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Yet... Here's what I've done this morning:

Believe me, the first call was not that easy for me.

But guess what? Every single call after the first has been easier and easier.

You have to step up and make some calls. If I can do this, you most certainly can. If all of us made 5 calls today, we could ensure good turn-out in key areas.

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Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 09:28 AM PST

How many calls have you made?

by fivefouranonymous

It's really up to us now. And I am resurrecting my old dkos account to remind everyone that action is far better than words!

The polls, the chatter, the blogs -- the words! -- aren't going to be enough tomorrow. We need people on the ground, votes in the bank!

We need YOU. Make some calls at Obama's campaign site.

So please, call some voters today. It's remarkably easy to do. People are not rude; it isn't nearly as bad as you think;  you aren't even calling Romney or undecided voters. You call people like us and remind committed Democrats to vote -- and to bring a friend!

How many calls can you make today?


How many calls will you make today?

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66%2 votes

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Thu Jun 28, 2012 at 02:36 PM PDT


by fivefouranonymous

I have not written a diary or a comment since 2011. I didn't succumb to apathy; I was only using different outlets for political expression.

But check my UID. I've been here for a while! I think today is a momentous time for the 2012 campaign, and I believe I should speak up where ever I can.

My last diary was about healthcare reform, and the GOP's attempt to repeal it in 2011. They tried again in 2012. And today, our work has been vindicated (again). We need to show our support for President Obama NOW and not wait for the next knock-down drag-out on healthcare. I am asking that you donate to the President's 2012 campaign so they can prepare for the inevitable attacks.

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While it looks likely for the House vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, there's no reason not to fight it. As Bill Frist eloquently put, urging Republicans to drop repeal, this is "the law of the land." (It's rare we can quote a Republican in support here; please excuse me that interference.) And now, we need to work to uphold the law.

To that end, House Democrats have crafted an awesome tool that shows the effects of repeal in real numbers, for each district. As an example, if the bill were repealed, my district would see 90,000 more uninsured individuals, 119,000 seniors without preventative services, and a whopping 121,000-317,000 people denied healthcare because of pre-existing conditions.

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Wed Jan 12, 2011 at 11:14 AM PST

Sharron Angle Cries Victim

by fivefouranonymous

Sharron Angle released a statement late last night in response to the Tucson murders. Like Sarah Palin's statement, hers carries an implicit threat and more than a little cognitive dissonance. While violent rhetoric had nothing to do with this tragedy, she says, it is "irresponsible" to criticize her, Sarah Palin, or the Tea Party for their rhetoric. But she goes a step further, saying it is "dangerous and ignorant" and "puts [them] in danger."

Full statement below.

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A leaked memo from the Department of Homeland Security lists possible motives and political connections the Arizona shooter may have had. The list includes a suspected link to the right-wing hate group "American Renaissance," known for its anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-government rhetoric.  Full memo after the fold.

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Sat Jan 08, 2011 at 08:10 PM PST

Congressional Protection

by fivefouranonymous

The calls to give up violent rhetoric are necessary, if not long overdue. But today's tragedy was entirely preventable for another reason.

Why, after almost two years of hateful language (anti-American, terrorist sympathizer, tyrant, socialist, extremist, racist -- you name the hate, I'll name the date it was uttered); why, after people literally brought guns to political events; after offices were shot up, vandalized, doors broken down, swastikas painted, Congressmen spit on, called the N-word --

Why, why, why hasn't someone stepped up and offered more protection for our Congresspeople? The Secret Service needs to extend 24/7 protection to all Congress members. Americans will pay the extra cost, for the benefit of a safe environment in which constituents can meet their representatives -- without fear.


Secret Service protection for all Congress members...?

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48%21 votes
9%4 votes

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Yes. Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi may have said some stupid things lately. He may have done some really stupid things. But if you watched Rachel Maddow last night, you're probably aware that Haley has a Heart. In fact, he's now a civil rights legend, and all his past mistakes have been forgiven. Ahem.

That's because Haley Barbour has extended clemency to the Scott Sisters, black sisters arrested in 1993 for armed robbery that netted them $11. Though there have been calls for their release for the past decade, Haley decided now was the time. Imagine that!

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"Their vehicle, called the ‘Citizens Council,’ is totally indefensible, as is segregation."

This is from Haley Barbour's 'clarification' of his recent whitewashing of Yazoo City's racial history.

But, did you know that Haley Barbour was involved in the same kind of filth only seven years ago?

The original newspaper article is no longer available online from the Clarion-Ledger. Luckily it was cached at ThinkProgress:

Republican gubernatorial nominee Haley Barbour says he will not ask for his picture to be removed from the national Web site of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

The site for the St. Louis-based group features Confederate flags and has links to articles such as "In defense of racism" and offers books on why the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. doesn’t deserve a national holiday and why Germany should be cleared of the "blood libel of the ‘Holocaust."‘

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Mon Dec 20, 2010 at 11:11 AM PST

Psst -- Obama's Alright

by fivefouranonymous

Lame-duck Congress turned things around. Some good, some bad. All surprising...

Obama mid-term bashing pay off?

Forty-eight percent of people questioned in the poll say they approve of the job Obama's doing in the White House, with an equal amount saying they disapprove of how he's handling his duties.

As for the liberal exodus,

The president's approval rating among self-described liberals dropped from 79 percent in November to 72 percent [in December].

Ouch! I mean, ow. CNN.

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Thu Dec 02, 2010 at 05:53 PM PST


by fivefouranonymous

There is a little known program through the U.S. treasury whereby citizens can make tax deductible-donations towards the US national debt. Yeah, who would do that. We'd rather complain about it..

307-310 million citizens.

What if $2 was donated twice a year, voluntarily, to the pay the U.S. debt by every American? Or more than a few dollars?


Would you donate $4 a year to pay off the debt & save programs?

43%16 votes
37%14 votes
18%7 votes

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Tue Nov 02, 2010 at 11:05 AM PDT

Voted? Good. Call Voters!

by fivefouranonymous

We're down to the last few hours -- a few hours that could make or break the progressive agenda over the next two years.

Please take some time, after you've voted yourself, to get on the phones. You can visit Organizing for America's 2010 Phonebanking Campaign and begin calling registered Democrats now. These are usually friendly calls -- just ask if they've voted yet; remind them to if they haven't -- you can even help them out by providing their polling location.

It's quick, painless, and it can help.


I'm going to make...

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60%6 votes

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