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The Fifth Circuit Court has struck down the law that would have closed The Jackson Women's Health Organization, the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi.

See article here:

More later as it's digested.

UPDATE:  Clinic owner Diane Derzis said:

"It's so refreshing when a Republican court actually does the right thing."

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David S. Cohen
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I just skimmed the MS decision from today and the basis of the decision was that 1) closing the one remaining clinic would force women to go to other states and 2) one state cannot satisfy its constitutional obligations by sending people to another state.  It is not at all about admitting privileges generally and is very much about the specific facts in MS.  It doesn't question the prior TX Fifth Circuit decision at all, instead accepting it and the principle from it that admitting privileges laws generally have a rational basis.

Dr. Warren Hern of Boulder Co. sent me his commentary on the recent Buffer Zone ruling of the Supremes. I'm printing it here in it's entirety at his request. Please share widely.

At 8 a.m., a lone woman stands inches away from the street side of the steel gate at the top of the driveway into my office parking lot. She is intently staring down at me as I get into my wife's car. I don't see a weapon, but I am seized with fear and anger. We can't drive out that gate because I know this woman might shoot me. Why else would she be waiting there? Is it Shelly Shannon?

In 1993, my friend, Dr. George Tiller, was shot by Shelly Shannon as he drove past her out the driveway of his clinic parking lot in Wichita. Shannon had traveled from Spokane, Washington to Oklahoma City where she bought a gun and then drove to Wichita to shoot Dr. Tiller. She didn't kill him, as she intended, but he was seriously wounded. Shannon was sent to Kansas State Prison. A year later, she wrote a letter to me from her prison cell. Her message to me was: you're next.

Five years ago, Dr. Tiller was assassinated by another anti-abortion fanatic in the lobby of his Lutheran church in Wichita as he was helping his fellow worshipers attend the Sunday service. He was shot in the head and died instantly. His wife was in the choir and heard the shots.

The assassin had visited Shelly Shannon in prison.

More below the twisted orange.
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There seems to be several "individuals" on the Facebook page who are making it a fulltime job to malign the enrollment process, the 800-Number, and the healthcare choices offered by "Obamacare". I therefore urge those of you who have had a positive experience obtaining affordable insurance through the site to visit the Facebook Page at:
and chronicle your happiness and joy at finally being covered in spite of preexisting conditions or a previous crappy policy that didn't cover anything or whatever.

Examples of some of the more obvious right wing troll driven comments are below the Orange Certificate of Health Insurance Happiness Button.

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Fri Nov 01, 2013 at 01:38 PM PDT

"I can hardly breathe."

by annrose

Late last night, a Federal Appeals Court reversed the Monday decision by a Texas Court that stayed the implementation of draconian anti-abortion state laws that would have shuttered almost half the abortion clinics in Texas. These were the laws that Wendy Davis filibustered. So, today, up to 13 clinics in Texas had to immediately stop performing abortions.  These clinics serve women in mostly outlying rural areas of Texas and will cause women untold time, money and anxiety to travel to Houston, Dallas or Austin to obtain care. Many will give up and have babies. Others will jump through the hoops and persevere at great cost to mental, physical, and financial health.

This has previously been diaried HERE, HERE and HERE.

Today, my friend and longtime colleague, Charlotte Taft, of the Abortion Care Network penned a soulful piece that she has requested I reprint in full here. Charlotte used to run a clinic in Dallas and has a long history of working with women in Texas.

As I write this I am so full of fury and fear that I can hardly breathe. I have spent my life working for abortion rights--making sure that women can make safe decisions about when and whether to bring new life into the world through their bodies. There is no choice that is more responsible, moral, or respectful of life. And today the movement to make abortion illegal has dealt that choice a powerful blow.
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According to RhReality Check, the Federal Appeals Court has overturned the provision of the Texas law that was blocked on Monday requiring doctors working in abortion clinics to have admitting privileges in nearby hospitals.

This is also confirmed on Huffington Post:

So, apparently up to 12 clinics whose doctors don't have nearby admitting privileges will not be able to provide services on Friday. I'll try to find out more information.

UPDATE:  This is confirmed by a provider in Texas and is reported in the Statesman. This happened late tonight. Here is the other report. This is just disgusting. This report is saying that 13 clinics in Texas will be unable to operate tomorrow.

UPDATE #2:  I just talked with another provider who said that most clinics in Houston will be OK tomorrow, as those docs have local privileges. Dallas will be spotty. Austin should be OK, but the other outlying areas will be where the clinics will be shuttered starting tomorrow morning. Here is a listing of the Texas clinics. We will update it tomorrow morning with the status of them all:

Abortion Clinics in Texas


You've got to listen to the courage of this young woman in confronting the Senate Committee in Texas "hearing" testimony against the anti-abortion bills they are trying to ram through another special session:

If the video doesn't work, here's the link:
You can send her props here:

UPDATE: LaFeminista has the transcript below if you have a slow connection.

UPDATE:  Go HERE for an interview with Victorian Prude by HBIII.


40 Years ago today with Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court declared abortion legal. Now, in a just released NBC/WSJ Poll, fully 70% of Americans don't want Roe v. Wade to be overturned. And over 50% believe abortion should be legal in all or most circumstances. But, as we all know, Roe v. Wade didn't end the controversy. It just started it. I was 23 at the time, and by the time I was 25 had started working in a small Atlanta abortion clinic. The next year, 1977, I also attended Jimmy Carter's inauguration in DC. And the years since have been fraught with intimidation, harassment, assassinations, bombings, restrictive legislation, terrorism and thuggery.

40 Years. That's 2 generations. That's over 50 million women and families that have benefited from legal abortion in this country. Most women alive can't even remember the bad old days of illegal abortion. They take for granted that abortion and birth control will be there for them if needed. Even though access to abortion in the US is woven into the American fabric, it is held together by a fragile string. Obama's reelection seems to cement it for another 4 years and 2 more Supreme Court appointments; but State legislatures are wreaking havoc on the availability of abortion in many communities.

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Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 09:04 AM PST

To My "Pro-Choice" Republican Friends

by annrose

To my "pro-choice" Republican friends.  

Don't delude yourself.  If you vote for Romney/Ryan, you're voting to end legal abortion in this country.  Romney chose Ryan for a reason. Ryan is an anti-abortion absolutist and zealot.

You say you may be voting for Romney/Ryan because of their economic policies, even though they won't say exactly what they are and his advisors are the same people that got us into this economic mess under Bush.  

Then, if Romney/Ryan wins, you need to look me clearly in the eye and say that you are willing for your daughters and granddaughters to not have access to legal abortion.  That you are willing for your sons to forego college and be trapped in a marriage resulting from an unintended pregnancy.  That you are willing for more and more babies to be born into poverty.  

You don't get to walk away clean because you say you disagree with Romney/Ryan on their extremist anti-abortion positions. You will be complicity agreeing with their positions because a vote for Romney/Ryan will give them the power to take away women's fundamental right to an abortion.

If they are elected, don't come to me again for help with your abortion, your wife's abortion, your daughter's abortion, or your son's girlfriend's abortion.

I may have to look you clearly in the eye and shed a tear for your self induced misfortune.


Mona Reis, the owner of Presidential Women's Center in West Palm Beach FL,  filed a lawsuit yesterday to preserve her right to vote.  Her absentee ballot was tossed without recourse because it was determined that her signature didn't match.  She was afforded no other way to verify her identity and have her vote counted.

This situation was detailed yesterday HERE.

According to the Palm Beach Post:

West Palm Beach woman sues elections supervisor to challenge signature rule for absentee ballots, be allowed to vote

Well-known Palm Beach County abortion rights activist Mona Reis on Friday will get to ask a judge to let her vote in person after the election canvassing board last week rejected her absentee ballot because the three officials didn’t believe the signature on it was hers.

The emergency hearing, that could impact dozens of voters who had their absentee ballots thrown out because of bad signatures, was scheduled shortly after Reis on Wednesday sued Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher in Palm Beach County Circuit Court.


I just found out that my friend Mona Reis, who owns an abortion clinic in West Palm Beach, Presidential Women's Center, has had her absentee ballot rejected by the county's canvassing board because:

"Her signature on the ballot didn’t match the one on file in the elections office"
According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, this is a quite frequent occurrence, and most people won't find out about it at all.  Apparently, they just toss them and make no effort to contact the voter and let them know that their ballot has been invalidated. And, there seems to be no recourse.  More below Mona's orange signature.

How are you planning on voting?

21%919 votes
34%1443 votes
42%1800 votes
0%36 votes

| 4199 votes | Vote | Results

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Major Romney/Newt billionaire donor Sheldon Anderson IS better off now than in 2009.

According to Wikipedia:

In the Forbes 2009 world billionaires list, his ranking dropped to #178 with a net worth of $3.4 billion, but in 2011 he was ranked as the world's 16th-richest man with a net worth of $23.3 billion.
So, why is he so pissed off at Obama?  It seems that he's profited mightily under Obama's Presidency.  Maybe this is just an omen about why Mittens won't release his tax returns.  Maybe Mitt's also financially better off now than he was in 2009.  It's also easy to see how he can afford to dump $100 million or so into right-wing Republican politics.  That's just a pittance to him.

I've got nothing else to say about this.  But I'm sure you do.


In my Diary earlier today I posed the question:Will the last Abortion Clinic in Mississippi be open after today?.

The answer is a resounding YES!  Federal Judge Daniel Jordan in Jackson extended his earlier order:

For now, anyway, the Jackson Mississippi clinic has been given a reprieve.  But. these types of State actions are happening all over the country, most notably in Texas and Tennessee.  All of these actions threaten the existence of clinics.  The public needs to wake the fuck up to this all out assault on women's rights.  Enough!  States are wasting legislative time with these laws, and they are spending millions defending these clearly unconstitutional measures.  Where are the jobs?

I'm sure there will be appeals and this is far from over.

Let's add perspective in the comments, and updates as they happen.  Rant on.


Jackson, Mississippi (CNN) -- A federal judge in Mississippi on Wednesday ordered an extension of his temporary order to allow the state's only abortion clinic to stay open.

The order will be in place until U.S. District Judge Daniel Jordan can review newly drafted rules on how the Mississippi Department of Health will administer a new abortion law.

He then plans to rule on whether the temporary order will become permanent, or the clinic must shut its doors.

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