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Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 05:58 AM PST

Slave Map Comparison Is Bogus

by democracy8888

After the 2008 and now the 2012 election, it has been fashionable among liberal/progressive/lefties to post two maps that purport to show the similarities between the 2008 and now 2012 electoral map and the slave vs. free state map.  Can we please stop with this comparison, as it is bogus?  Proceed after the jump to see why...

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Yesterday, roughly 400 people, representing a diverse range of backgrounds, organizations and denominations came out to the state capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska, to support immigrant rights, humane reform and to say NO to a proposed Arizona-style law in Nebraska!

It is important for folks out there beyond Nebraska to understand that there are people advocating for justice in every state, even in so-called "red-states," like Nebraska!  There are people everywhere standing up for social justice and humane public policy!

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I am on the board of Nebraskans for Peace, the oldest state-wide peace and justice organization in the United States.  Our state has seen a recent spike in anti-immigrant activities.  Below is a statement released to our members about this most recent wave of hateful nativism.  I hope you will check it out and spread the word.

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Yesterday afternoon, at the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge, which connects Omaha, Nebraska, and Council Bluffs, Iowa, about 150 people came together to commemorate and celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Court decision upholding gay marriage.  

Here are about 50 photos I took:


In honor of the 1-year anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Court's historic ruling legalizing same sex marriage, I will...

10%2 votes
5%1 votes
36%7 votes
47%9 votes

| 19 votes | Vote | Results

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If we are serious about developing a more humane economic system in the wake of our nation’s recent woes, it might make sense to reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr’s "dream" of economic justice.  

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To frontal hug, or side hug, THAT is the question...


I am...

88%45 votes
11%6 votes

| 51 votes | Vote | Results

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During an interview with the Lincoln Journal Star, Senator Ben "Blue Cross" Nelson put to rest any confusion about where he stands on health care reform... and it ain't pretty.

(continue after the jump)

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I know this isn't a fully realized diary, but I wanted to get these photos up asap.  I just got back from Sen. Ben "Blue Dog" Nelson's town hall on health care, which took place at the Durham Research Center on the University of Nebraska Medical Center campus in Omaha.  Hundreds of people turned out and there were a healthy number of pro-reform, pro-Obama folks there, though the "don't tread on me, death panel" crowd was in full effect and noisier than the pro-reform people.  Nelson is so weak and infuriating, though he did try to dispel a few of the more egregious myths circulating and he did open the door to support the public option.  At one point he called the House bill "better" than the Senate bill.  No Nazi crap from the right wingers in Omaha, which was cool...

To see some photos of the event, as well as some more comments by me on the event, go here:

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Are you interested in racial justice?  the civil rights/Black Power era?  anti-racist activism?  social movements?  the role of the Catholic church in the urban North? urban inequality?  the continuing "urban crisis" in the U.S. today?  housing issues? employment issues?  school desegregation?  police-community relations?  Then read on past the jump...

(link to book:

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Given what you know at this moment, which former presidential administration do you think Barack Obama's administration will most resemble?  


Which of the following will best describe the Obama administration?

13%28 votes
41%84 votes
3%7 votes
11%23 votes
1%3 votes
13%28 votes
4%9 votes
1%4 votes
3%7 votes
0%1 votes
1%3 votes
1%4 votes

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Apologies for the brevity of this diary, but I wanted to get it up and into your hands...


How meaningful is Powell's endorsement to Obama?

18%123 votes
44%302 votes
6%42 votes
5%38 votes
1%8 votes
13%89 votes
5%37 votes
0%3 votes
5%39 votes

| 681 votes | Vote | Results

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I have a Ph.D. in modern U.S. political history and teach at a major American University.  A recent diarist asked what historians might say about the 2008 election, several years from now.  After the jump, I give a few of my thoughts...

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