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Les Beastiables ("Les Bez"):  Beasties say the darnedest things!

Today's Beastiable is Senator Lindsey Giraffe.  He is of course a parody of Senator Lindsey Graham, who announced this week that he is running for President.  He has said plenty of beastly things in his time, thus earning his turn as one of Les Beastiables.
Senator Lindsey Giraffe parody of Senator Lindsey Graham, who has just announced for President.
NOTE:  This series features a new Les Beastiables cartoon every Wednesday about 1:30-1:45 PM Eastern.  We indulge in a little Franglish because the French are tres classy.  But I digresse.

For serious source information, please join me below the orange squirming of beasties on the hot seat.  As always, you'll be able to "cleanse your palate" with a cute photo before you leave.


Who is at fault for the Republican environmental platform?

2%1 votes
2%1 votes
63%23 votes
0%0 votes
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13%5 votes
5%2 votes
8%3 votes

| 36 votes | Vote | Results

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Wed Jun 03, 2015 at 06:59 AM PDT

Whose Choice

by bfitzinAR

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This is a letter to the editor I wrote back in September 2004.  Unfortunately it's still pertinent.  Head below the orange thingy to read it.

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Flora's Organics is the tiny one-woman organic seedling/plant/flower/veg/fruit nursery of VERY LOW INCOME kosak Mona Twocats-Romero, a Native American in the running at the WellsFargo Works Project small business $25,000 Contest. Please click on that link and then on the red rectangular button at the lower left side of her video at that page to vote for her organic business, help save bees and other natural pollinator species, and yeah, help save the planet.

This is a literal "Think Global, Act Local" chance for ALL OF US to make a difference:

Kosak mtwocats started Flora's Organics with the fall 2014 garden planting season, donating to community-garden-related non-profit organizations in Bakersfield a third of the plants she grew from seed to help them get a start, as well as selling to customers.
Your browser may not let you back to her page if you go to look at other businesses entered, so here's her contest entry page again.

Flora's Organics is so small that delivery of purchases is only throughout the Kern County CA Bakersfield-and-environs area, but customers who can drive from further away can arrange a meet-up to pick up their purchases. Here's Flora's Organics website and a July 2014 diary on her start-up. Here's the Flora's Organics listing in the Kos Katalogue GARDENING AND SUPPLIES section and this is mtwocats at Daily Kos.

Two clicks is all it takes to give Flora's Organics YOUR VOTE ... a vote to make a big banking industry heavy hitter help a hardworking low-income Native American woman instead of just the upper 1% for a change. Please put your political convictions into your clicks - it's not a lot to ask and it can keep her struggling little business, her sole income, from going under, and instead raise her up and an earth-friendly earth-saving business too. How often does an opportunity like that come along? Not a lot. Please help by clicking here and then on the red rectangle below left (of course!) at her video at the contest page.

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Among other threats to his ex-wife, Anthony Douglas Elonis posted this on his Facebook wall:
If I only knew then what I know now, I would have smothered your ass with a pillow, dumped your body in the back seat, dropped you off in Toad Creek, and made it look like a rape and murder.
At trial, Elonis’s ex-wife and co-workers all testified that they felt afraid from what he had posted, and viewed these posts as serious threats. Elonis was convicted for making online threats via interstate commerce and sentenced to 44 months in prison, after the judge had instructed the jury that Elonis could be convicted so long as "a reasonable person would foresee that the statement would be interpreted by those to whom the maker communicates the statement as a serious expression of an intention to inflict bodily injury or take the life of an individual." (Elonis's defense was that, as a budding rapper, "Tone Dougie," he was merely engaging in artistic expression like Eminem.)

According to the Supreme Court, the judge employed too loose of a standard. In a 7-2 decision today, the court reversed Elonis's conviction, holding that prosecutors had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he intended his remarks as a threat or knew that his ex-wife would see it that way. (The court left open for another day whether he could be convicted if he were merely reckless as to how she would take it.)  

Updated: Elonis has already served approximately three years in federal prison and was released in February 2014, so it is unlikely there will be further proceedings.

Much, much more below the fold, including why Justice Alito might be the only correct Justice here. Really.

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  What the heck happened to the right's views that big government is bad ? You hear them repeatedly railing against government regulations of corporations and railing against all these taxes on the rich and yet when  it comes right down to it they want to create even more government intrusion into our lives.

   You can see it with their interest in women's reproductive healthcare. They want to stick their anti regulation noses into that so deep you wonder if they will come out the other side. First you have all this interest in contraceptives. See the far religious right believe all contraceptives are bad. That they are against God's Will. This is their religious view that they wish to foist upon the nation.

   Let's look at that sentence for a second. Do you see anything wrong with it ? Okay it might not be structured perfectly. But I am asking about what it actually says not the grammar. I am a little pissed about that sentence. Why should their religious views take precedent over all others ? There is no medical reason to deny contraception to men and women. It is 100% religious. They do the exact same thing with Abortion.

  Uh oh I said the A word. Watch out the far right religious nuts will be marching on my front lawn now. See abortion triggers this irrational fear in right wing religious people. I can understand their belief that this is against God's Will. What I can't understand is their belief that the rest of the country must follow their religious views.
The whole debate is not for women's health as they try and say. The Republicans bend over backwards to kiss this groups collective ass and draw up all these laws and regulations to pander to them. But we all know that these laws have nothing whatsoever to do with a woman's health. The whole point is to block access to a service that is not only legal, but extremely safe when done by a medical professional. They do have every single thing to do with the religous Rights' views that Abortion is against their religion. So why have we let their religious views become law in America ? Why has one single version of Christianity gotten their beliefs ensconed into law ? Isn't there supposed to be a brick wall separating religion and civil law ? If they can have laws written to codify their beliefs into law what is next ? How about Some Jewish laws ? You know like Kosher dietary restrictions. No ? Okay how about Some Jehovah Witness laws  or maybe better yet some Scientology laws, oh wait that would put Tom Cruise back jumping all over some talk show couchs and we can't have that so how about some Mormon laws. Those sound good. Let's make it law that we can have as many husbands or woves as we can support. No? man you sure are hard to please. So it is okay to have laws from one sect of Christianity but not from any other religions ? Isn't that just a bit UnAmerican ?

   Jump on down below the orange snow doodle and let's see what the Supreme Court is doing to save us from this religious encroachment.  

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Her full name is Brandi Nicole Stanley.

I am her father.

Remember her, please.

She never wrote a diary after registering, because she never thought it would be good enough, or that someone might not like it. Not that she didn’t have ideas and opinions. She did. She did not suffer fools, especially bullies, or those who were unkind to animals and the handicapped. She never met a stranger, and ‘picked up strays’, both two and four legged.  She lived her life by the adage Wee Mama uses for her sig line. The Golden Rule.

She left us forever the evening of Memorial Day.  Last week, while lying in the bed provided by Hospice, she began to speak. I was on one side of her and Joy of Fishes on the other. As she spoke, JoF grabbed her notebook and began writing frantically, taking down as much as she could. The monster had invaded her brain and lungs by this time, so speaking was difficult. She was having difficulty articulating. We had to listen carefully to understand what she was saying.

These two speeches by a young 26-year-old woman who knew she was dying are worthy of a diary in her own name. DKos administrators agreed, and I thank them for that, especially elfling.

The following is a verbatim transcript of her words as the CelticLassie spoke them.

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I have recently learned that climate change will be MUCH worse than previously thought:  It is already affecting chocolate!  That's right, the elixir that gives guys a fighting chance is already 25% more expensive.  By 2020, chocolate could be as rare as fine caviar.  Can civilization survive a chocolate shortage?!

Flooding on the island of Hawaii
Flooding in Hawaii
Some of you softies have been crying about your loss of coastline, wetlands and drinking water; flooding of your Atlantic Cities, your Bostons, your Floridas, your Hawaiis; your shortages of grains, fruits and vegetables, livestock and fish; your loss of big mammals like polar bears and reindeer.
Polar bears and climate change karma
If only karma were this easy....
But no chocolate?  This is a real emergency!!!

As everyone knows and study by the University of Arizona College of Medicine confirms:

Chocolate cravings... fluctuate with hormonal changes....  Chocolate cravings are real.  The psychopharmacologic and chemosensory effects of chocolate must be considered when formulating recommendations for overall healthful eating.

There, see?  The world will not be a healthful place without chocolate.  Medical scientists agree.

As Inga Muscio has said:

The crazed... [unpleasant woman] from irritation hell recedes.  In her place arises a side of ourselves with whom we may not -- at first -- be comfortable.  She is a vulnerable, highly perceptive genius.
We must not lose our chocolate!!  Our powers and our abilities are at stake!
Chocolate bourbon fudge from the monks at Gethsemani Farms
How can bourbon chocolate fudge no longer be a thing?!
So what will you do about it?  Here's a good list from the National Resources Defense Council (please click the link for details):  Choose renewable energy; offset your carbon footprint; drive smarter, drive less, or don't drive at all; weatherize your home; buy energy-efficient appliances (and electronics); and of course, keep the pressure on Congress and the EPA that you expect them to take action to limit climate change.  The NRDC also recommends buying compact fluorescent light bulbs, but I can't recommend those; they have mercury in them, and if they break and you have pets, they could end up poisoned.  No thanks!  But there are other low-energy lighting choices.

Which actions to slow climate change have you taken and/or will you take?

For other women's issues, please join me below the orange tense, twisted, cramped-up thingy.

Topics in bold below include body shaming, intersectionality, ISIS, catcalling, abortion and malpractice, 3 hilarious items, 2 action items, 2 good news items; and, unfortunately, sad news, but you need to know.

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It took long enough.

U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller of Alabama, who last summer was arrested on charges he beat his wife in a hotel room in Atlanta, announced today that he will resign his lifetime appointment.

Fuller -- the judge who presided over the case of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman -- wrote a letter to President Obama and the 11th Circuit saying he will step down on Aug. 1.

Rep. Terri Sewell, D-Birmingham, said she welcomed the announcement from Fuller and is relieved that Congress can avoid going through an impeachment process.

"Justice was not served. We sent the wrong message to victims of domestic violence by allowing a federal judge to collect a paycheck — without managing a caseload — and ultimately having his record expunged," Sewell said. "Judge Fuller failed to uphold the values we hold dear."

Alabama's GOP congresswoman was also happy to see him go.
Rep. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, said Fuller made the right decision to resign.

"I hope this situation has brought more attention to the issue of domestic violence, both locally and nationally. Domestic violence is an all too common problem in our society. Violent acts against loved ones cannot not be tolerated, and we have to ensure victims are empowered to seek help," Roby said.

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The son of friends of my mother was six years old when I first baby sat for them.

He could not sit up or control the movements of his head. He never would.

He would never crawl, stand, walk, feed himself, or run outside to play. He would never be able to ride a bike, play a video game, try out for sports, or learn how to drive a car. He would never be able to hug his parents and tell them he loved them.  

He would always have the brain function of a three month old, no matter what birthday arrived - the 12th or 58th.

It was heartbreaking. And I was only an occasional baby sitter.
What his parents were and would deal with, beggared mind and heart.

At some point they were going to need far more help than a teenage babysitter could provide.

At some point he would become too big for his mom to lift. At some point, the physical demands of his care would become larger than their hearts.

At some point the constant heartbreak would become too much to bear. All the broken dreams of what he could have been, should have been, would pile up as each milestone passed, as the exhaustion of each day grew larger.

Eventually they had to place him in a specialized care facility. That was the last I heard of them.

I think they moved shortly thereafter, away from memories of all the shattered dreams of children and family.  

I don't know if they found the infinite courage to try to have another child. Wouldn't blame them if they never did.  Some risks are more than heart and soul can bear.

I never knew what the little boy's diagnosis was. There's a long list of things that can go wrong with a fetus.  

Today, I've been thinking about him and his parents. Reading what Republican Legislators in Ohio and other states have been up to brought the family vividly to life again.

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The title of this diary was the title of a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee for the Constitution that was held on May 20, 2015. The subcommittee is chaired by John Cornyn, who has been a champion of this cause; Dick Durbin is ranking member. Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley and ranking member Patrick Leahy also attended. The panel was made up of Debbie Smith, a rape survivor who founded Hope Exists After Rape Trauma, or HEART, and who has been a strong advocate for this cause;  Skylor Hearn, Ass't. Director of the Texas Dept. or Public Safety, responsible for implementing Texas' rape kit backlog law; Scott Berkowitz, President of the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, or RAINN, which, among other things, runs the national sexual assault hotline; Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who was instrumental in passing the Illinois Sexual Assault Evidence Submission Act, and currently chairs the Illinois sexual assault working group; and Sarah Haacke Byrd, chairman of the Joyful Heart Foundation, a group started by actor Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order SVU.

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Fri May 29, 2015 at 01:48 PM PDT

A quick call to action in Ca

by askyron

Reposted from askyron by mettle fatigue Editor's Note: A significant majority of the disabled are women, especially as time goes on. -- mettle fatigue

Those of you who know the disability community in Ca, also likely know the Lanterman Act.  It has provided the legal underpinning for what was once the world leading support for the disabled in Ca.  Sadly,  we've had some problems lately, and we now need to mobilize some support so we can continue having state of the art support for our disabled.

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Graphic image of multicultural women by artist Michelle Robonson
Graphic by Michelle Robinson.  Used by permission of the artist.
Activist women have walked many different paths, and have come from many different places and life experiences to get to where we are today. We are bound together in a shared spirit that transcends race, ethnicity and class. We are sisters.  

Hear our voices.


SpiritSisters: Writing In Women's Voices is a group of women from all walks of life who have come together to tell our stories and discuss women's issues and rights. We come from every ethnic group, from multiple sexual orientations and gender identities, from a broad spectrum of ability status, from a wide array of socioeconomic classes, and from a diversity of traditions and cultures – spiritual, religious, and secular.  

Dominant culture narratives do not represent our lives; they elide, alter, and erase.  We are sisters in spirit, and we are taking back our narratives. We are joining together in a circle of mutual trust and support to share our stories, our histories, our identities, our very selves, as individual women and as members of all of the diverse communities and intersections where we live — and doing so in our own voices.

We discuss the harms women experience when the dominant culture does not accurately consider, believe or hear women's voices.

We will also celebrate and share the strengths of our sisters in struggle, and the stories of women who are making a difference.

 SpiritSisters will be posting Thursday 4:30 pm (Pacific)/7:30 pm (Eastern) each week, and additional postings when members have time available. We are sending email notices (BCC to ensure privacy of email addresses) when diaries are posted. If you would like to join our email list, please kosmail rb137.

If you are interested in hearing our voices and reading our stories, we ask that you click "Follow."



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Daily Kos has always been host to the voices of wide range of women. Many Daily Kos editors and staff members are female. Daily Kos hosts a current series "This Week in the War on Women," which provides a weekly summary of news on women's issues and information on current political actions." Women on Daily Kos are individual diarists, commenters, administrators of community groups, rescue rangers, fund raisers for those in need, and readers.

We feel that we need a space here for you to hear our individual voices, telling our herstories of both joy and pain. We realize that not all women are feminists, and not all women are progressive, but we know the path to making that change is open through education and sharing from the heart. We are also aware that the culture we live in has erected barriers between and among women, and those men who support our struggles.

We SpiritSisters as a group, are resolved to celebrate difference, break through barriers, and to promote and build solidarity with love and respect.

Please join us in this effort.

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