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Thu Aug 09, 2012 at 04:34 AM PDT

Mitt Romney and the Huntsman

by bluesteel

Did you know...that Jon Huntsman Sr. ran a private equity firm with a former manager of Bain Capital? know, Huntsman Jr. has always had a "strained relationship" with the Mittster, despite their church and family ties...maybe Romney beating him for the Olympics left some scars?

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Mon Dec 14, 2009 at 07:28 PM PST

 Well, That Was Waste of Time

by bluesteel

Other possible titles for this diary included:

I Am Not Sorry for Wishing Pain and Death to Joe Fucking Lieberman

The End of Democratic Party Dominance: What a Short, Stupid Trip It's Been

"Health Care Reform" is the New "Clear Skies" Act

Just Wait Till You See How Obama Pulls This One Out, It's Gonna Be So Awesome


Fuck it?

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1%1 votes
46%39 votes
3%3 votes
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10%9 votes
5%5 votes
7%6 votes
16%14 votes

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Thu Jun 25, 2009 at 05:18 AM PDT

Those Useless Planes? Obama's On It.

by bluesteel

The other day, Jon Soltz asked an important question: "Will Congress Put Useless Jets Above America?"

His diary chronicled the absurdity of Congress forcing the government to buy obsolete Cold War-era planes the military doesn't even want-- that Sec. Gates has singled out as a waste of money, actually-- at enormous cost, to be paid for by taking money from cleaning up nuclear waste. Why would Congress do such a thing? Because the parts for the F-22 are spread across 43 states, and you can't call it pork if it blows shit up, you DFHs.


In addition to F-22's, we need:

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Fri Jun 19, 2009 at 05:51 AM PDT

Pete Hoekstra Has A Posse

by bluesteel

As noted on the front page a few days back, Pete Hoekstra really stepped in it when he tweeted about how

Iranian twitter activity similar to what we did in House last year when Republicans were shut down in the House.

I sometimes wonder if the Fox News Alternative Reality, where trying to save the US economy is the cause of non-sexual Teabagging Parties and a Letterman joke turns Sarah Palin into some kind of feminist, creates a mind fog so thick that the GOPers don't realize how ridiculous they sound to the rest of the world.

Well, the Internet is here to remind Hoekstra that he's a self-aggrandizing moron by officially meme-ifying his redonkulous tweet.


Pete Hoekstra

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This morning on dKos, I'm a little surprised to find that there's nary a diary on this article by Glenn Greenwald (if I missed it, let me know).

So here's one singing it's praises. He makes a simple point and makes it well-- Jim Cramer is a poster boy not just for the corruption of business reporting, but the mass media in general. Case in point: Iraq.

You should go read the article now, because you know all I'm doing on the flip is quoting my favorite parts.

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First things first: there are no suicide bombers in Tibet. But unless the Chinese government makes some drastic changes to policies with Tibet, there will be, potentially very, very soon.

At the risk of being a finger-wagger, I can't help but be somewhat appalled at the lack of commentary on the violent protests that have taken place in the Tibet Autonomous Region and surrounding provinces this past week. When the election cycle takes 3 years, we should make a concerted effort to  start thinking about some of the things the next president is actually going to have to deal with. Like a violent guerrilla movement against one of our more problematic and violence-prone allies.

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Mon Jan 14, 2008 at 07:43 AM PST

A Proposal for Candidate Diaries

by bluesteel

It is, I believe, the general consensus that candidate diaries have degraded  the level of conversation on dKos of late. It's reached that rather pathetic point where we now have daily recommended diaries about how lousy and counterproductive the conversation has become (STFU, TeacherKen, just from recent memory).

What, friends, can be done? Do we just sit around and wait it out? Accept that the right side of dKos has become a place of mediocre candidate cheerleading, dem-on-dem smearing, and general bad vibes. It's a depressing idea, right? These days, when I click on my dKos bookmark, I feel like a junkie whose dealer started getting lousy product-- I keep coming back, but I hate myself for it more and more.

But this morning I got an e-mail, and it gave me an idea. Check it out.


Isn't this a brilliant idea?

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Of all the GOP disasters in the past week, there is one that has thus far gotten little attention on dKos (unless I missed it, in which case it needs more attention anyhow) and would seem to me to encapsulate everything wrong with the Bush administration and his rubberstamp cronies.

That story is the firing of Stuart Bowen Jr, a Republican lawyer who had previously worked under Bush Sr and who was sent to Iraq to head the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. It was his job to track government waste and corruption, and he was by all accounts good at his job. He sent bribe-taking American officials to jail, exposed shoddy work by Halliburton and other contractors, and took the Army to task for not tracking their expenditures. So, naturally, Bush fired him. More on the flip.

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Sometimes dKos can be so very disappointing.

Here's some basic facts that some people seem to be having trouble dealing with regarding this morning's news of a thwarted terrorist attack. If you wrote a diary or comment this morning about how bullshit these latest threats are, please print this out and tape it to your monitor.

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Thu Jul 06, 2006 at 11:37 AM PDT

North Korea: wtf?

by bluesteel

So, as everyone knows, Kim Jong-il launched some missiles yesterday, prompting several emergency meetings of the UN Security Council, the apparently most relevant members being China, Russia, Japan, and the US. Japan is calling for economic sanctions, China and Russia are disagreeing, though John Bolton claims there is broad support for the proposal, whatever that means.

I'm trying to figure this out. Maybe I'm totally stupid, but I'm not clear about what North Korea stands to gain from missile tests, what China and Russia stand to lose from sanctioning North Korea, how the Bush regime will respond, what the stakes are for the parties involved, or basically anything else about the "missile crisis". (Though I can imagine why Japan might be a little upset).

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