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Fri May 17, 2013 at 06:36 PM PDT

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch...

by SoonerG

Just yesterday CNN Money came out with an article suggesting inflation had increased at a not-fast-enough rate due to the fact that gas prices decreased once again during the month of April.
Insert the hero.

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Right now on MSNBC.  He is publicly coming out for tax cuts for the wealthy and repeating the same republican talking points.  Something tells me that his seat is not up for grabs.  I don't know about the rest of Daily Kos readers but I WILL remember this!

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Firearm sales climb in Oklahoma after Election Day

Since just prior to election day Oklahomans have been buying up weapons in haste and at levels never seen before at some retail locations.  As The Oklahoman reported yesterday morning the sales seem to be linked to some concern of possible new gun control laws that could be passed under a Democrat lead government in Washington D.C. and President-elect Obama.

If you noticed all the qualifiers in that last sentence, they were necessary due to the fact that no such legislation is being presented or considered that I am aware of at this time.  That and Obama is still over two months away from signing bills into law.

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Thu Nov 06, 2008 at 05:51 PM PST

Finding the Common Ground, Yes We Can

by SoonerG

We need more people to approach things this way from both sides. Working together is the only good way to make it through the road ahead, if the gnashing of teeth and heel dragging continue it will just slow down the process.

Like it or not we all take this journey together, you can try to help navigate or you can sit in the back and ask "Are we there yet?" You can bitch at the driver for running over a nail in the road or you can get out and help change the tire.

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Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 06:23 PM PST

McCain Campaign Just Spammed Me

by SoonerG

I have never signed up for any site that would even remotely be considered conservative or Republican.  Tonight after phone banking for Andrew Rice I came home to find the following message in my inbox.

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It all started out when Sung Hee from the St Louis Obama campaign office called me a couple of weeks ago.  I had indicated that I was willing to volunteer to canvass out of state.  With McCain leading handily (much to my liberal chagrin) in Oklahoma, Obama wanted me to travel to Missouri and help him win there.  How could I resist?

What happens below the fold is a culmination of events that led me to Springfield, Missouri and a weekend I will never forget.

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Goal Thermometer

We're close to breaking this race open and Jim Inhofe knows it. It's only two weeks from Election Day, and all of our hard work is paying off. Voters are making their final decisions and we need to reach as many of them as possible.
That’s why I need your urgent contribution in the next 7 hours.
My campaign needs an additional $3,870 before midnight tonight to use every available outlet to reach Oklahoma voters over these final two weeks. We’re going to knock on tens of thousands of doors and make more than 200,000 phone calls. And tomorrow morning, we’re launching our newest TV ad to reach as wide an audience as possible.

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Yesterday, after Senator Joe Biden made his stump speech in Tacoma, WA, he joined in a conference call with Veterans and Military Families for Obama.

I was invited to be a part of this conference call and took the liberty to record it.  In case this was not made available to the public I am posting it up on Sound Upload for all to hear.

Here is the link to the original invitation and comments page from Obama's website.  

Beware, the sound quality is not the greatest (even after my edits) but the message is a good one and the excitement was apparent after General Powell's endorsement of Barack that morning.

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Fri Oct 17, 2008 at 01:37 PM PDT

D - Andrew Rice Rising In OK

by SoonerG


Andrew Rice is moving upward quickly!

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After having listened to more than my fair share of right-wing hogwash, I have decided to take action and start boycotting the advertisers that keep Faux Noise and Rushed Limpbeau on the air.

Surely, this has been brought up on DailyKos before.  But now that the economy is in turmoil and people are holding off on frivolous spending, it's the perfect time for a boycott to have a major impact!

I have tried to do little things along the way to slow them down... I used to call the Rushed hot line and just leave the phone off the hook when they would answer.  My idea was to tie up the line hoping to spare some poor demented Rush-head the loss of their hard earned cash to the devil's addiction.

Now I will offer you some links that provide the corporate advertisers names and numbers.  Kossaks join me below the fold and begin the boycott!

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This week I worked for the first time in my life at a local homeless shelter helping transients register to vote.  I saw whole families living in utter poverty who felt disenfranchised.

I suppose I am lucky in a way.  There are no mouths to feed, no wife to support and no one else is relying on me for their survival.  Perhaps that is for the best.

Since George H.W. Bush came into office by hook or by crook, my own life has spiraled into hopelessness and despair.  I do not think this is just a simple coincidence.  More so, I feel like a small chess piece that has been discarded as a casualty to the side.  I no longer feel like I am in the game.  No longer do I pursue the chase.

Since the tragedy of 9/11 and the resulting decline I lost a fine job with a start-up ISP company for which I was a founding member.  It offered full benefits with a promising company and I was a happy camper.  The company was bankrupt and sending jobs to India and Canada within two years and I found myself laid-off and out of work.

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Fri Oct 10, 2008 at 12:02 AM PDT

dickgeedub... new word for hypocrisy

by SoonerG

I found the following quote on the comment section of a story about Dick Cheney from another site.  After reading several typical posts from liberals telling the story of the great tool that is Dick for blocking EPA health warnings... this clown chimes in.

You all are quick to bash Cheney and Bush, when you have absolutely no idea how much they had on their plates to just keep you safe. They have been given a really bum rap. Democrats are grandstanding so much, they refuse to take responsibility for anything. Richardson was in the office with Clinton for 8 years. Where was his energy policy. Clinton - other than to cut the defense budget so terrorists had an easier time getting in, and helping Fannie and Freddie get loose on the public and eat away at the economy and dump it on the next president, where were they! Wake up idealistic people and realize it took all of us to get here, and we better have the courage to work together and quit blaming Bush. I have a big news flash for you all. That stupid argument will not muster in the future books. sparklestheclown (youtube) Gammy Sparkles

My response?

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