in Wicca.  Actually she may be pretty well into it now, I suspect I'm kind of out of the loop.  And she really doesn't talk about it.  One thing I'm sure of ... Wiccans don't fit the Monty Python model of being a witch.  


Yet, the TSA, a federal government agency ... fits the Monty Python mold for finding one apparently.

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Sat Mar 26, 2011 at 10:07 AM PDT

Thoughts on "Solitary Wicca"

by YatPundit

I've been a practitioner of "solitary witchcraft" for over twenty years.  Like many, that path included a period of time where I was more a "reader" than a "do-er."  In the early 90s, this meant reading Starhawk, Adler, Buckland, and whatever else was available at the local New Age head shop.  

While most of the books I read at that time were fascinating, their focus on coven activities to be a bit problematic.  For openers, I was still at that "I'm not sure I'm ready to not be a Christian" phase.  Even when one gets past that phase, the "broom closet" is very attractive for many of us.  Seeking out a group at that time was never on my agenda, yet these authors often implied (if not directly stated) that you couldn't grow as a Wiccan if you didn't join a coven.

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One of the common threads that run through many earth-based religions and magickal traditions/lodges is the notion of recording your work and observations.  Whether you call it a "book of shadows" or a "magickal diary" or just a "journal" of some kind, many teachers and mentors encourage their use. 

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Elemental Pentacle (artist unknown-if you know, comment so I can attribute it)

I want get this community off on a solid footing, so I'm soliciting comment from y'all in a number of areas, all of which are below the fold.

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Wed Mar 23, 2011 at 10:05 AM PDT

Re-Connecting with Ceremonial Magick

by YatPundit

I haven't done any serious work with Ceremonial Magick since the storm.  I lost most of my working tools then, and just never had the focus necessary to get back to it.  Five years on, and some changes to my regular routine and activities (this community included), the time to get back to it seems right.

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I like to draw a card for meditation and reflection daily, and went back to my Robin Wood deck today.  I've been doing a bit of "grail quest" work with my Arthurian deck lately, but my RW deck has been my go-to deck for over ten years, so it's fitting my first diary in this new community start with Robin's imagery.  


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Ostara Pentacle by Oshuna on

Welcome to Pagan and Wiccan Kossacks, a community for political Pagans.  The mission of this community is to provide a place for spiritual discussions between those whose beliefs are usually defined as "Pagan," "Neo-Pagan," "Wiccan," and "Neo-Wiccan."  Clearly this is a very broad spectrum of earth-based/Goddess-based/polytheistic folks, but that in itself ought to make for interesting discussions.

Both the serious student of Witchcraft as well as the "fluffy bunny" could very well be hard-working Democratic volunteers.  Your precinct captain may be a Druid, for all you know.  Let's explore this aspect of ourselves here, building on our common interests to discuss our differences.


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