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WOW, Out spent at least 3 to 1 and the race is statistically tied here in Michigan.  Basically the exact same race that I wrote about in July.  Only 2% separate the incumbent Rick Snyder and the challenger Mark Schauer.
A new Mitchell Research poll shows the race neck and neck, for cross promotion here is the link to the data through TPM

Rick Snyder 48%
Mark Schauer  46%
margin of error 3.2%

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Tue Jul 15, 2014 at 01:04 PM PDT

MI GOV:Snyder(REP)46%-Schauer(DEM)44%

by gaspare

An extremely tight race is brewing in here in Michigan.  Only 2% separate the incumbent Rick Snyder and the challenger Mark Schauer.

A new NBC/Marist poll shows the race neck and neck

NBC poll
Rick Snyder 46%

Mark Schauer  44%

margin of error 3.1%

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Tue Jun 03, 2014 at 08:15 PM PDT

McDaniels leads Cochran in Miss.

by gaspare

With 88% reporting, the extremist hard right radio host candidate is leading against 76 year old and 28 year incumbent Thad Cochran

U.S. Senate - GOP Primary
1605 of 1832 Precincts Reporting - 88%
Max Runoff Cands=2
Name    Party    Votes    Vote %
McDaniel, Chris    GOP    133,334    50%
Cochran, Thad (i)    GOP    129,511    48%
Carey, Thomas    GOP    4,326    2%

I'm surprised that more people are not following this here except for TPM.  This is significant because it'll mean that the GOP with have to spend sizable amounts of money to try and hold this seat.  It'll would likely cripple any chance of the GOP gaining the Senate and likely even complicate McConnel's hold on his own seat.  Because I think it'll ripple through the caucus and fall at his feet.


Well, hidey-ho,  some good news out of the frozen(political as well as environmental) wasteland of Michigan.  Former Congressman, Mark Schauer is leading Rick Snyder by 7 points when counting all the leaners.  And you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be counting all the leaners.

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Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 05:43 AM PDT

Oct +171,000 jobs created;7.9% rate

by gaspare

More people got jobs and more people are encouraged enough to get back out there and look for work and I think they will find it.

"Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 171,000 in October, and the unemployment
rate was essentially unchanged at 7.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
reported today. Employment rose in professional and business services, health care,
and retail trade."BLS
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It is becoming abundantly clear that this Emergency Financial Manager law with it's sweeping changes is intended to be the tip of the spear to complement and enforce the true bulldozer at work, the new two year budget.

The two year budget is a truly draconian instrument, that will sharply shift the wealth of the state to a very small minority at the expense of the overwhelming majority.  This is the end game of the conservatives, vacuum up economics which enshrines a very small minority with overwhleming power through control of overwhelming wealth.  85% of business will be encouraged if not all together bought off, into supporting the government, switch allegiance and face tax increases.  

School districts in the state of Michigan have struggled for over a decade for sufficient funding.  Each one of them relies on gambling which was supposed to supplement the school budgets and non-stop baking and other fundraisers just to balance the books.  It would not be inconcievable for Governor Snyder to legalize prostitution and tax that to pay for the schools.  That's how out of whack our priorities have become here in Michigan.

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Charles David Keeling is the pioneering scientist who discovered how to meticulously measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Dr. Keeling's techiniques have been key in the understanding of the current and past levels of carbon that exist in the atmosphere.  His measurement technique has been transformative in the world of science and is regarded as one of the great achievements in modern science.

Ocean Matrix Blog
NY Times

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We can all lament about the poor negotiating prowess of the White House but we have to give credit to the millionaires that are winning hands down and fists pumped.  
Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics plainly shows the Republican Conservative Bush tax cuts were extremely successful at lowering the civilian employment level from 132,485 million to 130,311 million today.  After successfully destroying 9 million or so jobs, the conservatives are threatening to hold all legislation hostage, including the American people, until they get everything they want.  And with a majority of Congress comprised of millionaires, it appears they are doing a great job of looking out for themselves.


How have you fared over the past 10 years of Conservative Tax cuts?

30%8 votes
42%11 votes
7%2 votes
19%5 votes

| 26 votes | Vote | Results

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Dear Mr. Kucinich,
You have been a loyal advocate for working people, the poor, the disadvantaged and the under privileged for your entire public career.  Your efforts have helped lift millions of people from the prison of poverty to help them live a productive, happy and stable life in the middle class.  I know and understand the short comings that you view in the house bill that you voted down in November and more so in the Senate bill.  I have read your summary of HR 676, a very strong piece of legislation that I strongly favor but does not command a majority of votes.  I have called both my Senators here in Michigan to support the inclusion of the public option in the reconciliation fixes.  However, I am asking you, today, to be a part of this history making health care reform legislation.  I am asking you to support the Senate Health care bill and the side care reconciliation fixes.

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Fri Apr 24, 2009 at 07:04 AM PDT

What torture begot...

by gaspare

A short diary agreed, but I wanted to throw it up here none the less...

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Of course this information needs to be taken with a big grain of salt.  But the positive news from yesterday continues to add up.  The recount is slowly but surely inching towards Al Franken.

Al Franken's campaign announced on Wednesday that, for the first time since the recount began, the Democrat is actually ahead of his Republican counterpart.
Speaking on a conference call with reporters, Franken's chief counsel Marc Elias said the campaign's own internal count showed them up 22 votes, a jump from the 13 vote deficit that they faced on Tuesday.

and here's the big but....

"We have approximately 138,000 ballots left to count," said Elias. "94.3 percent of the state has now been counted... Obviously that number is going to change, but we are pleased thus far with how things are going."


Who do you predict will be the ultimate winner?

61%95 votes
13%21 votes
14%23 votes
9%15 votes

| 154 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon Nov 24, 2008 at 12:43 PM PST

GA-SEN Martin 46%, Chambliss 48%

by gaspare

According to a poll taken by the Mellman group this weekend, Chambliss is in a dead heat with Martin 48% to 46%.  The election is next Tuesday, Dec 2.  I think this is excellant positioning for Martin.  Quite obviously turn out will be essential and decisive in this special election.  I haven't followed the campaign that closely but it doesn't seem as though the GOP is using the fear of a filibuster proof Senate as part of thier strategy.  I suppose that the recount in Minnesota has the RNC preoccupied and has thier Georgia strategy mucked up a bit.  

With out a doubt this is an absolutely winnable race.  Whether it delivers a 60th vote for a filibuster or not, I could care less.  Georgia needs a decent Senator like Jim Martin instead of that pinhead Chambliss.

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