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I like to think this is a game-changer. Warren Buffett, the man with an unparalleled ability to understand numbers uses them masterfully here. Read this and come away with facts to use the next time you hear someone say that reducing taxes creates jobs.

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

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[Update II] Dot has read every comment and since she doesn't have an account she asked me to thank everyone for their great comments and kind  words. Every time she comes back to read, the tears come. Oh, and she will be opening an account.

There are times in life when you come across someone of such inspiration it brings tears to your eyes and raises the goose bumps on your arm. A week ago Sunday I was part of such a time with my friend Dot.

In 2007 Dot was about 335lbs and at 5’3" carried far too much weight that didn’t help her in her fight against cancer while living with Myasthenia Gravis.

Dot made a decision and a commitment like many people would want to do in similar circumstances to lose weight, beat cancer and run in the LA Marathon. Dot's not like most people as you'll read below.

Before you jump over the fold please rec for weight lose heroes and cancer survivors everywhere who conquer long difficult odds. They inspire us.

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First, you want to rec this up after reading. It's important. Don't forget.
PhotobucketThis diary is part of the roll out series for a national effort to make our voices heard outside the netroots. I know you are as tired as I am of Rush and Glenn and all the other extremist radio hosts who clearly don't care about anyone who makes less than several million dollars.

I've been around here for some time and I take very seriously the responsibility to be part of the change we want to see. I believed in that long before Obama was even a twinkle in the eye of America with this for you newbies and those nostalgic for the days when 535 comments was monster.

CA-42: Hi, I'm Ron Shepston and I'm running for Congress

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brownsox has done a great job keeping the close races visible on the front page. I thought this might be a good time to update. I'll get the next one out to him before he posts.

I just got off the phone with the Hedrick campaign.

The registrar is still extracting ballots from provisional ballot envelops. There were a total of more than 200,000 of which there are 62,000 left to pull.

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No one is paying attention to what's going on in Orange County, Ca. The common wisdom is that it's not worth the pixels. We've got six congressional districts and except for Loretta Sanchez(D) 47th CD getting Democrats elected to Congress seems a daunting task. The Republicans in this group are not moderates but that hasn't stopped those of us who are not afraid of challenges and want to see our county represented by more better Democrats.

Steve Young Candidate 48th CD started the ball rolling in the 48th. Then I and others jumped in to give all Democrats in the county a place to go. We've provided candidates who are not just place holders.

We've made a lot of progress building the Democratic brand in Orange County. We now have an infrastructure that spans the entire county. We've formed Democratic Clubs around the county.

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I wrote this a week ago and with the help of a friend refined it to make it worthy of a post. The recent lying meme making it's way to the press made me pull back but maybe it's still worthy of a post because I touch on other areas that I think are missing from our national conversation.

More than at any time in my life people are talking about politics. That’s good. Let me quote Plato in his of-the-time wording -

"The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by lesser men".

Needless to say this is not a time for lesser men and we want to change it, so we are talking about it.

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I know this is last minute but I want to help my friend, Bill Hedrick, who has two son's who are or have served in Iraq, is running against corrupt Republican congressman Ken Calvert CA-44th.

Warning: If you intend to click on the link to Calvert's site you might want to start the shower.

Are you afraid? You should be. But brace yourself - Dick Cheney is coming to do a high-dollar fundraiser for Calvert today in San Clemente. There will be a protest but I have no word of a citizen arrest.

Keith Olbermann even had a segment on tonight about the race.

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My mom passed away last Friday and it's been a maelstrom of emotion since then. We - sons, sisters, grandchildren, friends - spent last week going through her small 2-bedroom apartment. If you haven't had to do this then I can't describe the pain in knowing that someone you love so deeply is gone - forever. It makes me cry just to say it; I'm not done crying, I'm sure.

It's impossible to go into how much my mom meant to me so I won't try. I am what I am because of her. Last week before I left I shared this with those close to the campaign. These words are a small view of what she has done for me and how this community has helped me give her two fantastic gifts - pride and happiness. You all have helped me give her both.

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I know a lot of people will be in DC this weekend letting Bush and Congress know that we need to be out of Iraq now. My friend OPOL says it so well but I will be there in spirit.

I'm honored to be on FDL tomorrow for an online interview with Howie Klein. I've talked to Howie off and on since I was first considering running for Congress and his support and help along the way has been invaluable. I will never forget the part he played in helping me decide to do this.

Even though a lot of us connect here online, tomorrow will be a chance to ask for more details on the campaign or me in general. Many of you know me through DKos and have come to know me as the candidate for Congress born from the netroots. I've shared some of my pain-turn-joy and some of my concerns for America now is chance for us to get to know each other a little bit more.

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This year's YK2007 was absolutely incredible.  For me there were many fantastic aspects to this trip--foremost among them meeting people and feeling the love and support for our campaign for Congress.  It was an event and a feeling I will never forget.

There were so many beautiful people who wanted to shake my hand and who offered me congratulations, words of encouragement and contributions. Teacherken was fabulously helpful; he dragged me to meet John Dean, George Lakoff and Jeffrey Feldman, Darcy Burner and others.

I know we as a community and our campaign for Congress have arrived for a lot of reasons. Not the least is that we have the support and offers of help from Ken, George and Jeffrey to go along with that of so many people who stopped me this weekend to offer congratulations and support and contributions.

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Caution is preferable to rash bravery - Sir John Falstaff, King Henry the Fourth, Part I

Falstaff may be beloved, but he was not who you wanted leading you into battle.  Political challengers today need to be brave, brash, maybe even a little rash.

In World War II, when the gates came down in LCVPs (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel), exposing the marines and soldiers inside to uncounted barrages of fire, they didn't sit around discussing whether it was prudent to charge ahead with the goal of defeating a formidable enemy.  No one had to order them to go to give their lives; they just did it.  They had a world to save and they gave their lives for a cause they believed in.
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Today, those of us who would defend the Constitution have a new fight.  Today, as a Democrat, a veteran, and a longtime member of this community, I’m marching off to that fight.

I’m running for Congress.

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This is a difficult subject to talk about. Americans are happy if they're not paying attention or "not satisfied" with the direction of the country. But no matter how they feel when you talk to them they probably all take for granted that the state of the country is just a little or moderately off and will soon be back on track.

Seven years ago a Turkish friend of mine said that America would have a civil war within 20 years. I was shocked that she would say this. I tried to convince her that the checks and balances built into our system would prevent that from happening.

What I couldn't anticipate is a situation that would lead to such a bitter division that existed for so long. We're not so divided now but there are still forces out there trying to tear us apart so that they can take over. Now, it scares me to think how close we came to being taken over. Even though it feels like the tide is changing, we're not out of the woods yet.

We are in Constitutional Crisis now; the Constitutional Confrontation is yet to come.

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