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Thu Apr 02, 2015 at 02:23 PM PDT

Yeah... Not Putting Up With

by TooFolkGR

...this motherfucking bullshit.

I commented in that diary, but this is going up as a diary because commenting in it again provides the diarist with attention that he or she has lost all rights to for the rest of his or her time here.

The most common tactic employed by Obama supporters, when deflecting criticism away from the president, is to play the race card. But that ploy only resonates with a very small segment of American voters today. It has been so overplayed it has lost its credibility.
Yeah. That claim only resonates with people of color, people who give two shits about what happens to people of color, and people who understand that there are some shoes you can't walk in, and you have to trust the people on the long hard road to describe it to you.  "The ploy" only resonates with people who read a fucking newspaper once in a while, or have ever read a fucking Shaun King diary, or have ever worked a campaign in the inner city.  
What is more important, and what has been clearly illustrated by the responses posted in the comment section of his diary, is that many minority Democrats truly want white voters to leave.
You could have saved us all a lot of time by making the headline of yesterday's diary "Progressives are Leaving the Party Because Blacks Want them Gone."

This was the point when I though to myself: Surely nobody who rec'd this complete and utter piece of shit has ever had a thought so disconnected from reality.  I see names on there I recognize.  These are not new people or sockpuppets.  Did the diarist edit and add this two hours in?

So let me tell you something about what I (as a white person in the Democratic party) have to say about this INSANELY RACIST SHIT.  EVERY PROGRESSIVE ACHIEVEMENT since the day we as a nation began the journey of recognizing that people of color were actually human people would have been IMPOSSIBLE without their role in the progressive movement. There is EXACTLY one group of people in this country that want white progressives and progressives of color to go their separate ways, and this is not the place to advocate their viewpoints.  Go ahead and accuse me of clapping louder, or telling you to 'love it or leave it.'  Tell the world I'm censoring you.  Call me a conservacog or a neolliberal or whatever the fuck dumb college sophomore shit you've got to say.

But do it elsewhere.  Fuck off.  Fuck off and never come back.  Not because you're progressive (I'm a progressive).  Not becauase you're a populist (I'm a populist).  But because you are an insufferable ignorant asshole who--if you have ever contributed ANYTHING MEANINGFUL HERE - blew through that balance and into the red in a SPECTACULAR FASHION.

I'm a white man and I'm a gay man.  I don't know what the other diarist is and I don't care.  I will not read this shit here.  Never again.  I will burn every HR I have on anyone and everyone who repeats it or supports it, and I'll stop when they ban me.

Censorship is the wrong policy for the DKos; the last purge of populists created a lot of ill will, and at a time when there is so much anger being directed at the Democratic Party, it is foolish to try to intimidate a large segment of Democratic voters.
The purge of populists?  If the word 'populist' was even USED here more than ten times a month sixty+ days ago, I'll eat my FUCKING hat.  Apparently there's still enough 'populists' around here to HUMILIATE this site by rec-listing complete REDSTATE FREE REPUBLIC BULLSHIT.

I'll tell you what I DO remember.  I remember the mini-purge and MASSIVE self exile of some of the most committed progressives I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with.... and that came about when this community--via flawed moderation--passively supported FAR LESS RACIST BULLSHIT THAN THIS.

Not this time.

I speak for nobody but myself, but I speak.


I might have spelled half these words wrong. I'm not shouting with my caps lock key, I'm shouting at my dining room table.

If you have any self awareness or decency AT ALL - you'll delete that piece of shit on your way out the door, and I hope the people who pushed it up the rec list start READING SHIT instead of uprating a few keywords and headlines.


If administration decides this is a flameout and I'm a goner, so be it. I can think of no other acceptable reaction to what I read today than the one I'm having right now, and I'm fine with getting kicked out of town if the sheriff disagrees with me.


Anyone who is actively engaged in the "Draft Warren" movement is not basing their decision on poll numbers.  They agree with Warren's positions and support her attitude of getting tough with institutions and individuals who are not perceived (and that's putting it mildly) of not being aligned with Main Street.

Until the deadline for declaring passes and Warren hasn't done so, or she holds an extremely direct: "Leave me alone, assholes," press conference, there is no poll from any authority that will diminish their enthusiasm by even the smallest measure.  If Warren's categorical "No" response to Fortune Magazine almost a month ago that she will not run for President in the future tense didn't, nothing else will.

I say this as someone who would happily vote for Warren in the Michigan primary if she were in it... under the assumption that she'd lose by about 40 points.

At this point, diaries based on math that refer to her chances of winning the nomination serve as productive a purpose as wearing a lapel pin to a Republican debate that says: "Evolution is real."

Dear Judges:  I didn't put anything in the "extended" section yet, so let me know if there's any pandering I can add.

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Frankly I was stunned, but this is from Youtube (I even did a WHOIS and a tracert to make SURE it was Youtube) so you know it's legit.

Update: Just a note for the computer illiterate: you'll probably rec this.


I Want to Believe

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Mon Dec 01, 2014 at 06:05 PM PST

Tiny Diary on Media Racsim

by TooFolkGR

"He Had Marijuana in his system." Nobody who knows anybody who's smoked marijuana believes that "having marijuana [in one's system]" has any conceivable relevance regarding that person's disposition towards violence. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the lack of an indictment in Ferguson, the fact that media citations of this irrelevant characteristic of the corpse of Michael Brown are tolerable in our discourse regarding someone killed--optimistically--in "a tragic accident" are a disturbing revelation of our media's blatant racism against African-Americans.  Imagine if every article described Nicole Brown Simpson as having been known to mix wine with cocaine or JenBenet Ramsey as being addicted to energy drinks.... White people would have been outraged.  

There's nothing subtle about it... it's just "Okay."


Today, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report that states--due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)--the US labor market will feature two-million fewer jobs over the next ten years.  I think it's important to note that we're not talking about two million fewer job opportunities (which would result in a net increase in unemployment) but two million fewer employed persons.  Specifically--individuals who choose underemployment or unemployment in order to keep Medicaid coverage under the ACA.  The first thing that jumped out at me in this report is the sharp contrast between how the CBO presents these lost jobs and how they were predicted by critics: Critics of the ACA claimed that increased costs for "small businesses" would directly translate to decreased job creation.  The CBO report flatly states that the 1.5-2.0% deduction in total hours worked attributable to the act will be:

--almost entirely because workers will choose to supply less labor--
Let's play the blame game below the Pillsbury Pumpkin Crescent Roll.
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Wed Jun 26, 2013 at 12:26 PM PDT

Delicious Freeper DOMA Tears

by TooFolkGR

This totes isn't a real diary, but enjoy yourself.

I clicked the links so you wouldn't have to.

Take it Away, shadeaud!

That great sucking sound that Ross Perot spoke about is getting louder and louder. Soon I, being heterosexual, will be able to claim it a disability.
If the sucking sound keeps getting louder and louder, you're probably doing it wrong.
Now, how many ‘fake marriages’ will be done just to avoid INCOME TAXES?.....................
Great question, Red Badger!  I'm going to say take the CURRENT number and add about 1.5%
I would argue that there are no legally married same sex couples, since such a union can’t be consummated due to the biology required.
That's an exceptionally compelling argument, babygene. But believe me when I say, even as an unmarried gay man I can consummate with the best of them.
What a surprise with 3 dykes passing judgment on the sane and normal. Will the ruling for the same sex marriage white trash apply to close relatives?
Sorry, Neoliberalnot.  You and your cousin Beau are still gonna have to move to North Carolina.
Maybe we should all leave before sodomy becomes mandatory.
Let's not be so hasty with leaving, zipper (seriously, it's zipper)... send a pic first!
I suppose one benefit of having Rand Paul be the next president is that all of these benefits would be gone for Sodomites
So true viennacon... and think of the money we'll save on infrastructure when we can all ride flying pigs to work.
He [Anthony Kennedy] was only Reagan’s THIRD choice!
Teddy Kennedy kept his first choice off the court!
This has Ted’s fingerprints ALL over it
First, massmike: May Ted Kennedy Rest in Peace. Second: I'm sure he wouldn't mind the credit.
“What comes after “slouching” toward Gomorrah?”

Acts of GOD: earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, fire, famine, pestilence. GOD will not be mocked.

Since Earth has never experienced any of those various "Acts of GOD" before, stars and stripes forever, I'm counting on you and Pat Robertson to tell me which ones are the "God's having a tantrum" ones.


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I'm not sure what the reasoning is at this point since i'm basing it solely on a headline... hopefully it wasn't the bullying although she wasn't exactly the dKos dream candidate either way.

OK so now there is some additional information.

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This is going to be super short, but I'm so sad right now.


My best friend lives about a block away from where the photo in this article was taken.  It's similar to something we read about a couple weeks ago with "empty chairs" hanging from trees.

The metaphor is pretty obvious, and pretty visceral.  I recognize people's rights to "lynch Obama in effigy" in their front yard... but....

Just READ THE COMMENTS under this article.  Read the people saying things like: "There's no way that chair is supposed to represent a person" and "he probably just hung it in the tree so people could see it."

I genuinely like West Michigan, but it feels like there are so many people here for whom there just isn't any hope... and many of them are probably raising children.  Will their children be this broken?  

I might actually try to make it to the Diversity group's meeting next week just because I'm terrified that they'll be overrun by rednecks like the ones posting comments.

So sad.


I seriously do not know how we elected this dildo.

Snyder's plan actually has two prongs, the first of which hardcore conservatives will actually hate:

The governor proposed a program to stop truancy in public schools, calling on the Michigan Department of Human Services to put more social workers in public elementary schools in Flint, Detroit, Pontiac and Saginaw.

"I also call on DHS to require regular school attendance as a condition for eligibility for temporary cash assistance," Snyder said.

There should probably be more social workers in ALL our Public Schools, since the initial gutting, subsequent regutting, and continued guttage of both education and programs that support students and their families can ONLY mean an increased need for the support of Social Workers. But then with his second nerd-breath, he tells us what they'd be doing there: Helping take attendance so we can cut the welfare benefits of the families that don't show up.

Note that I have NO IDEA whether or not this plan will help with truancy.  I think it's too simple to say "It won't," because we don't like the methodology.  But I wouldn't support delivering electric shocks to the parents of truants either, and that might be effective too.  The fact is that there just isn't a relationship between the money they're talking about taking away and the time that students spend in school.

More evil genius below the fold.

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Frank Luntz appeared at a campaign stop (technically true, but see update) for Rick Santorum in Michigan and really ran through some of his best material.

"Or, that of all the places Hillary Clinton could choose to live, she chose Chappaqua, New York," he said. "Did you know Chappaqua is Indian for 'separate bedrooms?'"
ZING! That's topical.  BILL CLINTON'S PENIS!  I bet Wolf Blitzer wrote that line.
"When I came into Grand Rapids I stopped at the McDonald's," he said. "Did you see that they all had that new Obama 'Happy Meal?'-- order anything you want and the guy behind you has to pay for it."
Hey, GRAND RAPIDS!  That's where I LIVE!  That's playing to the audience right there, what a professional.  Still, he could have localized it further by referring to the Grand Coney on Michigan Avenue. 4/5 for style.

C'mon though, we aren't even like... trying to kill the President with our car yet.

"I actually have a 'Run, Barack, Run,' bumper-sticker but I put it on the front of my car," he continued.
KAPOW!  HI-larious.  Can't you just see the President running from a car?  I know Frank Luntz is widely known for not having any appreciation or understanding of the power of words, so it's perfectly logical to assume that the visuals of a white man chasing down our African American President in a car wouldn't bring up any specific memories from our shameful national past. Also: Shouldn't Luntz have SAVED that line for Comedy Central's Upcoming Roast of Joe the Plumber?

Let's get all ironic with it below the curvy sigil-esque thing...

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Sun Sep 11, 2011 at 05:05 PM PDT

Count Me In on Counting Me Out Too

by TooFolkGR

One of my earliest and longest struggles at DailyKos was understanding racism.  If I've learned anything, it's that I still don't truly understand it.  And it's because I acknowledge that that I am capable of respecting those who do.

My biggest challenge was with the cartoon about the chimpanzee being shot by the police.  The caption said something like, "Who's going to write the health care bill now?"  A lot of outrage took place here about the racism.... but I couldn't see it.  The reason I couldn't see it was that I really really felt that there's no way the cartoonists or the publisher intended it to be an AA / Monkey comparison.

Someone, I've forgotten too, finally showed me that that was only a small part of the situation, and not even a significant part... and my eyes were open.

So now, while I am 100% confident that Kos (like the cartoonist or New York Magazine) or whatever is NOT engaged in any sort of campaign to ban or sillence AA kossacks.  But that's only a small part of the situation, and not even a significant part... and my eyes are open.

I am not so naive to believe I will be significantly missed, of course.  At the risk of editorializing (more than I already have) I somewhat suspect those least likely to participate in the boycott are also those least likely to miss the people that do.

Read what you want into that.

Anyway, see you all on the other side of September.

My friend Amber and I recorded this.  It's irrelevant but sharing anyway:


Wed Jul 20, 2011 at 07:37 PM PDT

TooFolk Sings: Everybody Knows

by TooFolkGR

By any reasonable standard, this is not a diary.

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