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Thank you for getting me on the recommended list yesterday.  I did a post and run due to being busy and didn't expect such a great response.

ShelterBox folks are on it and are pulling their response team together.
ShelterBox tornado photo 595b2c-usatornado210513web_zps4eb09b9c.jpg

Here is what is in one.
 photo boxcontents_large.jpg

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This is a continuing series devoted to ShelterBox, updating our Daily Kos community on recent ShelterBox initiatives. When I was at a recent ShelterBox conference, one of the topics addressed was the development of partnership opportunities with ShelterBox.   One of the most exciting partnerships is that between ShelterBox and the Scouting movement.
 The Boy Scouts of America and The Girls Scouts of America have recently committed themselves to helping get the word out about ShelterBox.  In fact, ShelterBox has set up a website for young people to help ShelterBox, Young ShelterBox
The International Scouting organization has also recently signed an agreement with ShelterBox.
Scouts around the world have mobilized to help with the distribution and setting up of ShelterBox tents in disasters.

Local scouts in Madagascar helping ShelterBox set up tents in the Brickaville District.

ShelterBox and Scouts.

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 (WLS photos)

Donate here...
Hospitals unsafe. ShelterBoxes pressed into service as hospitals!
After Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years, hospitals in the country’s capital Kathmandu were devastated, forcing medical staff to treat their patients outside with dwindling supplies.

However, ShelterBox has been able to provide tents to four hospitals in the city creating safe, covered spaces where patients can be treated in privacy. They will be used for carrying out minor operations, changing dressings and as mobile health clinics too.

We need 200 dollars to finish up ShelterBox number 4!!!!!!!!!!
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Mon Apr 27, 2015 at 04:39 PM PDT

TexMex: ShelterBox Diary #4

by TexMex

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Well I am working on upping my posting of diaries on ShelterBox as I learned a lot more about it. One of the things that excited me was the establishment of ShelterBox's reputation as a leader and is as premier NGO in disaster assessment and disaster shelter.  
Because of ShelterBox Uk and ShelterBox USA are Rotary projects that are supported by Rotarians not just in the UK and USA but around the world, ShelterBox response teams are immediately received, welcomed and assisted by Rotarians in the disaster areas.  The local community leaders can cut red tape by acting as Rotarians instead of government officials of this or that political stripe.  

More about ShelterBox's growing reputation and coming agreements of understanding with other important organizations.
Please tweet, facebook and rec.


Have you heard of ShelterBox?

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62%18 votes
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Because ShelterBox helps at home too! Apologies for cutting and pasting but you really want the news from ShelterBox not "b.s." from me. After all you know how I feel about ShelterBox!

Tom Henderson: founder of ShelterBox.
But I had to share this statement with you!

To make a call to ShelterBox on Tuesday and to have a team on the ground on Thursday with a significant order placed by Friday is amazing.  On behalf of all of the Rotarians in the affected regions of Eastern New Jersey of Districts 7500 and 7640, we cannot thank ShelterBox enough!” --District Governor Joan Vas 2012-2013
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Good morning!
Sorry to post this so late, but had a bunch of baby stuff to do. Chest therapy and such.
Not my picture

We had a good day yesterday! WE bought one ShelterBox and are almost half way through another!
Also important is that I also had 144 facebook shares and 15 tweets!!!!
This is also very important!
I just looked at the last comments from last night and saw this!
YOU ARE DOING THIS!!!!! Thank you! Keep on!

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So far, ShelterBox has committed aid for 4,000 families in the Philippines
Supplies previously positioned at Clark Air Base on Luzon have all been deployed
Additional aid positioned in neighboring countries are en route to impacted areas
504 ShelterBox tents have now arrived in Manila, Philippines.
Nine response team members are on the ground with more members on the way
An extra 200 ShelterBoxes were packed by warehouse volunteers at ShelterBox HQ
286 ShelterBoxes and 250 tents were delivered to Bohol shortly after the earthquake struck and now the ShelterBox Response Teams in the region are nearing completion of the distribution process.
224 ShelterBoxes and 576 ShelterBox tents are currently en route to Cebu
Two of the three Response Teams are now operating in Cebu, which is one of the areas worst affected by the Typhoon.
Donate here to ShelterBox designated aid to the Philippines.
more of the squiggle.
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 photo boxcontents_large.jpg

The diary on the earthquake is here by bevenroDEUX.

ShelterBox is getting ready to go to India. Lots of ShelterBoxes are already prepositioned.
ShelterBox page on it.
DONATION PAGE for ShelterBox is here

A ShelterBox response team is preparing to travel to Nepal to see how ShelterBox can be of assistance following an earthquake measuring 7.8 in magnitude.

The quake occurred between the major cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara , with tremors felt as far away as Delhi in India. More than 500 people are reported to have died following the earthquake, while there is extensive damage to homes and buildings.

ShelterBox is already in talks with several aid agencies and Rotary contacts based in Nepal to see where we can help.

Dave Ray, ShelterBox Operations Coordinator, said: "One of our contacts based in Kathmandu told us that the environment is filled with fear and that people have been told to expect more tremors. There is a lot of damage in Kathmandu and emergency relief will be required for sure."

In addition, a ShelterBox response team is heading to Nepal to get a first-hand idea of the scale of destruction and the level of need for shelter. We already have aid, including tents, prepositioned in the country, which could be used as emergency clinics, as well as shelters in the immediate aftermath.

Sadly, ShelterBox has responded to several disasters in Nepal throughout the years. Most recently ShelterBox provided aid to people who had lost their homes in the north of the country due to flooding and landslides last autumn.

View our gallery of images from our previous response in Nepal:

There are prepositioned ShelterBoxes, so thanks you to all who have already been donating to ShelterBox because that allows them to be ahead of the game!
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TexMex here, I just put baby to bed and finally have some time to check out the Daily Kos.
Watching Walking Dead reruns and waiting for dinner pork chops. But I wanted to remind my fellow Kossacks about more unfortunate ones right now as we rejoice our New Year. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, I could go off on how awful living with fear for a baby with Cystic Fibrosis. I could be selfish and only worry for her well being, but there are others in great peril that need help right .......Now!


A ShelterBox response team is on the way to Malaysia as the country is experiencing some of the worst flooding in decades.

Reports suggest that around 200,000 people have had to leave their homes due to the high flood waters, which have submerged whole towns in places.

Areas of north-eastern Malaysia are often affected by flooding during the monsoon season, but this year the rain has been especially heavy and is set to continue for at least another week.

The team, made up of Todd Finklestone and Martin Strutton, are due to arrive in Malaysia on December 30 and will then start assessing what type of shelter is needed and how best ShelterBox can help.

While ShelterBox hasn’t worked in Malaysia before, teams have previously responded to flooding in neighboring countries, such as Indonesia, which suffered from extreme flooding at the start of this year.

my bucket challenge video
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 photo boxcontents_large.jpg
Good Morning Daily Kos.
Looks like another aftershock hit. 6.7 magnitude.

Got an offer to match $500.00 towards a ShelterBox.
So here I am again.  Hat in hand asking you you to post your donations so we can see if we can send 1 whole box.

Donate here:
No mentioning the person who is doing the matching as they sent this as a message.

You know the routine! If you donate post here and I will add it up and see if we can get one box up as a community.
Thank you so much for all your support in this.
Looks like yet another after shock hit.

Here is a short video of what ShelterBox does.

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Well here I am still begging because.... it works!
My last diary closes out Shelterbox 2!!!!!!!!!!

Donate here:
Don't have much to say posted this as a billboard.
Just know there is a new 500 dollar match pending your donations.
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My  heart is in my throat right now.  

From reliefweb the report from the UN Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Vanuatu is located just north east of New Caledonia.
The NBC report has the report from international aid workers who have just arrived.

"The situation is a disaster," Jacqueline De Gaillande, the CEO of Vanuatu Red Cross, told NBC News. "Most people have lost their homes. All the roofs have gone. People are outside trying to find their belongings on the ground. Lots of trees have fallen on the houses. It's really a big disaster."

De Gaillande told NBC News that six deaths have been confirmed.

Aid agency Oxfam said up to 90 percent of housing in the nation's capital, Port Vila, had been seriously damaged.

"This is likely to be one of the worst disasters ever seen in the Pacific," Oxfam's Vanuatu director, Colin Collet van Rooyen, said in a statement.

"The scale of humanitarian need will be enormous and the proud people of Vanuatu are going to need a lot of help to rebuild their homes and their lives. Entire communities have been blown away."

From ShelterBox's Facebook page.
Cyclone Pam has struck the south Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu with devastating consequences. The cyclone brought winds in excess of 270km/h (170mph) causing widespread damage. The capital of Port Vila is said to have suffered considerable damage but there are grave concerns for other more vulnerable islands too. ShelterBox has mobilized a response team with two volunteers heading to Vanuatu from Australia and New Zealand. The ShelterBox operations team is currently speaking to other agencies to see how we can be of most assistance to the recovery operation and stands ready to quickly act to deliver prepositioned emergency materials we have available in the region.
 photo boxcontents_large.jpg

The ShelterBox USA site.

The donation site can take small amounts of donations to add up to one box.  The ShelterBox takes 1,000 to get a shelter for ten people with additional help by sending teams to assess the humanitarian needs.  ShelterBox is oten first on the scene to provide shelter for other aid agencies.

The Daily Kos is also about community involvement.  Here is where we show our true colors.

 photo shelterboxes.jpg

I don't keep up with things like I used to given that I care for my toddler granddaughter.   My computer is usually on baby duty during therapy.

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