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Thu May 21, 2015 at 10:07 AM PDT

Cause I know you want this shirt!

by TexMex

A middle school is trying to raise funds for a ShelterBox.

BRADENTON — Sugg Middle School held a “Support Nepal” day recently to educate students about the tragic series of earthquakes and to initiate a fundraising effort to help provide relief. Teachers Rachel Kutz and Dana Mills worked with Principal Darlene Proue to organize the day in which all teachers taught the same lesson plans.

The first two periods of the day focused on the country of Nepal. The next two periods focused on plate tectonics and earthquakes; the fifth period examined media coverage; sixth period was devoted to students writing as if they were a victim of the earthquake and seventh period involved the concept of global outreach.

Three big jugs have been place in the school’s cafeteria, one for each grade, to collect loose change. The grades will compete to see who can fill their jug the fullest. The money raised will be donated to relief efforts in Nepal through Shelterbox.


Tue May 12, 2015 at 12:49 PM PDT

Shelterbox is on the ground

by TexMex

4 ShelterBoxes and 525 towards 5th

Donate here:
I wrote none of this.
Cutting and pasting from the ShelterBox Website

Wednesday 06 May 2015

Video: ‘The destruction is totally overwhelming’ ShelterBox response volunteer Nicola Hinds (UK) assesses the level of need for shelter in Nepal's remote villages

ShelterBox response team members Becky Maynard and Nicola Hinds (both from the UK) have been assessing the need for aid in the remote villages of Nepal following last week’s deadly earthquake.

They travelled northwest from the capital of Kathmandu to get a better understanding of the level of destruction, what type of shelter would be needed and how best to transport it.

Becky described the difficult driving conditions to reach these communities: "The roads to this hard-to-reach area had just been cleared of landslide debris, and even then were difficult to navigate. It was a dry day but in wet conditions it would be treacherous to any vehicles."

In this video, fellow team member Nicola shows us the amount of destruction caused in the villages that they came across, where bricks and timber have cascaded down the mountainside and people have been living under nothing but plastic sheeting.

During the assessments, the ShelterBox volunteers travelled with the GEA Search and Rescue organization from Turkey, who were distributing food and clean water, along with medics from Switzerland who were providing emergency medical assistance to people who had been injured by the quake.

Becky said: "Despite the tragedy of the situation this was the first time we had seen hope rather than fear in people. This was the first time that aid of any kind had reached the villages and just knowing that people were coming to them seemed to make all the difference. I was so pleased to see the relief on people’s faces after days of wondering if help would ever come."

ShelterBox has been distributing aid in Nepal, including providing tents to hospitals in Kathmandu that had been badly damaged by the quake and to temporary medical facilities in Sindhupalchok.

A further consignment of aid, including tents and shelter kits, has arrived in the country and will be distributed to families in the district of Sindhupalchok this week.


   The scale of destruction across the Himalayan country of Nepal since Saturday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake is immense.

·         Since then, several aftershocks have taken place, ranging from 5 to 6.7 in magnitude.

·         More than 7,500 people are reported to have been killed and at least 15,000 people have also been injured, although these figures are likely to rise.

·         Hospitals are being overwhelmed as more patients arrive and supplies run low.

·         8.1 million people are reported to be in need of humanitarian assistance.

·         Nepal’s prime minister Sushil Koirala said his government was doing all it could, but was overwhelmed.

·         With hundreds of thousands of people sleeping outdoors in makeshift shelters, thunderstorms forecast, mountain snows melting, and the monsoon season due, the growing risk of landslides and flash flooding will add to the challenges for rescue and relief teams.

Currently, there are 12 ShelterBox Response Team members working in Nepal.

·         The first chartered flight of aid arrived into Nepal late last night.

·         We have confirmation that this aid has been granted release from customs and tomorrow will travel via truck from the airport in Kathmandu to the outlying region of Sindhupalchowk. This journey would normally take around three hours but may take significantly longer now due to severe road damage.


There are still matching funds available!!!!!

Donate here!
Can print the donation form here
First ShelterBox aid distributed to hospitals in Kathmandu
After Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years, hospitals in the country’s capital Kathmandu were devastated, forcing medical staff to treat their patients outside with dwindling supplies.

However, ShelterBox has been able to provide tents to four hospitals in the city creating safe, covered spaces where patients can be treated in privacy. They will be used for carrying out minor operations, changing dressings and as mobile health clinics.

Phil Duloy, ShelterBox response team member, said: 'Most hospitals in Kathmandu have just been condemned, so we are immediately distributing our pre-positioned stocks in the city to give a space for the medical staff to treat the patients who have been evacuated in the hospital grounds.'

Fellow response team member and former nurse and midwife Nicola Hinds describes the scene at one of the hospitals. She said: ‘The devastation is enormous. My husband is a general practitioner and it really puts things into perspective about how lucky we are when you see the scene here. People are being treated in the open air with limited resources - the difference is staggering.'

ShelterBox is also sending further aid to Nepal, starting with 500 shelter kits, which can be used to mend structures and create temporary shelters. However, our pre-positioned stocks of equipment in the country meant that the response team was able to start helping people whose lives have been shattered by the earthquake as soon as they arrived in the country.


See my previous diary!


In my mailbox to ShelterBox Ambassadors ....
There is a new huge $100,000 dollar Matching opportunity from the Latika and Rajiv Jain Foundation to match every dollar starting May 1 at 1:00!!!!
Please consider giving as the time is limited!
The money raised will go into the general funds for ShelterBox.
Donate here...
Latika & Rajiv Jain Charitable Foundation Matching Gift Campaign
Starting May 1st, the first $100,000 in donations to this campaign will be matched!
Thanks to the generous support from the Latika & Rajiv Jain Charitable Foundation which has pledged $100,000 in matching funds, the impact of gifts of any size – online, via mail or by phone – will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Gifts will be allocated to replenishing aid for future disasters as well as servicing current deployments like Nepal. Please note: All donations for this matching gift program will be applied to our ShelterBox Solution fund. No box numbers will be assigned.
Help provide shelter, warmth and dignity to families who have lost their homes and possessions following the devastation in Nepal and disasters just like it. ShelterBox helps some of the world's most vulnerable people. Your gift will help us provide them with the tools they need to survive and begin rebuilding their lives.
 (WLS photos)

Donate here...
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 (WLS photos)

Donate here...
Hospitals unsafe. ShelterBoxes pressed into service as hospitals!
After Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years, hospitals in the country’s capital Kathmandu were devastated, forcing medical staff to treat their patients outside with dwindling supplies.

However, ShelterBox has been able to provide tents to four hospitals in the city creating safe, covered spaces where patients can be treated in privacy. They will be used for carrying out minor operations, changing dressings and as mobile health clinics too.

We need 200 dollars to finish up ShelterBox number 4!!!!!!!!!!
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Donate here!
Hi everyone,
Sorry for writing so late but I can't write till I am free from my baby duties.
So far we have bought 2 ShelterBoxes and now the Kossack who matched 500 in previous diaries is now offering another 500 match. That we now have 275 towards that match a third box.
So if you are going to donate to ShelterBox, please tell me in the comments, facebook or kos mail.

Also please share and tweet rec and tip.
You people are the best!!!!!
Thank you so much to the mystery Kossack making the 500 match challenge.

ShelterBox lands in Nepal!

A Response Team volunteer  message to donors.
ShelterBox Response Team volunteer Becky Maynard has a message for donors and supporters which we're releaseing as she's 30,000 feet in the air flying to join the ShelterBox relief efforts in Nepal after Saturday's eaarthquake.

 photo boxcontents_large.jpg

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Well here I am still begging because.... it works!
My last diary closes out Shelterbox 2!!!!!!!!!!

Donate here:
Don't have much to say posted this as a billboard.
Just know there is a new 500 dollar match pending your donations.

Mon Apr 27, 2015 at 11:55 AM PDT

Shelterbox 1 and 785 toward Box 2

by TexMex

Donate here:
A message to me from ShelterBox's Alan Monroe!!!!
Alan Monroe: Awesome. Thank you Elsa and the readers of your blog!!
See we are having an impact. Do it!
People are giving and telling, so I am counting!

We have done one box and have $510 towards Box 2.

Gallery of ShelterBox images!

BBC pictures of Kathmandu

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 photo boxcontents_large.jpg
Good Morning Daily Kos.
Looks like another aftershock hit. 6.7 magnitude.

Got an offer to match $500.00 towards a ShelterBox.
So here I am again.  Hat in hand asking you you to post your donations so we can see if we can send 1 whole box.

Donate here:
No mentioning the person who is doing the matching as they sent this as a message.

You know the routine! If you donate post here and I will add it up and see if we can get one box up as a community.
Thank you so much for all your support in this.
Looks like yet another after shock hit.

Here is a short video of what ShelterBox does.

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 photo boxcontents_large.jpg

The diary on the earthquake is here by bevenroDEUX.

ShelterBox is getting ready to go to India. Lots of ShelterBoxes are already prepositioned.
ShelterBox page on it.
DONATION PAGE for ShelterBox is here

A ShelterBox response team is preparing to travel to Nepal to see how ShelterBox can be of assistance following an earthquake measuring 7.8 in magnitude.

The quake occurred between the major cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara , with tremors felt as far away as Delhi in India. More than 500 people are reported to have died following the earthquake, while there is extensive damage to homes and buildings.

ShelterBox is already in talks with several aid agencies and Rotary contacts based in Nepal to see where we can help.

Dave Ray, ShelterBox Operations Coordinator, said: "One of our contacts based in Kathmandu told us that the environment is filled with fear and that people have been told to expect more tremors. There is a lot of damage in Kathmandu and emergency relief will be required for sure."

In addition, a ShelterBox response team is heading to Nepal to get a first-hand idea of the scale of destruction and the level of need for shelter. We already have aid, including tents, prepositioned in the country, which could be used as emergency clinics, as well as shelters in the immediate aftermath.

Sadly, ShelterBox has responded to several disasters in Nepal throughout the years. Most recently ShelterBox provided aid to people who had lost their homes in the north of the country due to flooding and landslides last autumn.

View our gallery of images from our previous response in Nepal:

There are prepositioned ShelterBoxes, so thanks you to all who have already been donating to ShelterBox because that allows them to be ahead of the game!
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