I come from a strong and proud moderate Republican tradition.  I asked my father once why we were Republicans and he said it was because Republicans believe in fiscal restraint.  I didn't question it, and I was a Republican too.

I grew up on a steady diet of Pat Robertson and Focus on the Family from my mother and pride in the family from my father.  We are Filipino, an Asian cultural group that is frequently looked down upon because we are the Philippines' major export.  I didn't know that until much later though.

My father has told me the story of the egg since before I can remember.  When I was little, I thought he was joking that he had shared one fried egg covered in banana ketchup with his seven siblings and called it a good breakfast.  I thought he was joking about the stories of rice and salt being a good meal.  He tells it as a funny story, but at the end he always says that we shouldn't forget where we came from.  He says they were lucky because they had an actual house to sleep in.  He has always stockpiled food in the house, and I find that I do too.  I know the stories are real because the I've talked about them with his siblings and with my grandmother.  I have never been hungry.