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Please. Please. Please.

The first few in the Tag Guidelines from the Dkosopedia:

  1. Use commas between your tags. Not spaces, not periods, not semicolons.
  1. Please remember that tags are an indexing system, not a tool for demonstrating creativity. This is a tool to help organize content, not show how clever you are by inventing keywords such as "HUNTERRIFIC" to praise a diary by Hunter.
  1. When using a person's name as a tag, use both their first and last name and use proper capitalization.

 * If there is an ambiguity, include middle initials (with a period and space following each initial). For example, don't use Bush as a tag; use the George W. Bush tag or the George H. W. Bush tag depending on whether the diary refers to the current President or his father, or Laura Bush for President Bush's wife, etc.
 * Do not use titles. Use John Kerry, not Senator Kerry or Senator John Kerry.

Three #1's. Must be important, eh?

Wait! What the heck's down there...?! Quick, follow me!


How often do you use the Tag feature?

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Update 2: And Jim Himes' diary - Seven Years Ago as per Sardonyx in the comments. Another excellent one not to be missed.

Updated: Thanks, everyone! It's back on the Recommended List.

Granny Doc's diary "Destroying our allies, one village at a time"

It was on the Rec List for a few seconds (minutes?) and bumped back off again. I think it deserves much more attention.

The first bit:

As has become standard practice during the reign of the Bush Bots, the Pentagon is once again furiously back tracking on a story it fed to Fox News about the civilian deaths it caused in an Afganistan village.

Glen Greenwald takes both the Fox propaganda outlet, and the US Military to task over this latest horror, this morning.

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Tue Aug 19, 2008 at 07:41 AM PDT

What Does This Even Mean?!

by PatsBard

CNN's major story today: The Night That Changed McCain's Life

September 1967:

Larson recalls being stunned at what he heard.

"You know Chuck, I might have to get out of the Navy," McCain told him. "And I said, 'Why is that John?' and he said, 'Well I want to be a serious naval officer. And when I go places now, people tend to not take me seriously. They hear all the stories, they look at the early days and if they can't take me seriously, I don't know how I can perform.' And I said, 'John, you're going back.' "

So he wanted to quit the Navy because "they look at the early days" and can't take him seriously. The early days of sucking at the Academy, you mean? Like Cafferty brings up in another article on CNN's front page?

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CNN Political Ticker
A female volunteer in New Hampshire advised him to get new paid staff, because the ones he has apparently don't work:

"You've got two people sitting right here next to me...They have done more work for you volunteering than a lot of your paid staff have. All your signs that are up outside today, they were put up by us, not by your staff people."

CNN's take was that she figured the question/statement would put her on McCains' sh*t list. But his response is what should have gotten the emphasis (glanced over as usual)....

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It can't get much simpler than that, people.

Barack Obama, John McCain, George W. Bush

Note, also, the use of commas rather than colons or semicolons.

Coincidentally enough, the tagging tips are right there on the New Diary Entry page...

<psst...down there!>
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Have you seen "Sunday Talk - Southern Showdown Edition" this morning? Well? Have you?

Seen it? Read it? Rec'd it? Front Paged it?

Hello? Anyone?

Must I continue abusing the question mark? Must I?! <exclamation mark thrown in for fun>

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[Update] DemfromCT has this story on the Front Page and has followed it closely from the beginning. H/T Meteor Blades in the comments.

The Tripoli 6 - medics who were accused of deliberately infecting children with HIV - have been pardoned, freed, and returned home after the EU successfully worked out a deal with the Libyan government.

Previous diaries about this from latest to oldest:

The Sinistral's diary - can still be Rec'd as of 12:45pm

Turkana's diary - Time expired for Rec'ing (July 18th)

TigerMom's diary - Time expired for Rec'ing (July 17th)

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I just received an email from Governor Sebelius (D-KS) about the new Democratic Governors Association site. It looks pretty snazzy and appears to be a great way to keep track of who's accomplishing what where, as well as keeping track of upcoming gubernatorial races.

The main part of the email:

Our new site is designed to be a hub where Americans can learn about the innovative policies Democratic governors are pursuing. It's also an election resource for staying up-to-date with the three gubernatorial races this year and the 11 next year.

continued below the fold:

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Well, do have to try. Really hard, as a matter of fact. And, as with other addictions, if you don't really want to quit, then you're probably not going to succeed in kicking the habit regardless of the method you use in the attempt.

So your first decision is "Do I want to quit?" If the answer is "yes", then go see your doctor/nurse practitioner and ask them for a prescription for Chantix. Why Chantix? Because the stuff works!

Note: I do not work for Chantix, Pfizer, nor any other company that might make some sort of profit from the medication. I simply want to let people know that quitting smoking can be done. Without wanting to kill someone even!

Follow me to the Smoke Free Zone.....

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Yet again the Live Bloggers (volunteers all) did an outstanding job of keeping up with the Gonzales Hearing, and continued the tradition of previous live blogging with grace and speed.

My thanks to all of you for really outstanding work. And my thanks to the commentors who participated, and to the recommenders who kept the Rec List from being clogged with too many live blogging threads.

List of Live Bloggers (up to Part 16) below the fold:

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As discussed in this recommended diary by JLowe, Google had stirred up suspicions and not a few tin foil hats when they replaced post-Katrina images of New Orleans with pre-Katrina images on Google Maps.

Well. They've changed them back again. People-power? Youbetcha.

Of course, the AP is taking the credit:

An Associated Press article on Thursday highlighted the changes, leading a U.S. House subcommittee to accuse Google of "airbrushing history" for depicting a New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast without hurricane damage.

More below the fold:

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Tue Feb 13, 2007 at 08:17 PM PST

Mel Martinez Guzzles the Kool-Aid

by PatsBard

For some odd reason, I receive newsletters from Mel Martinez (Senator, R-FL). Usually I just glance through them, then delete. Sometimes with a sneer of disgust, sometimes with a "whatever", but this time...this time, my fine kossack brothers and sisters, I read it, followed the link, and had yet another jaw dropping moment.

Think - "Mind-boggling".

Got it?

Follow me for the press release:

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