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Thu Mar 19, 2015 at 05:26 PM PDT

Car Rental Thievery (UPDATED)

by Steve15

This will be short and to the point.  My daughter was the victim of a rental car con game and I just can't let it go without warning potential victims.  Recently she rented a car from Enterprise in Phoenix and declined insurance.  When she and her husband carefully looked the car over as much as possible as it was after dark, no damage was apparent.  When she returned the car, an agent looked under the rear bumper and found a 2" scratch in the clear coat that was not visible unless one got down on hands and knees.  Enterprise insisted on filing a claim and charged the credit card $250 before they were allowed to leave and catch their plane.  Fortunately, my daughter has a credit card that covers rental car damage as one of the benefits.  I don't know if this practice is widespread or even if it is common with Enterprise.  I have never had rental car issues, but I'm concerned that the rules of the game may be changing.

UPDATE:  Check out the comments to see the response by Enterprise.  I was surprised to see this, especially since it was late at night.  The good news here is that there is some attention paid to social media by corporations.  The best outcome would be if other rental car companies are also keeping track of sites like dKos and realize the possible consequences of their actions.  My daughter was surprised to see an email from Enterprise, and I am sure this particular situation will be resolved.


This won't be much of a diary.  I came across a story which explains where we currently stand in a way I never could.  It was written by the mother of a mentally ill son.  I'm frankly surprised I haven't seen this covered on dKos.  If any of you think gun control in the form of limiting firepower might be a path forward, I would like to have you imagine what a motivated suicide bomber, acting alone, might accomplish if he were intelligent enough to construct a device on his own, and then read this.


The OWS movement has been somewhat successful in drawing attention the the vast differences in wealth and opportunity we are currently experiencing.  I firmly believe, however, that the primary drivers for change are economic.  This can take the form of a boycott, which is what the "move your money" movement basically boils down to, or withholding services, which is the foundation of the labor movement.  There is something on the horizon which will shake the Wall Street power structure to the core, and which might be a major driver for change in the future.  Follow me over the fold.  

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The postings on Daily Kos on the politics of the healthcare reform issue have been extensive, with multiple diaries daily.  After reading an article in the September issue of Atlantic, I think that everyone involved would benefit with exposure to the facts presented in it.  There is nothing that Obama hasn't mentioned in one way or another, but the presentation of the facts in context is well worth the time it takes to read.  One example:

Confiscating all the profits of all American companies, in every industry, wouldn't cover even five months of our health-care expenses.

 The article can be found here:  How American Health Care Killed My Father  More below the fold.

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I can't believe this hasn't been diaried yet.  Today's print edition of the Wall Street Journal has a story on the front page regarding denial of passports to Hispanic citizens in Texas.  Details below the fold.  

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I am very fortunate to be sitting here typing this diary.  Heart disease runs in my family.  My father died in his early 50's from a heart attack, and I lost my brother to a sudden heart attack on March 20.  I'm 66, and my brother was 63.  I've been thinking about writing a diary on this topic, and the death of Tim Russert makes this an opportune time.  There has been an excellent diary on heart attack prevention by MisterOpus1,   which I encourage you to read.
 MisterOpus1 diary

I would like to address the issue from a different point of view.  I firmly believe that preventive measures should be taken early.  Continue on to read what I think has helped me to stay out of trouble.

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Tue May 29, 2007 at 07:45 AM PDT

What if you saw a UFO?

by Steve15

This isn't a joke.  Most discussions of UFO sightings focus on reported sightings and reactions of those who saw the object or objects.  If you consider yourself a rational individual with a good understanding of the physical world, actually having the experience of seeing a UFO can be a life changing event.  A recent poll on Daily Kos was very interesting.  About a third of us have advanced degrees.  I have a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics.  I'm 65, and I've been a private pilot since the age of 18, and am used to looking at objects in the sky.  My wife, who also saw the objects is a Ph.D. clinical psychologist who testifies in court as an expert witness from time to time.  Our experience follows:  

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