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I was looking at PubMedCentral (the National Library of Medicine online access to full length research studies) because I felt the need to understand the psychology at work in people who are conspiracy theorists. Since CSPAN Washington Journal did a 45 minute segment this week on Jade Helm 15 (thereby ipso facto legitimizing it on a sliding scale), I thought I would educate myself a bit.

Somehow, I landed in a scholarly article on Choice, and subsequently, a primer on fetal homicide laws.

Forgetting about the conspiracies, I decided to search Pro Life

I selected a site called, a US based website. I couldn't believe I was really seeing this headline:

11 Year Old Rejects Abortion After Raped By Brother

The child is British. This occured several years ago. There is no mention of any consequences for her rapist brother...I will look elsewhere.

The adults operating this website are apparently relieved and gleeful about the whole gosh darn thing, because...uh,

A footnote at the end of the article states that the girl  in the story is giving words of encouragement to Britain's youngest parents-to-be this year; a girl, 11, and a boy, 13

I don't have a cogent end to this diary.

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Fri Apr 03, 2015 at 06:00 AM PDT

Summoning Benny Hill

by SpringHopeCarolina

I will be brief.

I watch Washington Journal, the CSPAN morning program featuring guests who have different topical views responding to viewers calling in with questions or comments.

One does not have to be particularly astute to identify callers who have ingested heaping platefuls of hate-laced fear mongering pathogens.

During a segment on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a particularly refined viewer made me wax nostaligic about the trademark Benny Hill facial mannerism needing no words to elicit a laugh when he said:

They had a meeting on sustainable population at the Sierra Club.
They said in order to reduce the population, we need to do these things. Push as many abortions as possible. Promote homosexuality, and attack Christians that stand in the way of doing this. If they plan to do this, EPA and Sierra Club, they plan to make as many homosexuals as possible to reduce the population. They are talking about bad things with these homosexuals, yet when they talk to them, they act like they are all behind them, they are wonderful. They got an agenda against them. They think the white people and black people -- abortions and homosexuals will clear the way for them (implied:Hispanic people) to be the main population. Could you say anything about this? Thank you.[sic]

His and his ilk want to take back their country, enforce their Constitution (translated: Second Amendment guarantee of open-carry for white people ), and strike from history, "the Muslim (translated: ungodly blasphemous), most divisive racist (psychological projection) empty suit ever to occupy the White House."


Fri Mar 06, 2015 at 09:44 PM PST

21st Century Subjugation

by SpringHopeCarolina

There are really no words to describe the GOP that truly capture that naked institution's utter disregard of and disdain toward people who do not look like, speak like, believe like, love like, or live like its membership.

To be fair, there might be some closeted individuals in the caucus who do not share the collective’s degree of fearful and hostile ethnocentrism.

But, the harsh truth is thus: anonymity is complicity in the Grand Old Party.

Has the GOP made any public statements regarding
the report on Ferguson released this week? Anything?

Rep Scalise? Speaker?
Majority Leader? Anyone?

Listening to the press conference or reading the
report, it is disturbingly clear how the Ferguson police and local courts

There is no accusation of racism here;

there is a mountain of profane, pervasive, and tragic proof.. The consequences of the practices of and collusion among the police, courts, prosecutor, and others have cost the entire community immeasurable, irreplaceable losses.

This is not hyperbole; this is not someone on Facebook accusing someone of racism.

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Dr. Ben Carson is speaking now at the National Press Club. He just said that the press needs to be honest and truthful and non-partisan

He works for FOX

He wants to run for President, at least he is towing the party line


I commented in a thread at the end of an online article about the ACA coverage gap in many Republican states.  I intended to post a few supportive words and suggestions for "KJ", who explained that his/her best friend was terminally ill, suffering, and unable to get Medicaid because Pat McCrory is amoral.

At first, I was really angry about "KJs" friend's tragic and needless victimization by Governor Tom McCrory, but THEN, I read the response from...ahem..."Wiser Now".

"Wiser Now"?? What did that pseudonym imply? I had some ideas.

"Wiser Now" was the cookie cutter, quintessential generic Republican.

Was "Wiser Now" understanding.... respectful? One might have that impression for the first few words. Then the message crystallized, veiled in syrupy sweet, godly, genuine concern.

"Wiser Now" told KJ that the predicament was the President's fault, and advised him/her to be angry at the President...oh, and..God loves you..he will take care of the problem..pray..."

I was angry as hell! From my perspective, just Like the governor, "Wiser Now"  had utterly dismissed "KJ" as a nonperson.

"KJ" was not worthy of or deserving of anyone else's time, energy, or consideration. Just....go....away...

Wanting "KJ" to know that there was someone who saw that "Wiser Now" was a mouthpiece, and that someone empathized with the feelings of betrayal.... I added an impulsive knee-jerk (but lengthy) comment from the right side of my brain.

Before you follow the squiggle to read the comment thread....

The title of this article about the Medicaid gap needs to be an inflammatory bullhorn to get people to pause, read it, get enraged, and then go vote the governor  out of office.

" Guilty Direct Purveyors of Evil Disregard for the Needless Pain and Suffering They are Causing American Citizens,         Malicious Passive-Aggressive Republican Governors and Legislatures Refuse to Expand Life-Saving Medicaid.... because..... they hate President Obama"
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Mon Feb 03, 2014 at 05:05 PM PST

Michele Bachmann Live!

by SpringHopeCarolina

Michele Bachmann is ranting on the floor of the House right now. She talked about war with Mao Tse-tung? She, personally, has an ongoing diplomatic relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Says President Obama has ordered the Israelis to retreat to pre-1967 border which is a suicide mission. She is angry and is whining loudly. I will wait for the transcript and translation.

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