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The Arkansas House voted 56-33-1 to override Gov. Beebe's veto of SB134. The new law requires a state-mandated ultrasound to detect a heartbeat before an abortion can be performed. If a heartbeat is detected (typically 12 weeks), the doctor cannot perform an abortion. This is the central battlefield of the War on Women.

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A new bill has just made it out of Senate committee in Arkansas, putting a new twist on a state-mandated (although medically unnecessary) transvaginal ultrasound. Max Brantley from the Arkansas Times Reports:

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Jake Burris, the campaign manager for Arkansas 3rd District Democratic congressional candidate Ken Aden found his cat killed and defaced with "LIBERAL" markings yesterday.

More information and the press release are available here:

The original post, (TRIGGER WARNING, complete with a picture of the cat) is here:

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A few weeks ago AxmxZ posted an Obama beaded pendant AxmxZ had made. In the comments, I suggested it be put on for sale.  I was so excited to see it as I have been working on my own Obama crafts in the wee hours of the night when one can't be calling for Neighbor to Neighbor or walking communities.

I recently had my first experience wearing an Obama craft in public, taking my Obama CHANGE purse to Kroger.  In this super republican county in Arkansas, the ladies at the deli counter were winking at me!  One even called me darlin'.  Then the lady at the cash register winked at me!  I was afraid I would ruffle some feathers or even accidentally offend people, but it was just the opposite.  This is the first time I've "advertised" for a candidate.  I didn't realize until recently it is a sign of trust...and can even help bolster people on the fence.

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I just received an email from my super red-state cousin. (They named their dog Reagan.)  I would like the community's help in writing my response.

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Wed Oct 24, 2007 at 07:41 AM PDT

NE-SEN, Bob Kerrey not running

by hornrimsylvia

The former Nebraska Governor and Senator Bob Kerrey is not running for a 2008 Senate seat being vacated by Chuck Hagel.  Kerrey and his family have decided to stay in New York City where he is the President of the New School University (home of the Bravo show "Inside The Actors Studio").  The Lincoln Journal-Star bring us this news:

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I am sorry to report to all of those Scott Kleeb supporters and swooners out there that he will soon no longer be that "Hot Single Cowboy Democrat from Nebraska".

Scott Kleeb ran for the 3rd District Representative from Nebraska in 2004 and lost to Adrian Smith.  The margin of victory was very close.  The Kearney Hub is reporting that he is engaged to Jane Fleming, executive director of Young Democrats of America.

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In Nebraska we seem to have a big Republican wankfest going on.  Every week on NPR, we hear about how much the Republicans vying for Govenor and Senate have raised.  When it comes to Democratic numbers, we only hear about the incumbent Sen. Ben Nelson's numbers.  

That made me wonder if there were any Dem congressional candidates running and raising money in my district (NE-01).  Well I found her and her name is Maxine Moul, former Lt. Govenor of Nebraska.

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From the makers of EMOGAME, a Macromedia Flash videogame where college rockers throw 7 inch records at record company execs, comes BUSHGAME.

BUSHGAME is the struggle of Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, and an obese HE-MAN to defeat Bush I & II, Cheney, an army of pigs, and Halliburton's newest acquisition: VOLTRON.  Throughout the game, new characters are unlocked.  One of these new characters is Howard Dean.  He throws ninja stars like a pro, and can readily defeat opponents with his scream.

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